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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by aarond
A Different Place: Chapter 15 - What Happened to Tron?

falling down a cliff was hard work. Well not really hard work but it was hard. bon hated it when he fell down cliffs cause sometimes it hurt a lot. and this time his left arm fell off too. it wasn't fun to put back on his left arm or his right arm either but the left one was the one that was off now. it was a long drop in fact he didn't know how long he fell but it was a long way.

that mean robot guy sure was big and he hit bon hard then threw bon off the cliff which hurt even more when he banged on the ground. bon looked up and couldn't see the ceiling and was he still in the ruins he must be because the cliff couldn't be going anywhere else.

his left arm hurt because it wasn't there and he missed his teisel and he missed his tron and where were they both? he missed his teisel and his tron and his little friends and even the blueboy, who no one else called blueboy because he wasn't blue but everybody called him mega Man. bon knew that wasn't right because he was blue, even though he wasn't blue and never wears blue clothes but he's blue for some reason bon wasn't sure why. sometimes when bon thought about the blue boy he wondered why he didn't fight them because he was supposed to be fighting them wasn't he? but the blueboy was nice to bon and not shooting him or his tron or his teisel (but he used to do that and stop them when they did stuff, didn't he? no he didn't, so why did bon think that was wrong?).

ooooh bon said as he got up and where was his left arm oh there it was. bon's arm wasn't really broken so he put it back on and it didn't hurt anymore and moved it like it always did so he was happy. now bon had to do the hard part and he had to climb up and up and up some more. it wasn't too bad because bon's hands had lots of bumpy things to hold on to as he went up and he was able to lift himself really easy.

bon hoped his tron was okay because she was fighting the thing all by herself. the thing was really really big and had lots of guns on it. Bon didn't like guns because they hurt when they pinged off of him and sometimes they hurt even more if they were all flashy and big. it tried to shoot bon a couple times before it threw him away but bon knew better than to let bullets hit him so they didn't.

bon called up but nobody was there or at least nobody could hear bon so he kept climbing. bon was wondering whether all the money he and his tron found was still up there. money was good because it made the people bon loved happy. bon wanted to find all the money he could because it was important.

Now bon almost slipped his foot but he didn't fall. it was hard to hold on a little. bon couldn't find a hand hold with his left hand so he tried his right and almost fell down again but he managed to catch himself again before his feet let go.

bon grumbled as he climbed up some more because it looked like he was needing to climb a whole lot more. he hoped the monster up top didn't hurt his tron. People who hurt people who bon loves were going to get smashed.

MegaMan dodged the remnants of an FR-57 automatic assault rifle as it came flying directly toward his head. It was a close call since it was so hard to move in his new armor. It wasn't totally accurate to call it "his" armor, as the dark olive suit was merely an old one of Teisel's which the Servbots had sized down to fit him. Still, he took some pride in it, as it meant he was finally going to be part of a Dig. Or rather, part of a rescue operation. He was still worried about Tron, of course, and Bon, but the concern was overlaced with excitement.

"There's nothing in here!" Teisel shouted, rooting through the piles of junk on the westward wall of the weapons laboratory. "This looks like nothing but trash!"

MegaMan ducked under another old, rusty gun Teisel recklessly threw, then tried not to laugh as Servbot Number Thirty-Two said, "Um, Master Teisel, sir, that is a pile of trash..."

"Well, then where are all the weapons?!" Teisel demanded bombastically. "How am I going to save Tron without any weapons?!!!"

Number Thirty-One scratched his head. "I think Miss Tron used most of them to make your new armor..."

"...for all the good that did," Teisel finished. "I may as well just dump that thing over the side."

MegaMan peeked into the cabinets. "We have quite a few bombs left," he said, "and I think there may be---no, I thought that was a laser, but it's just a can opener." He picked up one of Tron's patented Bottomless Bags(TM) and began stuffing it with as many Bonne Bombs as he could.

Teisel stomped on the ground four times. "I am not going in there battling Reaverbots with nothing but a can opener!" He spun around rapidly, accidentally clocking Number Thirty-Two with his right hand. "There must be something else in here." He knelt again again began sifting through a different pile of trash. "Are you all telling me there's not so much as a simple Arm Cannon in this entire lab!? What's the deal with all this junk?"

"That's the trash pile, sir," Number Thirty-Two repeated.

Number Thirty-One dashed to the counter. "I know! I know what we can use!"

"What?!" Teisel yelled, flipping around quickly and unintentionally hitting Number Thirty-Two in the face with his elbow.

"This," Number Thirty-One said, flourishing what looked like a red version of the regular Bonne Bomb over his head. "The MegaBonne Bomb!"

"We only have one?!" Teisel said, exasperated. "What's the point?" He resumed sorting through the garbage heaps.

"I'll take that," said MegaMan, slipping the large explosive in the top of his bag. "Is there anything else?"

"No!" Teisel screamed. "Of course there isn't!! I might as well take this---" he brandished a detached Reaverbot arm, "---and try to bludgeon them all to death!" He carelessly flung the Reaverbot arm aside, where it knocked Number Thirty-Two to the floor. "I swear, this stuff REALLY looks like garbage..."

"That's because it IS garbage, you moron!!!" Number Thirty-Two shrieked at the top of his fluttery voice, staring daggers at the haplessly shocked pirate. "I keep telling you, and telling you, and TELLING YOU!...oh, my. I remember where a weapon is!" These last words were spoken in Thirty-Two's normal, pleasant tone. Teisel, MegaMan, and the others all stared in shock as the Servbot explosives expert trotted cheerfully over to the corner of the room where the Gustaff usually sat. Teisel's mouth stood wide open as Number Thirty-Two effortlessly hefted a large, tubular object and quickly carried it to him.

Teisel closed his mouth, rubbing his chin thoughtfully as he studied it. "The Bonne Bazooka? It has a lot of firepower, doesn't it? But it's...I don't think I could lift it, it's so heavy." He took the weapon from Thirty-Two and was, in fact, able to hold it, just barely. His legs buckling, he set the bazooka on its end and took all the armor off his right arm, leaving it bare. Then Teisel flexed his fingers and shoved his arm into the bazooka's sleeve, which was quite large, as it was intended to fit the Gustaff. However, Tron had evidently planned ahead, for the sleeve auto-sized itself to fit Teisel's relatively diminutive limb.

"Okay, so it fits," said MegaMan. "Can you lift it with one arm? And fire it?"

"I don't know," admitted Teisel. "It's twice the length of my arm." He grunted as he tried to heft the massive launcher. "No. Do you want to try?"

MegaMan thought. He could probably lift the bulky weapon, knowing what he knew of himself, but he really didn't want to reveal his superhuman abilities to the others for fear they might shun him. "Not likely," he said. "I'll stick with the bombs."

"Ooo!" Number Thirty-Three called, waving from his desk, although he had been quiet up until this point. "I know what you can use!" He took an object that looked remarkably similar to a E-bottle and removed a sterile syringe from the desk drawer. He filled up the syringe with a pale pink fluid and ran it over to Teisel. "This is something Miss Tron and I were working on. It's a Strength Solution!"

"A 'what'?" asked Teisel.

"A Strength Solution!" Number Thirty-Three repeated. "It increases your strength by ten times!"

Teisel blinked a few times. "Well, that'll probably work," he said softly, as if to himself. "I wonder if it's been tested, though..."

"No, it hasn't," Thirty-Three said matter-of-factly, jabbing Teisel in the arm and injecting the Solution.

"Owwwwwwie!" exclaimed Teisel, rubbing his bare arm vigorously after the Servbot withdrew the needle. "I hope you're going to disinfect that!" Thirty-One grabbed a bottle of rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball and swabbed the wound with them. "Tron always kisses it after she gives me a shot," Teisel pouted as they walked away.

"I'll kiss it if you want," MegaMan offered half-heartedly.

"Don't be weird," Teisel said. He experimentally lifted the Bonne Bazooka, this time successfully. "All right! This feels like it hardly weighs anything at all! I wonder if..." Teisel clenched his free left hand into a fist and punched the unoffending wall, leaving a huge, ugly dent. "Allllll right! Tron and Bon are as good as saved, now!" He pointed outward and upward, which, if one thought about it, was actually the incorrect direction, as the Draches were located below in the Hangar. "Let's MOVE OUT!!!"

"Roger!" everyone agreed, heading out of the lab.

"I sure hope there aren't any side effects," Teisel said offhandedly as he exited. "Oh, and have someone fix the wall."

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