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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Alex
Megaman Legends 3: Chapter 1

It is a quiet day in the flutter. Barell is designing new things, roll is flying the ship, data is doing his annoying "im a stupid friggin' monkey in a diaper!" dance, and megaman is pondering what is going to happen next. But all is not well. For just as they near land barell calls everyone to the machine-design room." Iv' got a new set of digging armor!!!" he announces. 'so why is it in the machine-design room ? "question's roll. "because I made it!!!" shouts barell a smile crossing his half-human face. "then can we use it?!" cries megaman. "of course you silly boy!" answers barell. "oh I highly doubt that!" comes a familiar voice. "oh god, no…"comes the timid voice of roll. "could it be…?"questions barell to noone. "grrrr…show yourself serra!!!" shouts megaman. "hahahha. . . as you wish megaman. . . hahaha. . ."

"are you ready?"says serra. "more than you know!" answers megaman. And so the battle insues. mid-way through there battle serra questions him. Why do you fight, when you know you do not have means of proper attack, and firepower?" she asks. "because I know I have to!" yells megaman. "this battle has lost its purpose." Says serra. Then megaman notices the armor is gone! "SERRA!" megaman runs after her, but he is to late. Serra jumped out the window. "why does she need the armor?!" asks megaman furiously. "I don't know…I honestly don't know…"replies barell.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

sometime later…

"hey look!" shouts roll pointing to a figure on the grassy plains, a couple yards away. "theirs serra!" shouts megaman. "quick! After her!" serra apparently noticing them for the first time, runs away as the persue her. She leads them to a genetics lab of sorts. Serra walks in, and megaman, and company follow her. "so you all chose to follow me. How foolish." Announces serra. "huh? What do you mean!?" yells megaman feeling that he had been tricked. "now you shall all die, and juno shall rise again!mwahahahahaahhahaaaaaaa!!! "why are you doing this serra?!" barks megaman. "because of the dangers humans created!" shouts serra. "what do you mean?! I don't understand! What is this place?! Why do we have to die here!?" exclaims megaman. "of course you don't understand!!! This place is genetics recreation center! And you have to die here so that juno, and a. l . e . x . may rise!!!" "please serra! Stop doing this!" megaman pleads while rushing over to her to grab her arm. "keep away from me!" shouts serra while shoving megaman away. " you didn't have to feel the excrutiating pain! You were all born! While I had to be created!" says serra tears running down her face. "you were lucky to have parents! While I was left with nothing! But that mistake wont be made with the newborns!" "newborns?" megaman asks. "yes!" a smile crosses her face." The newborns shall be the newly created juno, and a . l . e . x.!" she announces with glee. "I wont let these experiments continue!" says megaman clenching a fist. "oh? But luckly they have had enough time to mature! Now they are complete!" announces serra smiling happily. Serra then reaches into a large green tube, and pulls out a screaming baby boy with the same mark as juno on his neck. Serra wraps him in warm cloths, and proceeds to jump out the window stopping to say; "juno is being recreated in Elysium. I shall leave you to your wishes. If you follow you will die." And with that she jumped out the window. "grrr…lets follow her!" shouts megaman. "right"! shouts roll. " I agree! Juno must be stopped!" agrees barell.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * ** ** * * ** ** * * * ** ** ******** * *

6 hours later………

"serra!" shouts megaman. "please serra! We wish to speak with you!" shouts roll. " so you chose to come . . . ha,ha,ha,ha. . . MWAAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAAHAAAAAAA!!! Comes the voice of serra. "SERRA!! Shouts megaman. " I don't want to hurt anyone! I just don't like this! Please! I don't want to hurt you!" pleads megaman. "oh please! Serra I don't want to hurt you!" mocks serra. "pffffft! Yeah right! Like you have a choice! Megaman if you want to live you'll fight, and win! But that's not going to happen! Not today megaman! Besides I have a child with me, so I cant fight!" she says referring to the child she is nursing. "then who will fight me?!" shouts megaman.

I SHALL! Announces geetz. " BUT ONLY DOOM AWAITS YOU MEGAMAN." "we'll see about that!" barks megaman. Geetz becomes a giant reeverbird, and the battle insues. Megaman blasts Geetz with his megabuster, but Geetz just parys with his wings, all the shots flying back at megaman like a volley ball. Megaman jumps over his own shots, and fires several more at Geet'es head. The shots land directly in his head, and he transforms back into his normal self. Screaming in agony as the bullets seep into his skull. "AAAAAAAAARGH!!!" he shouts, and then…dead. "hmm. . . how sad." Says serra in mock-sorrow. "I was really hoping he would put up more of a fight. Anyways junos complete so I guess I'll just hand a . l . e. x . over to her, and kill you megaman! But don't worry. You , roll, and barell, shall all be fully recreated, so that you may have another chance at the right side." Announces serra emotionlessly. "what do you mean juno is complete?!" shouts megaman, confused. 'behold. . ." says serra referring to the large blue cylinder that was opening. And juno emerged from the tank! "JUNO?!?!" shouts megaman. " no…it cant be…" says a shocked roll. "the world shall end when eden is fired….now I see that time has come…" says barell also shocked. "its good to be back." Announces juno. "mwahahahahahahahahaahhaaaaaaaaaaa!!!" laughs serra.

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