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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Alex
Megaman Legends 3: Chapter 2 - The Rise of Evil, The Fall of Good

" I shall be happy to do away with megaman." Announces juno calmly. "no juno." Says in a strangly normal voice, serra stopping her. "this is my fight." " as you wish." Agrees juno nodding. "take A. L. E. X. and leave." says serra handing a.l.e.x. to her. Accepting a.l.e.x. juno leaves via. The window. "your reign of evil ends here serra!" announces megaman. " I highly doubt that it was a reign of EVIL at all megaman." Replies serra. "I just want to know one thing serra." "what might that be megaman?" "what does A.L.E.X. stand for?" "im surprised you haven't guessed megaman, but it stands for A.dvanced, L.iterally,E.liminator,X.compouned. alex for short." Explains serra. " then lets get started!" announces megaman. "I'll give you one more chance to join us megaman." Then megaman understood. If they wanted him to "join" them then they had no intension of rebuilding him at all."I DON'T HELP DOUBLE CROSSERS!!!" he shouted being thrown into a fit of rage. Megaman threw a punch at her. The punch landed, and serra retaliated by throwing a barrage of energy blasts. But when the smoke cleared serra, and megaman were facing opposite sides, and serra had been hit by her own energy blasts. Megaman had grabbed her throat, and shifted so that her own energy blasts hit her! Megaman then aimed his buster at her face, and said; "tell me were they went, and you might live." There was no mercy in his eyes. "urgh…te-terah t-te-tower…urgh…the-there…" then megaman killed her. But not with his buster. With the hand that was grabbing her throat he ripped her neck out. Then he fell to his knees. And right there in that pool of blood, and carnage he said; " am I a killer? Did I really do this? Or is this just a bad dream im having? Yes. Its just a dream im having awake. Wich means its real. Theres so much I don't understand about myself. Data please. Please tell me. Am I nothing more than a machine made to kill? Is my purpose nothing more, than to kill?" tears were coming down his face. Then data appeared, and said aloud; "megaman, I'm afraid to tap into my memory banks and find out." Megaman grabbed his memory carrior (i.e. data) and said;" tell me or die data." And data said; "I know now, that anyone without tapping into your memory banks, that you are in fact megaman; a killer." Then megaman dropped him. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!"

Elsewere in terah tower…

"She-she's dead?" questioned a fearfull a.l.e.x. "I doubt it. But at this point anythings possible." Announced juno stroking his light blue artificial hair. "megaman…I will kill you…" was all the boy said in a wisper.

"so this is terah tower eh?" said megaman questionably. "must be." said roll. "I think its safe to say juno's here." Replied barell to no one. "well we are going in there!" announced megaman. "and this time…I wont lose control…" he added. "megaman-" started roll, but megaman cut her off. "come on!" he said interrupting. "I believe we should stop them before eden gets activated!" this sent a shudder through all of them, and they raced up the stone steps to the top of tehrah tower. At the top they came face-to-face with juno, and A.L.E.X. "juno!" shouted megaman. "I see our killer has arrived." Exclaimed juno. "shut up!" barked megaman. "im here for one reason! To stop you!" "megaman it is not wise to fear your own anger, or yourself." Juno said. "w-what do you-I-I don't c-care!" stammered megaman. " megaman you fear yourself because you were able to kill serra without use of machines. There is nothing wrong with fear, but to fear ones own abilities is not only wisdom, that is knowledge that can destroy you if you fear the knowledge itself." Said juno calmly. "huh? W-why d-do you w-want to h-help?!" stammered megaman fearfully. Juno was acting strangely. Then again juno was always a strange one. But why would she want to help megaman? " megaman do not fear the fact that I am helping you recover. Recovering from an attack from ones own self sometimes means accepting help from ones enemys. Besides we are not your enemy. Serra was. But we merely wish to live peacefully. We do not wish to harm you. And I will help you recover from your attack wethir you agree or not!" said megaman juno. "I- I don't undestand! This goes against all natural order as I know it! Before it was simple! Juno was the villain and I had to destroy her, before eden got activated again! Now its so complicated! Juno is not the villain, but serra is! And juno was created by evil, but is not evil herself! And I cant even figure out what side a.l.e.x. is on! This just doesn't make any sense! I'm not even sure what side I'm on! I kill, but I try to not kill, yet I always end up killing more, than if I had tried to kill! Am I evil or not!? I just don't understand!!!" at this point megaman broke into tears, and fell to the floor exhausted. Roll immediately went to his side not even caring that juno could kill her immediately. Barell went over to juno, and asked if she knew anything about it. "megaman is going through hard times. Right now his own mind is fighting his itself. His mind is working to fast for his body, so he has collapsed into shock. He shall awake when his mind, and body are working at the same rate again. Right now I believe his subcontious is working at getting his body moving." Juno explained. "that explaines his twichy movements." Said roll. Suddenly a figure broke through the window, shattering glass over everybody. It was serra! But she was in horrible condition. Apparently her neck, had been stiched back on at an odd angle, she was covered in blood, and her hair was messy. Her clothse were in such a bad condition that she wore practically nothing but a loin cloth, and some cloth that covered her breast.

Her eyes showed nothing but insanity. "megaman must die!" she shouted. "take care of him." Said juno handing A.L.E.X. to roll. "ok." roll replied. "serra!" juno shouted. " you will die! I wont let you live any longer if you plan to kill him!" "megaman must die!" serra shouted. "no serra, you must!" said juno. Juno blasted a light blue beam at serra, and serra countered with a fireball. Juno shot her fists at her, and missed both times, the fists landing in a wall. Juno "jumped" and landed squarly on serra's stomach. Serra just shot a barrage of energy bolts to knock her off. Serra isn't taking any damage at all! Juno thought. Serra then shot a huge fire ball at juno, but juno managed to absorb it. But when juno was distracted with the fire ball serra lunged at her, with literal fists of fire! But just in the knick of time juno's fists shot out of the wall, and punched serra into a wall. Juno called her fists back, and fired the blue beams while serra was stunned. When the smoke cleared serra was down, but juno didn't stop there. She kept on firing until serra didn't exist anymore. "pew…that battle was fierce…"said juno gasping for breath. Suddenly out of nowhere, a hand shot out and grabbed junos throat. It was serras hand. "se-serra?…??"was all juno could afford to say, for she was running out of breath. As the hand squeezed juno thought it was over. Suddenly a figure jumped at serra, and tore her from juno's throat. That figure was megaman.

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