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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by AsbestosShoes
Full Circle: Chapter 1 - One Failure At A Time

The ground shook and the trees rustled violently, a great smoke swept the land as a voice boomed. "Ten seconds to launch! All personal clear the launch area!" The small yellow robots ran from the base of the rocket, going in perfect single file. "Ten, nine, eight..." A young girl dressed in red stepped back to a safe distance, "I hope this one works..." she said. The countdown continued... seven, six, five, four. A small robotic monkey danced around the girl's feet. "I'm sure it will work, Roll! You just have to have-" Another girl, dressed in pink and black shouted and cut him off. "IGNITION!!!" In the distance, a large rocket shot into the sky.
A small yellow robot spoke up, "Let's go! Come on...Oh no!!! Miss Tron!!!" The other girl answered, "What is it, 23?! Is the rocket going to explo- AHH!!!!" Much to her dismay, the rocket blew up midair with a massive explosion. A ways away, a group of men sat by watching calmly. "Ah... it almost seems hopeless. Hmmm.... I wonder if we'll ever get up there…" the oldest looking gentleman said with some despair in his voice. The rich looking fellow answered, "Ah, but Barrell, of course we will. It just takes time, nobody said breaking the atmosphere would be easy.
The next man, dressed in green armor with spiked white hair got up and sighed, "If something doesn't work soon, I'm bound to lose it! That's got to be the 25th time we've lost one! That's just this week!" He sighed again and sat down. "How can you two be so calm?! Especially you, Bluecher! What're you hiding?" The rich man chuckled and looked at him. "Ah, just have some faith Teisel. With your sister and Barrell's grand-daughter working on this, we're bound to get somewhere." They all laughed. "I hope you're right Bluecher, for both of your sakes." Teisel laughed out. The other two just gave him a strange look.
Elsewhere the two girls, Roll and Tron, argued about how to build the next rocket. The small monkey and yellow robot, a Servbot, were talking about something involving gyroscopes. The monkey walked up to the two girls. "Ukiki! You need to adjust the balance; if you do it this way you'll get-" He was cut-off again by Tron. "You stay out of this Data!!" He slinked down to the ground. As he landed, he thought he saw his master in the distance, he couldn't help but shriek. "MegaMan!!! Ukikiki!!!" The girl immediately stopped what they were doing, as did the three men. They all looked at him wide-eyed and shouted. "WHERE IS HE DATA?!" The monkey got up and ran to a small alcove behind a cliff. Suddenly, the sense of hope was shattered with a scream. "UKI!! UKIKIKIIIIIII!!!! HELP MEEEE!!!!!"
A man dressed in red armor ran out from behind the cliff. He was tall, but young. No older than Roll or Tron. As he ran, long yellow hair flapped behind him. He dashed past the group of people, who soon gave pursuit. He raised his arm and changed it into a cannon. He fired at a mountain, revealing a small spacecraft. "Mission accomplished!" he yelled as he approached the ship.

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