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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by AsbestosShoes
Full Circle: Chapter 3 - The Utopian Moon

Inside the ship, Roll and Tron were amazed at the simplicity of the ship. "Four buttons, a window, a seat, and a weird looking circle design..." Roll said, whistling. "Yeah... Well, let's get it off the ground!" Tron too was amazed. A servbot pushed one of the four buttons, which showed a circle with an arrow on top. The ship whirred very loudly as it began to lift. Outside, ProtoMan turned to see his ship taking off faster than he could get to it. "Gah! Carbons! How dare they! They will taint the pure air of Elysium!!!"
The ship rose at a speed that continued to increase. Everybody on board was silent, as voices couldn't be heard over the rumbling sounds of the ship breaking the atmosphere. Data began to float up off of Roll's hat. He shrieked, but nobody heard him. Then finally, it happened. One by one, the people on the ship lost contact with the floor. The rumbling finally subsided. Tron tried to get her footing, but instead peered out the window. "Oh... Oh wow... we..." Roll looked at her, about to hit the ceiling. "What is it?"
"We did it. We're in space..."
"That would explain the floating," muttered a servbot. Roll looked out the window. She was amazed, and her jaw dropped. "This is it, we've gone where no humans have ventured before! This is amazing!" Another servbot drifted by, catching a glimpse of the view. "Woooowwwwww.... But what are all those towers?" Barrell tried his best to stay low. "My guess would be monoliths, similar to what appeared over Kattleox Island." Suddenly, the ship made a strange sound, and the circle design glowed. A voice spoke up. "Arrival to Elysium in T minus 12 seconds." A cheer went up through the group, except for a servbot who muttered something about being afraid of countdowns.
The ship drifted towards a massive globe with a tip at the bottom. This was Elysium, the moon of Terra. Inside Elysium, deep in the hallways, beyond the droves of reaverbots, past the library and into the heart of Elysium, MegaMan was sitting staring up into the artificial sky. "Roll...I...I miss you..." He sighed. A young woman with blonde hair wearing a reporter's outfit walked up to him. "MegaMan, it's best not to worry. Sera is hacking into this area right now, so we should be able to find out exactly where we are soon." MegaMan looked at her and smiled. "R...really? Wow, that's wonderful Yuna!"
Nearby, a young girl with dark skin in a black skirt lay sleeping. Suddenly she spoke. "Yuna, Trigger, it appears we are above the Master's housing unit. It will be an incredibly long fall... We are roughly 25000 kilometers above it." She sat up, and then stood up, and walked towards the other two. "So how will we get down Sera?" Yuna asked puzzled. Sera smiled. "Simple Yuna. Over there. My empty shell." She pointed to a massive angelic looking body with a solemn face. It had massive wings as well, and it all became clear to Yuna. "Ah, so you plan to transfer into the shell and carry us down?" Sera shook her head. "No Yuna, Trigger disabled its functions. I plan on simply pushing it off the edge of this platform, and then jumping down on it." Yuna laughed. MegaMan just stood, puzzled. "Ah Sera, you always were one to have crazy ideas... But that one sounds as if it might work!"
MegaMan nodded. The two girls continued to talk about the old times they remember. MegaMan slowly started walking towards the massive body. He climbed onto its head and called to them. "Hurry, get on, something tells me somebody else is on Elysium!" Yuna and Sera gasped. They ran to the body and leapt on. MegaMan readied his Buster Gun, and fired at the platform. The body began to move back, and eventually fell off. It hurdled to the ground. Yuna and MegaMan screamed while Sera look glassily at them and sighed. Meanwhile, in a small room with another spacecraft in it, Roll, Tron and the others got off of their ship. They were relieved to find gravity again.

Teisel: YES!!! GRAVITY!! *hugs the floor*
Servbots: YAYYIIIEEEE *dance dance*
Tron: What the… O_o

<< Previous Chapter To Be Continued...

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