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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by avianbeauty98
King Glydon Engage: Chapter 1

Location: Ryship dock, old loath warehouse:

Glyde stood at the rigde of an old warehouse and drank from a can of berry juice while he watched the birdbots load stuff onto the draches. the new birdbot carriers, aka glyde draches   looked nice where they stood. All of them   where painted Basicly in red and white on the underside. They had black beaks that could be opened,  wich the birdbots hurried in and out of every time, loading packages. But there was one of all the draches that was different.... The command carrier... Aka the glyde drache ace. It wasn't red but blue and had a orange beak istead of black. Itbalso functioned the very same way as the others, but it had a stronger armor and a faster motor (faster speed) likely a more upgraded drache. It belonged to his three wonderful birdbot commanders: huie (the one whit the red mask) luie(blue) and dewie (whit the green bandana). Right now the three commanders where sitting on the top of their ship, screaming orders to bypassing commrades. "KEH KEH!!! HURRY YOUR WINGS!!!! WE SHALL SCRAM'N'JAM UNTIL THE NIGHTS END!!! KEH KEH KEH!!" green commander dewie yelled. "WE'RE NOT DONE HERE UNTIL MASTER GLYDE SAYS THAT WE ARE DONE HERE!!! KEHKEE!!! Red commander huie shouted. "KE KE THIS WILL TAKE FOREVER KE KE" blue commander luie screamed. Glyde smiled. They did a good job after all. Mr loath had asked him to choose his favorites, and he ended up with these. Glyde looked out on the  sunset of ryship shores. It was beautiful. He had stopped at his uncle's old warehouse at ryship for looting. For some reason the Police had ingnored to look there when he and mr loath where catched by the bonnes and jailed just one year ago. Glyde felt some anger appear when he reminded himself on teisel bonne. That man and his sister Where the reason for the loath family's downfall. He swear to the gods that he would find them soon!.
"master glyde sir!! We're done packing the ships. What now?" a bird voice said below. Glyde became interupted in his toughts and looked down on the beak of birdbot #57. "done already? Well then... Tell huwie, Luie and dewie to stop yelling and prepare for flight.... We're leaving tonight at 2 am." glyde answered the birdbot. "yes! Sir!! Keh keh!" it said and hurried in the direction of the  drache ace. "KEH KEH KEH!! so he wants us to leave tonight huh?" dewie asked. "the birdbot who had speaked with glyde nodded. Huwie suddently stood up. "well what are you Waiting for??" he shouted. "yess KE KE what are we waiting for?? KEKEE!!" luie added. 
"Island in range. Kukkee!!" a birdbot said over at the radio. "do you know the name of the island?" glyde asked. He sat in the back of the drache ace together with huwie, Luie and dewie. "its name is dennox island sir" the birdbot answered. "we can stop here for fillups." glyde said. "Roger!" the birdbot said. They had stopped on some other Islands by now. Glyde could remember some names, like roru island, mino island, ganina island. This was just some of'em. He had Heard roumors about a island called kattelox in the north, but he wouldn't mind going there. He didn't belive bola and klaymoor where there. Nor either the bonnes... Or? Well it didn't matter now, he probably would find them anyway somehow. 

Location: dennox island plains, outside one town.

The glyde gang landed on and grass field a little outside one of the Towns of the island. He saw it from the drache when they're was above the island. Dennox island was a quite lagre island in fact, with just not only one big Town but there where other small towns here too. He and the gang had landed by one of the small towns. He told the birdbots to Wait whil he and huwie, Luie and dewie looked for shops and other stuff. They where meet by a police officer at the entrance to the town. "stop there young man. What is your ID?" the officer asked. "you mean an ID card?" glyde asked the officer. The officer nodded. "you could get one from the police station if you don't have any. Follow me, i'll show you the way. "thanks" glyde said and they followed the police officer. It was a nice day in fact. The sky was clear blue with a bright sun. Only a swallow breeze. They walked past many houses and building. Cars where rushing everywhere, and it reminded glyde a little about ryship somehow. "master glyde sir? We're going to jail again arent't we? Kee!" luie asked nervously. " KEH!!! wouldn't find the veterans Glyde facepalmed. Then turned around and shouted "luie-SHHH!!! We're SUPOSED to be innocent... My my....!"  
Luckily the officer didn't seem to have heard them. He was in fact wearing head headphones and mainstream music could be heard from them. "Kukkee" luie squacked back. They walked down an old street with lots of stores. He heard the birdbots squawck a lot behind him. They sounded bored. "well here we are! Welcome to dennox island police station!!" they stood in front of a tall building. It looked a bit like ryship police station, but a little more advanced. "alright birdies. Wait here until im back! Got it?" glyde looked down at the birdbots. "okay sir! Okay!" dewie said! All three birdbots nodded. "good!" glyde answered and followed the police officer in to the station. They walked over to a officer behind a desk, he looked up at glyde. "do you have personalia young man?" the officer behind the desk asked. Glyde felt something big crashed into his stomach. A personalia? Papers?:.. He Quickly took up his phone and scrolled trough a lot of emails. There!! He found a email called "loyd Loathes personalia" from a unknown number. But glyde knew of course who it was. "umm....  Is there a printer somwhere?" he asked. The police officer looked up, then nodded and pointed on a printer who stood at the left corner. Glyde sprinted over to it. Meanwhile outside the building. Huwie Luie and dewie sat on a bench playing cards an squawcking. Suddenly a girl came over to them. "hello there birdies! I never seen someone like you before" dewie stared at the girl for a moment. "ka! And who migth you be?" he asked her "oh... Im Mina kasune! I live in the north direction. She pointed. Dewie nodded. "we're.... Glyde's Birdb..KUKKEE!!!  Huwie stomped luie on the foot. "im huwie and that is luie!" huwie said.. "and im dewie" dewie added. mina laughed and smiled at them. "nice to meet you birdies!, are you diggers? " she looked at them. "you could say so..." huwie said still looking at luie. "our master isn't here right now.... Kukkee!" dewie said. Mina took up a notebook and writed something on it. "here guys! My adress number!" she gave it to huwie. "maby we can go on digs together sometime!" the birdbots nodded and luie added "if our master says yes then...."

Glyde had used a long time on the station and noticed that every officer of dennox was a lot more lazyer than ryship police... The difference was their technology. Dennox had advanced setting while ryship had a little.... I primitive settings....( he reminded himself about police officer Denise from ryship.)  Now he had a ID card to use in the city. As he came out of the station he noticed his 3 birdbots sitting on his bench, talking with a  blonde girl in a digger suit... "is our master says yes then...." he heard luie say. He walked over to them. "then what?" all the birds jumped inn suprise. The girl looked at him. "KUKKEE!!! M-master!!" the birdbots squawcked. "hi..." the girl said. Glyde looked at all of them.  "master! This is mina kasune, a local citicen!" dewie told him. "She's a digger!! Like us!" luie added. Glyde studied the girl. "your name sir?" mina asked him. Glyde didn't want to say it. He had to keep it secret. He didn't want bounty on him again. Neither did he trust anyone. So he tried: "call me loyd. Loyd lover." the girl smiled.the birdbots looked confused but glyde gave them a "don't say anything" look amd they nodded. Glyde tought for a moment. If the girl allowed it they could use her house for a temporary base. He got himself to ask her and told her that they needed house. To glyde's suprise She answered yes and they followed her trought the streets until they came to a big palace looking house. "here we are! Kasune plaza!" she said proudly. She also told them that her father was the  major of the island, wich made glyde uneasy. If the major found out that her beloved daughter yanked around whit the infamous debt collector and the nephew of the known evil loanshark lex loath glyde would be in real trouble. "MOM!!! IM HOME!!" mina shouted. They heard footsteps and a woman in business suit came walking down the stairs. She looked a bit like mina. But in a way she reminded glyde about his own dead mother, wich he had only seen on pictures. Since she passed away before glyde could even speak. "mom, look i brougth some friends here! They looked for a place to house, so i took them here."  miss kasune looked confused, then she looked at the birdbots, then to glyde and then to mina. "hello madame. I am loyde lover and this is my companions. They're birdbots!" 
"huwie Luie and dewie!!" the birdbots squawcked! 
Madame kasune looked at him "well... I think you can stay here for now. But i don't know what rowan is is going to say about this" mina looked at her mom. "they can sleep at the old office right?" 
Miss kasune nodded and pointed up the stairs. "make yourself at home. We can talk together about this when my husband arrives" she then walked out. Mina nodded and they followed her up the stairs.


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