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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by avianbeauty98
King Glydon Engage: Chapter 2

Location: Kasune plaza.

Mina pointed at a door and glyde walked into that door. They came into a office room whit a bed and a desk and some more furniture. "well lets take a nap Kukkee!" luie squacked loud. "No darlings not now.. " glyde said. "KEH KEH!!" the birdbots protested and began flapping whit their wings and run around.   Glyde hadn't just layed down on a bed for a Second when mina appeard in the door. "loyd! Come'on.. My dad wants to talk with you...." she said and glyde jumped up from the bed. "come'on birdies.." he said to the birdbots. When they came down glyde where met by two adult people... Minas mom and a man that looked like a younger and thinner version of his uncle lex, just with Mustache. "greetings young man.." the major said and hurried over to glyde and shaked his hand. "so your minas friend huh? You look familiar somehow but i can't remember why.. So what's your name?" glyde looked at him and said "loyd lover sir" the major looked at him and smiled "we don't often take in people but from what i heard from my daughter you and your?" 
Birdbots!! Luie said.
Correct.. Birdbot yes thats it.... I belive i heard that name before too.." 
Khee? The birds looked at the man. 
"anyway... You can stay here for now and until your ready" he continued. "but for now.. Get up to your room and change. 

Mr. lover came down whit a new look, mina looked at him. "you look great!" she smiled at him. He blushed. "thanks my dear" he said. they walked into the eating room and found a treasure trove of delights. Loyd lover walked over to a chair and sat down. His birds jumped up on each of their chairs besides him. Mina counted them. They where 18 in all. She sat down in left of him and looked down on the dish. "geez im hungry.." mina looked at the food. "back where i lived i used to not have these extras. My uncle didn't want to loose money on it. So i lived on food i gathered myself." loyd said calmly. Mina noticed that her father was listening to them. "i worked for a millonary moneysaver once..."  what you saying reminds me about his attiudes." mr kasune said. "don't begin whit your stories again dad." mina said. They began eating. And after a lot of stories and munching, loyd stood up. "well thanks for the food, mr and miss kasune. We respect your kindness." he bowed gently. "No problem dear, we're just glad to help new friends" minas mom smiled and looked at her husband, who also smiled. "enjoy your stay young loyd." and with that loyd lover walked out of the eating room. Mina said goodnight to her parents and dewie luie and huwie followed her... "master loyd is going to plan what to do. Keh keh" luie said. Mina looked at her. "what?" she asked. "He want to find two persons you see... have you ever heard about...." mina looked at them. "the pirate lords bola and klaymoor" dewie said. Mina nodded. "dad told me about them once. They have a island for themselves near dennox. dad fears that they might attack this island one day." she frighted. "how far is this island My dear... Tell me?" loyd stood there in his armor now. He held a rose in his hand and looked at her. His one red eye looked like it was going to glow. If you could tell me, i suppose you then wish to help me." mina breathed deeply and said "tell me first... Why are you dressed in armour? Are you going for a walk?" loyd nodded and looked at the birdbots. "you three stay here." then he turned to mina. "do you want to join?" mina thought for a long time. Then she said "this things sound interesting, i'll join you." she nodded. "you better sneak out of your window hm...if your parents find out its gonna be trouble." loyd looked at her. "i'll be carefull" then she runned up to her bedroom. There she took everything she needed and opened up the Window and jumped out into the night. 

The birdbots knew his master well.... They knew what he had been trought the last years. Ever since he became a pirate and a digger, their master glyde loath had been a leader of his own. From working for their other master Lex loath to now whit glyde. They all where a family. As glyde used to say "a big happy family" but they where no big happy family anymore. After the clash with the notorious bonne family, the loath family had almost lost their full power. Mr loath had lost a lot of money. His business empire was destroyed. Huwie looked up on the moon. He and his two Brothers sat on the roof of kasune plaza. "mr loath was almost destroyed himself" huwie though. And it was actually true, but thanks to glyde he had survived. The pain of loss had not standed against the power of love. So maby they where a family after all. He Wondered if their brothers thought the same right now.

Glyde could feel the night breeze blow his blonde hair. He smiled evily. Not only did he managed to get a new companion, but he also got himself information about bola and klaymoors location. He had decided to tell mina the truth. He had to. That way she would not have any intenion to betray him. He belived she could be a great help for him. He heard footsteps and mina came over to him. She had her digger suit on and a katana sword in a holster. "so where are we going loyd?" glyde looked at her. "first i need to reveal something for you, in order to get you to understand this plan." the feminine air pirate said. "my name is not indeed not loyd lover. I am... GLYDE LOATH! THE MOST ECXELENT PILOT AND MOST BEAUTIFUL AIR PIRATE ON TERRA!!!! he laughed maniacly. "but... But..." mina looked shooked at him. "well... should have known it... But my father was the first who belived it." glyde smiled. "you see.... The story is.." he told her everything. From the start. ".... So what im telling you is that i need your help...." glyde looked at her. "so glyde.... You say so that the reason why you are here is not pirating but mother lode searching. Is that it?" mina looked at glyde. He nodded. "and you want my help...." glyde nodded again. "i trust you. Yup i do. but your a pirate..." mina said. "i don't know if i can.... Im a digger." glyde looked at her "im not here for stealing and destroying my dear mina." he said. He started to walk down a alley. "after all.... Don't you like adventures?" mina looked at him... "well.... okay...ill join you!!" she said. Glyde smiled. Mina stopped. "by the way.... Lets keep this game on until this is all over allright? I don't want my father to trow you in jail. He hated your master lex loath you see. So at home you'll be loyd lover to them. Okay?" she looked at the feminine pirate. "wery well my dear.." glyde answered. They walked down to the beach avenue. 

"Glydes past.... Childhood... Glyde as a kid...." dewie tought. He looked over at his Brother huwie who looked just as dreamy as he felt. They hadn't learned so much about their creator. Mr loath hadn't told them anything... But that didn't stop them. Back at the loath manor, the birdbots had Explored the family archive. And they found many interesting things. Like, a picture of a girly young boy who revealed to be their master. 13 years old Glyde Loath. Dewie smiled. What more they found was a lot of debth reports from mr loath. Nothing special about it but it was the names that the birdbots looked on. Dewie smiled when he reminded himself on a report on the business-man johan f Bonne. That man was probably teisel bonnes father. His tought switched to something else when the name Johan f bonne. Glyde's parents. Alec and Gine loath. Mr loath had told them that glyde where 5 year  when they died. "died" wasn't the right word. They had been assasinated. And by who? Mr loath tought it was the men of the bonnes. But he didn't do anything more about it back then Well... Dewie remembered mr loath told them that He sendt lots bounty hunters after the bonnes, but "Something" happened to the bonnes after a long time.... the Hunters returned with No luck... They never heard about the bonnes either.... Until that one day. That one day when johan bonne`s son teisel bonne, came right in to loath's office and asked for a loan. A loan on 1000000 zenny. both glyde and master Loath had been in an evil mood back then. Dewie could almost not regconise them. But he knew that they felt anger that day. That day. When mr loath had slammed his hand on the desk and stated "IM GONNA TAKE OVER THE WORLD" followed by a "BWAHAHAHAHA!!!" master glyde also had talked that day. But it wasn't about conquering the world. It was about becoming the worlds most ecxelent pilot.  Which he allready was but he wouldn't stop from training. but then the colossus event happened... no he wouldn`t think about that now....  The moon was shining. Dewie felt happy... How come they had come this way? After all what's happened. 
Suddenly luie stood up. He looked like he felt danger. "What is it Brother?" huwie asked. "kee.. i belive i just saw something." luie said. "where?" huwie asked. Now he also stood up. "Something runned over the roof over there." luie pointed. "What did it look like?" luie looked at his Brother. "like.... Like a BIRDBOT" he fell back on the roof and looked shooked. "birdbot?... But it was bigger in size than a birdbot." luie said. "another birdbot? KHEE?" dewie questioned. "well we migh...!" they heard whing flaps behind them and looked. A bird... No a seagull stood there. With a scarf that covered his beak. "are you huwie Luie and dewie?" the seagull asked. "yes KE KE its us!!!" luie squacked! "and who might you be?" the gull took of his scarf, came down to them and looked directly up in huwies face. "call me zero. Gullbot zero" he said "im here to see glyde loath. I got information about the whereabouts of bola and klaymoor kaa kaa" luie looked at him. "tell us first!! Ke Ke!!" zero looked at him for a moment. Then he speaked. "you'll soon learn that there is more dangers in the bancosca fort of lord klaymoor than you might belive, i'll meet you when your master arrives...." and with that he jumped up on the rooftop and where gone. The birds Quickly jumped down from the roof and started running into the city to find their master.


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