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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Azure
Rock and Roll: Chapter 1

The city of Yosyonke, come Christmas time, was truly a wondrous sight. The city's natural snowy climate only added to the magical atmosphere; one could walk along the tinsel-strung pathways, past the masterfully decorated stores, smell the sweet aroma of cookies fluttering about in the chilly air, and know, without a doubt, Christmas had come to Yosyonke.

Of course, such things were nearly lost upon a certain mechanical monkey. It was rare that Data ever left Megaman's side, and even more uncommon when he went for a stroll through town, but today was a day of exceptions, he decided, for his mission was an important one.

Objective One: Procure a sample of mistletoe.

Data was relieved to note that Yosyonke held the plant in surplus, which left him with only one (minor) obstacle to overcome. Getting some, mainly. And while Data often prided himself on his talent with women ("Look that that! Isn't it adorable?"), the fact remained that none could understand his "gosh darn cute!" language save MegaMan, so purchasing it was out of the question. As such, that left only viable solution, one which would have surely shamed his parents, had he ever had any: stealing.

And that, of course, was proving quite tedious in itself. Blessed with a shorter stature, Data wasn't much for the type of jumping or even being generally near the ceiling, which loomed unnaturally high overhead, often with a sprig of mistletoe held enticingly within its grasp. Data paused only briefly to wonder if classifying the ceiling as a living creature (monster, really) was healthy, but, deciding it would make for a great conversation some lonely night with the cactus, strode onwards and pushed the thought from his mind.

His chance came at last with the introduction of a young woman clamped snugly within her fur coat. Plastering on his best - and only - smile and doing a "What a cutie!" dance for good luck, he stepped forward and poked her neatly in the shin. The young woman jumped, and, looking down to see a small mechanical monkey twirling at her feet, instantly dissolved into giggles. Resisting the victorious smirk threatening to appear on his lips, Data seized his chance and latched on to her coat, scampering upwards to her shoulder with an awkward sort of agility and nearly losing a few bolts in the process. Seeing the woman give him a curious smile, he promptly pointed towards the ceiling; the woman's head swung upwards, and seeing the bit of mistletoe hung overhead, colored red.

"Would you like a kiss, my little friend?" She asked gently, smiling at him.

Data's eyes widened and he shook his head frantically no, thrusting a fist into the air once more, peering hopefully at her face as she frowned and glance upwards. In a matter of moments her eyes lit up and, with a "Oh!" of recognition, she reached upwards and plucked the tiny plant from its perch. Data felt relief flood his artificial mind as he accepted the mistletoe, and with a broad smile and a cheerful dance that sent the young woman into mad giggles once more, he leapt from her shoulder and darted through the snow, reviewing the mission checklist stored within his system.

Objective One, Mission: Rock and Roll. Status Confirm? Complete.

Objective Two: Lure subjects under mistletoe.

And while Data certainly did not profess to be a master of human emotions, he knew this would quite possible be the most arduous - and most beneficial - segment to complete, if not for the matter of getting the mistletoe onto the ceiling, but for the obstinate stubbornness of his subjects. MegaMan was surely a king of refusals ("No, Data, I do NOT like her!") and certainly a master of turning red and changing the subject. Roll, on the other hand, was most definitely a Queen of inactivity, for her diary - not that Data would read it, mind you, for such things were beneath his level of pride - was often a herald of her tireless pining for a certain blue-armored digger.

At times, Data wanted to applaud their admirably steadfast denial of their feelings. And at other times, he was also quite fond of the notion of strangling them. It was enough to drive any poor mechanical monkey insane, or at least on a quest for mistletoe, really.

But Data pushed such lament to the side, for success was at hand, and he was faintly sure he could even smell it. Or, as Data took another whiff of the now decidedly unpleasant odor, that was yet another of Megaman's failed projects in the kitchen. Yet even the prospect of yet another night of pizza would not and could not deter him, for Data's will was a strong one, and he was oh-so determined to carry through with his plans. Plans that currently involved stranding precariously on a chair, waving his arms frantically and silently praying the mistletoe would stick. Miraculously enough, it did - thought whether it was from his frantic dancing, a jar of glue, or quite possibly both, Data was not sure. But he paid the details no mind, for the moment of reckoning was finally at hand. Summoning his strength - and breath - Data laid a tiny fist on the ship's speaker switch, flipped it forward, and let loose a mighty "KI!" that ran rampant throughout the Flutter's speakers before echoing into silence.

For many a second, silence descended upon the ship; but then came the sound of one door slammed, and another, and then MegaMan burst into the ship's cockpit, looking slightly worried. His blue armor was notably absent, Data noted, exchanged for a simple black shirt and jeans that did well to outline his slender figure. Apparently he was not the only one who noticed, however, for Roll, who had dashed into the room mere moments later, turned crimson at the sight of him and looked ready to flee from the room.

Data was not one to let his prey escape so easily, however. It was with no small amount of pride (and mischief) that he pointed a metallic fist upwards; MegaMan and Roll simultaneously looked towards the ceiling, simultaneously blushed a truly magnificent shade of red, and simultaneously turned away from one another, MegaMan stubbornly crossing his arms across his chest and Roll unknowingly mimicking his actions.

Had he been able to, Data knew he surely could have cried from frustration. Leaning forward, he gave MegaMan a solid prod in the shin, saying, "Kiss her already!"

MegaMan gave him an impressive glare and muttered something so softly under his breath that only Roll appeared to have heard, for she took on an equally impressive shade of violet and turned to gaze most interestedly out the window. But Data was not to have come this far to no avail; feeling rather stubborn himself, he did the one thing any respectable mechanical monkey would do: he pushed them together.

Shock registered on their faces as Megaman's arms instinctively encircled her waist and her head automatically tilted backwards to glance up at his. Data let out a victorious "Ki!", but neither appeared to notice, for suddenly Megaman's lips were barely a fraction above Roll's and neither appeared to have any clue of what was happening. It was so utterly perfect that Data felt loathe to intrude, but before he could even consider slipping quietly towards the door the pair was kissing, a wild, passionate kiss that was certainly not appropriate for mistletoe and most definitely most appropriate for Data to describe, gentle reader. And so it was with a slightly fearful sigh that Data began his internal clock, waiting for the magic number that would surely introduce their hormones, or, as Data would later call them, "Internal Reaverbots."

One. Two. Three.

Both teens’ eyes widened and there was an almighty crash as MegaMan was pushed towards the floor, Roll still with him, their lips never parting even when the Flutter's wheel took a sharp turn as they landed atop of it. Data found himself soaring quite freely out the door as the ship jolted; he enjoyed the brief sensation of flying before coming to a rather forcible stop against the door of Megaman's room. In a daze, Data slid to the floor in a slightly giddy mood, for his mission was at last complete.

Objective Two, Mission: Rock and Roll. Status Confirm? Complete.

Objective Three: Take a vacation. A long one.

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