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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Bug Jenkins
Megaman Legends Trilogy: Chapter 2 - Tron's Liberation

(Megaman, Roll, the Bonnes, etc., are all property of Capcom. They aren't my characters. Don't sue me. I probably made any people you've never heard of before. Enjoy.)

"If you two can land on the roof of SigmaCorp." Aurin began, wiping sweat from his brow, "You can make your way down. More than likely, they'll be keeping her up near the 50th floor. That's where the security center and interrogation area is located. And, I'm pretty positive, that it'll be very well guarded."

Megaman looked at the crude map that Esling was providing. It pretty much showed the landing pad on the roof, on the 55th going down to the 45th floor.

"What if she's NOT?" Megaman asked, "We can't sneak through every single floor undetected."

"She'll be there. I'm almost positive." Aurin replied confidently.

"How do you KNOW?" Teisel eyed Aurin suspiciously.

Aurin gulped, "I was there undercover! YOU sent me in before, remember? I know what's on each and every floor. Where else would she be?"

Teisel grunted and was silent. Aurin cracked his knuckles and went on, "Anyways, that's about it. Any questions?"

The two were silent. Aurin nodded, "Excellent. Then get moving. Tron needs us now and we can't do anything just standing here." Gesturing down the hall, he spoke again, "The cargo ship is that way. Good luck." With that, he turned to walk away. Megaman grabbed his arm.

"Wait just a minute here!" Megaman glared at Aurin, "Where do you think you're going???"

"I'll be monitoring your progress from here!" the kid grinned, "I'm not stupid enough to try this, you numbskulls. That place is packed with Glyde's loyalists. You're both numbskulls to try and get her. Better to just give up all your possessions."

Teisel grabbed him, "Don't EVER say that again! Do you know how long it took me to restore all this?"

"Is your money worth more than your sister's life, Teisel?" Aurin asked, harshly.

"Please! Mister Teisel! Mister Esling! Stop fighting!" a high-pitched voice suddenly shouted. The three looked down at their feet to see one of the Servbots looking back up at them with big eyes.

"#40..." Teisel began.

"Miss Tron needs our help!" the Servbot wailed, "I don't want to never see her again!"

Megaman rubbed the back of his neck, thoughtfully, "Neither do I." All eyes seemed to slowly turn directly to Megaman after he made his comment. His eyes darted around, confusedly, "Um... what... did I say?"

Teisel dropped Aurin onto his feet, "All right. If you want to stay, that's fine. Be my guest. Less room for us anyway." Teisel growled as he headed towards the cargo bay.

Rolling his eyes, Esling sat at the table again, "Well, you two scurry off and get this task overwith. Good luck! You're gonna need it."

Megaman rolled his eyes and followed Teisel. This was going to be it. Finally, they'd get Tron back. He was just hoping that bastard Glyde hadn't harmed her.


Teisel fiddled with the controls of the cargo ship, muttering to himself, "I should have taken one of the Servbots to fly this. I'm not used to flying ships! I'm just used to ordering OTHERS to fly ships!"

He looked back at Megaman, who had buckled himself in, "Hey, Megaman! Can you fly this thing?"

"I don't fly." Megaman sighed, "I'm just used to Roll flying the Flutter, that's all."

Teisel stood, "Well, uh, there's a first time for everything, isn't there? Have a seat at the wheel."

Megaman gulped as he eyed the pilot's seat. He had remembered one of the times he had tried to fly the Flutter. Data had gotten in his way and he nearly crashed into the sea. That was nearly a disaster. Standing from his own seat, he made his way up to the pilot's seat and sat down. It was nerve-racking to say the least. He could almost see Data's image dancing in front of him, trying to help him "relax" while secretly Megaman had a feeling the monkey wanted to kill him.

Megaman slowly started to get the ship off the ground as Teisel sat in the rear seat, buckling himself back in. The small ship began to lift from the ground when.

"MEGAMAN!!!" a high-pitched call came from over the comm. Megaman jumped and lost control of the ship as it slammed into the wall.


"Who is this!?" Megaman yelled into the comm.

An ever-annoying monkey voice came onto the comm, "Megaman, this is Data! I just wanted to wish you good luck! Ki-ki!"

Before Megaman could have a chance to curse out the monkey, the comm went dead. "Is that monkey trying to get us KILLED?" Teisel exclaimed.

"I think so." Megaman sighed, shaking his head, "All right... here we go."

As Megaman tried again, the ship blasted forward... and hit the door. Megaman and Teisel were both jostled about a bit. "WHAT are you DOING up there??" Teisel was waving a fist at Megaman.

"If you'd like to try and take over in the flying, be my guest!" Megaman retorted, "I'm doing as best I can! These are totally unfamiliar controls!"


Megaman shook his head. He was sick of hearing Teisel's voice already. That didn't take long. As he tried to forget about Teisel and concentrate on Tron, he wiped away sweat and went to work again. This time, he managed to get under the doors and out of the warehouse. In less than a minute, the SigmaCorp cargo ship was out of Tannic Island and was on its way towards Kazakh Island.


"Let's go! I want everybody out of sight!" Glyde was shouting orders to the little number of Birdbots and the employees of SigmaCorp, "If Teisel and that kid are coming here, I want this to be executed perfectly! We might get a chance to get three hostages!"

One of the Birdbots inclined its head to Tron, "What about her?"

Glyde shook his head, "Leave her! We'll use her as bait to lure them in."

"Yes, sir."

Tron looked about. There had to be something that she could use to help her escape. Unfortunately, there was nothing in reach. There was a few knives, firearms, the usual for an arms manufacturing company... even if it was one of the many dummy companies for the Loath Corporation. But, something caught her eye that made her smile, despite the gag. She knew, as soon as she saw it, that she would have some use of it soon. She smiled again as she read the label on the wooden crate: XG3 Rocket Launcher.


"So, Megaman..." Teisel said suddenly, trying to strike up conversation. The two had been silent since the last time Teisel had screamed at Megaman for hitting the doors.

"What is it, Teisel?" Megaman responded.

"Is it true?" Teisel asked, a bit of slyness in his voice.

"Is what true?"

"Do you like my sister?"

Megaman's face turned red. He licked his lips slightly. These were two of the subjects he didn't enjoy getting into: Tron and love. He couldn't deny it. "Y-yes." he said, stuttering lightly.

Teisel was silent for a moment and then started laughing those maniacal laughs that he seemed to do quite often, "I can't believe it! I knew she liked you but-"

"What???" Megaman looked back, "Sh-she does?"

"You didn't pick up on it?" Teisel asked, "I thought she made it obvious."

"No, not real-" Megaman began. Suddenly, a beeping on the panel drew his attention towards the problem.

"What's going on?" Teisel asked.

"We're getting a signal." Megaman said, quirking an eyebrow, "Patching it through."

"Teisel, this is Esling. You read me?" Aurin's voice piped up.

"Yes, Aurin, we hear you. Go ahead." Teisel replied, a hint of annoyance in his voice.

"Hey, listen up, Megaman's girl is powering up their ship. She's probably going to be coming to pick M&M up after you nab Tron. I'll be with her." Aurin explained.

"M&M?" Megaman glared at the comm.

"Hmmm... all right but don't either of you get in our way!" Teisel growled, "If she dies-"

"I'll be better off." Replied Aurin's voice with a snap, "Just remember, Teisel, the only reason I'm on this mission is because I'm paid to be as such. We clear on that? See ya."

Teisel practically used every curse he could think of and then some against Aurin, who had already left the comm.

"Teisel, you can't let that guy get to you." Megaman sighed.

"Why did I ever hire him anyway??" Teisel muttered under his breath, "You don't know Aurin like I do. He'd turn on you for 100 Zenny! He's also had an aversion to Tron from the first time he saw her."


"How should I know?" Teisel shrugged, with a frown, "I told you that he was loopy."

"Odd." Megaman replied, "Against Tron but willing to work for her? Doesn't make sense..."

"Either way, he's not our concern now, is he?"

"No... hold on." Megaman said, looking ahead, noticing finally that they were already flying above Kazakh Island and towards the SigmaCorp building that seemed to stand out, considering it was the tallest skyscraper on the entire industrialized island. It looked like a floating version of Kattelox's Old City. The only difference was that this was much more lively.

"Unnerving, to say the very least." Teisel said, rubbing his forehead.

"We're coming up on SigmaCorp." Megaman announced, "I'll prepare to dock."

Teisel nodded, punching keys on a nearby console, "Right, then. Should we ask permission or just barge on in?"

"I think we can forego the usual formalities." Megaman answered with a grin, "What kind of weapons do we have?"

"Well, you have that buster gun of yours." Teisel indicated the weapon, "But I've had to use this." Teisel pulled a pistol out of his pocket but it was modified greatly, "Tron created this. She calls it the Corona Gem. Since we couldn't sneak on one of our robots, I'll use this."

"Good idea." Megaman nodded, "All right. Prepare for disembarking."

Megaman looked forward, the entire skyline of Kazakh Island visible from the roof of the SigmaCorp building. As the small ship continued its final descent onto the landing pad, Teisel began to notice something, "That's odd... I would have guessed someone would have tried to find out who we are."

"No contact yet." Megaman rubbed his chin, "Strange, indeed."

A little bump told the two-man crew that the ship had finally landed onto the SigmaCorp building. "No guards?" Megaman quirked an eyebrow, "Now, I have a really bad feeling about this."

"In any case... we're in!" Teisel exclaimed, practically tearing the belts from his figure. He clenched his hand into his fist and thrust it into the air, "Lets... DO IT!"

Megaman blinked, "...ok."

"Hey, you can do your catch phrase, I can do mine." Teisel said, defiantly.


"99 pieces of 'bots on the wall, 99 pieces of 'booooots." Tron was singing in her lonely boredom. Her captors were gone and she was already working on a way out.

"I'll take one down and smash Glyde's face in." she smiled sadistically, "98 pieces of 'bots on the wall."


"What's that?" Teisel asked as the two slinked against the walls. They had decided to take Aurin's advice and get to level 55. No contacts, no encounters, no nothing. They were on the 55th floor, which really didn't take too much time from the roof. The elevator was quick and no one had stopped them along the way. This was a major concern of theirs, to say the very least. Now, they were looking into a large, dark room.

"What's what?" Megaman replied.

"90 pieces of 'bots on the wall, 90 pieces of 'booooots... I'll take one down and smash Glyde's face in again, 89 pieces of 'bots on the wall."

"Is that... Tron?" Teisel widened his eyes, "TRON???"

A voice from the darkness called back, "Teisel?? Is that you?"

Teisel ran in quickly, "Yeah, it's me, sis! Hold on! We'll get you out of here before you can say-"

"One more step and the girl dies!" Another voice pierced the darkness like a rose thorn. The lights around Tron flashed on and Glyde stood there, holding his own Corona Gem, the he had stolen off of Tron, at Tron's head, whom was surprised as well.

"Glyde." Megaman growled.

"So, the little brat is here as well." Glyde sneered at Megaman, "Well, Tron, be glad that the last thing you see will be him. Goodbye."

Megaman didn't have much time to think. He snapped up his buster and blasted Glyde back before he could pull the trigger. Glyde tumbled backwards a bit. As Megaman ran over to deal with him, Teisel began to untie Tron.

Once she was out of the ropes, Tron hugged Teisel tightly, "Teisel, thank you so much! But, how'd you get past the traitor?"



"Flutter, this is Teisel. Bring yourselves in, Aurin!" Megaman spoke into the comm as Glyde got up for his second wind.

"Damn you." Glyde growled at him, "I can see why Teisel was so frustrated with you. You're a true annoyance, boy."

With that, he quickly shot at Megaman, who retaliated with another shot. This time it hit him... erm... below the equator, if you catch my drift.

Glyde's eyes were as wide as saucers, groaning in pain. Megaman laughed, "Well, I guess now, I'm a real pain in the-"

"Hey, Glyde!" Tron's voice echoed. Glyde looked up to be staring at the long barrel of a XG3 Rocket Launcher.

Tron glared at him, "Sayonara, Glyde." With those words, she launched a rocket straight at Glyde, who was too much in shock to move anywhere. The rocket caught him straight in the stomach and kept on going, taking Glyde with it.

Glyde wasn't going to enjoy this ride. His arms were waving about frantically, trying to stop himself and the rocket but to no avail. The rocket and Glyde both smashed through the window and kept going and going until they both crashed into a nearby skyscraper and exploded in brilliant flames. With Glyde out of the way, Tron dropped the rocket launcher onto the floor.

"Tron." Megaman said, coming up to her slowly, "Are you... alright?"

"Of course I am!" she declared, brightly, "You... came for me. I guess... I... owe you one." She stared up at him, then quickly grabbed him in a tight hug, sobbing softly against him, "Th-thank you... thank you, Megaman..."

"TRON!" a voice yelled out. The three celebrators turned to see Aurin standing in the darkened doorway. He took a few steps forward, grinning, "Well, I'm glad to see that you've been safely rescued."

"Aurin." Tron wiped her eyes as they turned to slits, "What're YOU doing here?"

"Oh, not much. I'm just playing my small part in your rescue by actually making it possible for these two nimrods to actually rescue you." He replied, sarcastically.

"Well, my thanks to you." She said, turning away. Aurin frowned. He had expected a bit more than that... although this wasn't exactly untypical of Tron Bonne, being who she was. But, he noticed something... there was something red in her beautiful jet-black hair. He didn't think much of it. But, then, it moved. It moved from her head towards her back, a small stream of red light, nearly invisible, following it. As soon as he heard the click of a gun's hammer, Aurin knew.

"TRON! GET DOWN!" he screamed as he lunged forward, knocking the female pirate hard into Megaman - just as several shots rang out, all catching the young man in the back. Aurin cried out, stunned. The world suddenly went hazy about him. He saw Tron turn around, looking at him with widened eyes. Her lips moved, calling his name. However, he could hear nothing as he fell to his knees and then completely to the ground, unmoving.

Teisel quickly knelt down quickly beside him, "Aurin… Aurin, wake up!!!"

Megaman brought his buster gun to bear at the trail of smoky-red light, "Whoever you are, show yourself!"

Tron looked up at Megaman then toward the direction of his buster, "That's her! That's the traitor!"

Megaman blinked down at Tron, "Traitor? What traitor?"

"Glyde told me that someone informed him of your plan. This is it!"

"Who was it?"

"It was-"

"Me... I'm afraid." a very familiar voice said as its owner stepped out of the darkness, her blond hair swaying a bit from the open window and her green eyes nearly in tears.

Megaman's mouth went dry and his buster shook as his quaking voice uttered a name, "...Roll?"

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