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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Bug Jenkins
Megaman Legends Trilogy: Chapter 3 - Unexpected Betrayal

(Megaman, Roll, the Bonnes, etc., are all property of Capcom. They aren't my characters. Don't sue me. I probably made any people you've never heard of before. Enjoy.)

"Roll stepped into the light, her pistol still drawn and aimed at Tron. Megaman was breathless. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. He couldn't believe Roll would do such a thing. And Aurin... he had saved Tron even after he said he'd be better off without her.

He slowly turned his head to Teisel, still kneeling beside Aurin's inert body, "Teisel... how's Aurin?"

The air pirate's face was grim, "...he's dead." Roll swallowed hard, "I didn't mean to kill him." Her expression, suddenly, turned to that of hatred, "Tron, on the other hand."

"Roll, why?" Megaman asked quietly, "Why'd you do it?"

"Don't you get it, Megaman?" Data's voice chimed in as the little monkey hopped in, "The Bonnes have been double-crossing you since you met them... though they've helped you before, all they care about is their own financial gain!"

"I couldn't just stand by while Glyde would try to kill Tron!" Megaman said, angrily, "This time, THEY were the ones who needed help! I thought it only fair!"

"Because you love Tron, right?" Data screamed.

All in the room fell dead silent. Megaman's mouth was hung open as was Tron's and Roll's.

"You LOVE her???" Roll asked, incredulous, "After all she's put us through, after all the lies, after all the times she's tried to kill you... you... love her?"

"I..." Megaman began. He looked from Tron to Roll and knew he couldn't deny what he'd been hiding.

That was all he got through before both Roll and Tron were practically nose- to-nose and right in front of his face. He gulped slightly.

"Just like you to try and get him over to your side!" Roll glared at Tron.

"I never knew he did!" Tron retorted with a glare of her own.

"Yeah, right! That's why you tried to get him away from me! You little bitch!"

With that, Tron slapped Roll across her face, HARD, making the gun drop out of her hand. Roll staggered back, a red glove mark on her cheek. All were quiet for a few moments.

"YAAAAAHHHH!" Roll screamed tackling Tron to the ground and responding with a few slaps of her own along with some punches.

"Tron! Roll! Stop this!" Megaman yelled, trying to break them up.

Teisel was also trying, "Tron, get her off you! That doesn't look quite... right." "You two are wasting your time."

Data waddled over, "They're going to beat the living stuffing out of each other."

Teisel's face went grim, "There's only one thing we can do."

"What's that?" Megaman asked, quirking an eyebrow.

A grin formed on Teisel's face, "Gamble. I'll put 40,000 Zenny on Tron."

"You're going to bet on who's going to win???" Data jumped into the air, angrily doing his little dance.

"Why not?" Megaman shrugged, "All right. I'll put 40,000 on Roll, since you've already bet on Tron."

"I'll bet both your 40,000 Zenny bets if they BOTH lose!" Data exclaimed excitedly. The two of them looked to Data with a weird look but then continued to watch the cat fight that was evolving.

Tron managed to kick Roll off her, taking her down. She jumped to her feet and started to grab the rocket launcher. Roll quickly grabbed hold of Tron's foot and tripped her up. Tron cursed as she hit the floor with a thud. Teisel and Megaman watched eagerly, cheering on their respective meal tickets.

"You're gonna regret ever becoming Megaman's girl." Tron growled as she sent her foot into Roll's face. Roll recoiled back, holding her face in pain. She was a better builder than a fighter, whereas, Tron was excellent at both.

Getting to her feet, Tron snickered down at Roll, who was slowly rising, "You're so pitiful." She smacked Roll again, "You should have stayed in the garage!"

Roll was angry, big time, with tear streaks down her face. She wasn't about to let some two-bit pirate take her down!

"SHUT UP!" she yelled, slamming a punch square into Tron's face. Teisel, Megaman, and Data all cringed. That was a nasty shot. Tron flew backwards to the ground, stunned.

Roll rubbed her knuckles. That hurt. Tron had a hard head, as it proved earlier, in her own humble opinion. Tron, bloody lip and all, slowly stood to face Roll, on the point of going homicidal, "That's it... no more Miss Nice Pirate! I've had it with you!"

With renewed strength from somewhere, Tron hurled herself at Roll, kicking, punching, biting, as Roll was fighting back the same way.

"Ooh." Megaman winced, "This is getting bloodier than I thought it would."

The two girls tussled about on the ground, practically turning a mere catfight into an all-out brawl. Roll aimed and kicked the pirate three times into her stomach. Tron fell back, clutching her stomach as if it were bleeding.

<No!> She thought, <I'm not going to be beaten by this girl!>

<She's down for the count> Roll thought, <She's weaker than she lets on>

<Tron or Roll?> Megaman was also thinking, trying to decide, <Both are good-looking... and... I love both. But... Roll, I love more like... a sister.>

<That little blonde isn't that bad looking.> Teisel mused,

<Her name's Roll? Heh... I think I'm going to learn as much as I can about her.>

<I'm hungry!> Data's mind whined, <Ee-eek!>

Tron's eyes scanned the nearby ground, trying to find something that could be of use. She groaned as her stomach started gurgling again. She would pay that blonde bitch back for that. Suddenly, her eyes shone as she saw something lying under a junk pile. She reached over to retrieve the hammer and got to her feet.

Roll, before that, had grabbed the metal folding chair that Tron had been previously tied precariously to. She folded it back up so that she could carry in easily and waited and watched. Tron had moved a little bit to a junk pile and pulled something out. Roll quirked an eyebrow, frowning.

"Tron?" She asked, "What's that?"

"You'll see." Tron smirked and turned to slam the hammer into Roll's skull. She did so but not before Roll's metal chair slammed into her face. The two stood there for a few moments, stunned as their weapons were at each other's heads. Then, simultaneously, the two fell back, twitching slightly. But they didn't get up.

"Aww." Megaman and Teisel groaned as Data jumped for joy, "80,000 Zenny! I win! Whoo-hoo! Ee-eek!"

"Stop holding me back, Teisel!" Tron squirmed in her brother's grip, "Let me kick her ass!"

Teisel shook his head, "Oh, no. Both of you have done enough fighting today. Besides, I'm not going to lose any more money in a lost gamble."

"That explains why Data's jumping around." Roll scratched her head, not even wanting to go back into another fight.

Megaman stood in the middle, between Tron and Roll, as to stop Tron from getting her hands on Roll, "Look, you two... it was real sweet of you two to fight over me and nearly kill each other in the process." he said, rubbing his neck, "But, you two have to understand that I love both of you!"

"WHAT?" came the response from the two ex-combatants.

"Yeah." Megaman sighed. He turned to Roll, "Roll... I've known you all my life. We've been together for our entire lifetime. That's why I love you as a sister... as we were brought up to be like, y'know?"

Roll was quiet. She knew he was right but she just couldn't say anything at this point. She merely looked at the ground, taking a sudden interest in her shoes.

"I've heard enough." Tron sighed, turning away, "Megaman, thanks for rescuing me but I don't see how something like this can work out."

Megaman glanced over at Tron, who was still ranting, "The next time we meet each other, you really should know that I'm not going to hold back if you get in our way! You understand what I'm saying?"

Megaman grabbed her arm to turn her towards him, "Tron... shut up." With those words, he planted a kiss directly onto her lips. Tron was taken by surprise but couldn't bring herself to break away from his kiss. This had been something she had been dreaming about since she had met him. Now, it was finally a reality! She moved into his embrace and threw her arms around his neck as she kissed back, passionately. The rest just stood and watched until Teisel spoke up again.

"Uh, guys... we, uh, seem to be attracting attention from some reporters." he said, a hint of panic in his voice as he looked outside to the airship fluttering outside, a cameraman's video camera rolling. Voices from down the corridor seemed to be getting closer and closer, "We have to get out before we arouse suspicion!" The two ignored him and continued with their passionate kissing.

"They've been lip-locked for almost two minutes!" Data was jumping up and down, "They have to breathe SOMETIME!"

Something beeped in Tron's pocket and she cursed herself silently. She broke away from the kiss for a second to retrieve her comm, "What is it!?"

"Babu-babu! Baaaabuuuuu." Bon's voice came on over the comm.

Tron's face went pale and she was angry, "WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU'RE WATCHING ME ON TV??"

"Uh, Tron." Teisel gestured to a small TV set at the back of the room, showing Tron kissing Megaman... or vice versa.

"Absolute chaos here on Kazakh Island, Bill!" the reporter's voice was heard from the airship, "SigmaCorp HQ was assaulted today. The owner, Glyde Loathe, has been reported as missing, and now we're seeing the Bonnes and Megaman in the same building... embracing?"

Tron and Megaman's faces both turned red in embarrassment. This was too much. But, the worst was yet to come.

The voices and their owners suddenly burst into the room. All eyes went wide. It was what they had hoped to avoid: newspaper reporters.

"Megaman! Megaman! Jim Reinquest, Kattelox Times. How long have the two of you been together?" one reporter asked.

"Uh, well, I." Megaman began.

"Gerald Calhoun, Ryship Press. Is it true that the two of you have been bitter enemies? Does it bother you at all that you're dating someone with no sense of morality or good taste in clothes?"

"HEY!" Tron yelled, angry. Teisel, Roll, and Data all stood back, watching the scene unfold before them, amused.

"Should we give them our input?" Roll giggled.

"Nah." Teisel grinned, "I think they can handle it."


The hounding reporters never stopped, "Frank Dellis, Calinca Star. Have the two of you ever had sex?"

"WHAT?" came the replies of the two questioned.

"Just being thorough!" Dellis replied, backing away.

"That's it! I've had enough of these questions!" Megaman said angrily, "No comment! No comment! Get out!"

As Megaman prodded the reporters out with his buster, Tron flushed red, "Megaman... I."

He grinned at her after closing the door, "Don't worry about them... say, Tron, do you think... maybe... we could go out on a date sometime?" Tron blinked, "A date? Where would we go?"

"Oh, I don't know." Megaman tapped his chin, thinking, "Oh, say... Amor Island? I hear the sunsets are very beautiful."

Tron blushed and rubbed her cheek, "I'm... not sure."

Megaman, seemingly the charmer, bent her back and planted another kiss, this time, deeper, "Mmmm... how about now?"

Tron opened her eyes slightly, "Yes... how's Saturday?"

"Fine with me." Megaman smiled as he kissed her again.

"What a scoop!" a voice cried and several cameras flashed. Megaman and Tron broke off to see several reporters from their airships, snapping pictures. Megaman fought the urge to take down each and every one of those ships. He glanced back at Tron, "I'll pick you up at 8?"

"Sounds fine." She replied, "I think we'd better leave so we don't attract anymore attention to ourselves?"

"Good idea."

With that, the lot of them headed up for the landing pad to their respective ships and took off, to get away from the flying paparazzi.


"Well, look on the bright side, Megaman." Roll said, cheerfully as Megaman gaped at the paper onboard the Flutter, "You're back in the headlines again!"

"I didn't MEAN I wanted to be in the papers like this!" Megaman cried, "Look at this headline: FAMOUS DIGGER SUCKS FACE WITH INFAMOUS PIRATE CHICK!"

"The price of forbidden love, Megaman." Roll smiled, "Eternal disgrace."

"Tell me about it." Megaman sighed, "Let's see: DIGGER HERO SECRET PIRATE LOVER? What the hell! These guys are bending the truth completely!"

"Hmmm." Roll mused, reading another headline aloud, "This one must be for the supermarket tabloids only: MEGAMAN VOLNUTT CARRYING PIRATE BABY!" It was kind of cute, in a demented way, showing Megaman holding a baby with a pirate hat and eyepatch.

Megaman snatched the paper away from Roll and nearly ripped it completely in half, "Whaaaaat? Oh, these people are SICK!"

"Now, now, Megaman. Let these papers say all they want. We both know the truth." Roll smiled at him, "Besides, it doesn't damage your reputation as a Digger, now does it?"

"Well... no... but it completely destroys any opportunity to go out in public without someone asking me questions like that." Megaman sunk down on the couch, Data dancing on the table.

"Let's see what the news has." Roll said, flipping on the TV.

"Yeah. Let's see what dirt these guys have on me." Megaman added with on a bitter note.

"And in other news today." the news anchorman spoke, "Police have arrested several members of the SigmaCorp Corporation after it was revealed that they had been fronting for an amass of illegal operations for the black market. As you well know, the owner and CEO of SigmaCorp, Glyde Loath, was believed killed in what was labeled a terrorist attack by the Bonne Family and more surprisingly, the famous digger known as Megaman Volnutt."

"WHAT?" Megaman stood abruptly. "Though it is clear that there is a relationship between Volnutt and Tron Bonne, police are on the lookout for both the Bonnes and Megaman Volnutt to be brought in for questioning. When we come back from this commercial break, a cute story about a three-legged dog who saved a baby."

Megaman flipped off the television and sat down on the couch, shaking lightly, "THAT will be what damages my reputation as a Digger."

Roll sat down beside him and hugged him, "We'll get through this... don't worry, Megaman. I believe in you... I always will."


"They've twisted the story so far!" Tron growled as she read the headlines of the newspapers, "We need to watch out for the police now! I'm worried about Megaman, though... Teisel? TEISEL! Are you listening to me?"

Teisel wasn't listening. He was writing a letter, actually, "Dear Miss Roll Casket, I've been awestruck by your beauty for some time now and-"

"TEISEL!!!!!!" Tron shrieked.

Teisel jumped, dropping the letter, "H-h-huh? What is it, Tron?"

Tron glared at her brother, "Teisel, you bonehead! We have a serious problem here! We're going to be nailed by the cops sooner or later!"

Teisel chuckled, "Tron, we've dealt with the police before. Besides, they only want to ask us about what happened at SigmaCorp. Now that they know that it was a front for Loath's operations, they will probably believe what we tell them to believe."

"I worry, though." Tron said, "If they don't believe us, Megaman will be dragged down with us."

Teisel sighed, "Tron... I know you love him but we can't do anything about him. At this point in time, we can only worry about ourselves. You know Megaman is a resourceful fellow. He can take care of himself."

Tron sighed as Teisel put his arm around her, "Don't worry, Tron. Keep your chin up."

She smiled lightly as she embraced her brother, "Yeah... thanks, Teisel! C'mon! Let's find ourselves some more money!"

"That's the spirit!" Teisel grinned.


Armored fingers drummed a large wooden desk. Their owner stared at the newspaper in front of him, "So, it's been confirmed. Glyde is dead."

"I'm afraid so, sir. It was Tron Bonne's doing." A Birdbot said, somewhat nervously.

"So I've seen in the news reports. Those two lovebirds would make excellent servants... don't you agree?"

"Mr. Loath... are you sure?"

Lex Loath chomped on his cigar and laughed, "Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha! Of course I'm sure! We've both seen what the little missie can do and that Digger boy knows how to fight well. I'm sure we both know what assets they can be, hm?"

The Birdbot nodded, "Yes, sir. What should I do?"

Loath sat back, the chair creaking under his weight, "We'll let them be for now. Let's see how this whole situation develops. Then... we'll make our move. With those two little powerhouses on our side, there won't be anything that can stop us from taking over the entire world!"

The corridors of Loath's ship, the Black Eagle, echoed loudly with the sound of raucous laughter from inside Loath's quarters.

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