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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Bureaucratic Model 1-3
The Diabolical Glyde: Chapter 3 - The Weather Is Not Important

Somewhere on the deck of the Sulfur Bottom Megaman and Roll were having a nice picnic of various sandwiches and cold lemonade. It was nice day, a few clouds here and there, a stiff ocean breeze, no pirates. And while it was pleasant enough at first that last one just didn't hold out long enough. Remarkably enough they were talking about pirates, or dancing around the subject of a single pirate as it were, just as Bon could be seen as a speck on the horizon.

"Megaman why don't you tell me how you feel?"

"Roll-" he started, only to see the speck on the horizon, with thick black smoke trailing behind it, rocket ever nearer. "Roll, watch out!" he said, jumping up.

"Like I'm going to fall for that one Megaman," she said folding her arms and fully expecting him to sit back down. Instead in a running dash he bent over, picked her up by the waist and made for the safety of the elevator.

Somewhere over the sea Bon and #20 were screaming like banshees, but, going at least three times the speed of sound, it really wasn't necessary. All the same they seemed rather persistent, and even though, at first, they thought it a spot of good luck to actually be heading for the Sulfur Bottom, as it grew from the tiniest dot in the middle of nowhere, to become almost kamikaze at the speed they were going, they insisted on shouting all the louder.

The only thing Megaman and Roll heard was the thundering crash! Immediately a herd of gorilla-like men with French hats and military rifles started pouring onto the roof. They didn't find much, just a metallic sphere with two swirls revolving on surface, and a crispy, temporarily senseless Servbot. After thoroughly examining two, and deciding against throwing them both overboard the monkey-men allowed Megaman, Roll, Von Bleucher, Matilda and Gramps to investigate the odd pair.

"What is this?" Von Bleucher asked a gorilla, giving the sphere a healthy kick.

"Ba- Bu- wuu-"

"That's Bon Bonne!" Megaman said, amazed. "But what's he doing here?"

"Oh! Then this must be a servbot," Roll said picking up the scorched servitor. She brushed off a little smut and started messing with some controls on his back.

"AAAAAAaaaaaahhhhhh!!!" it yelled, suddenly coming to.

"What's wrong?"


"Its okay," roll said, "We've stopped the rocket."


"What happened here?" Von Bleucher demanded, suddenly noticing a crater roughly the size of Plymouth Rock.

"I think these two had a rocket strapped onto the big one," Gramps concluded. "They must have accidentally collided with the ship."


"I don't think this was an accident," Matilda said.

"What?" asked gramps.

"I got a mysterious phone call from an anonymous debt collector who sounded like Teasel Bonne a few minutes ago."

"We're sorry," the servebot began, "But miss Tron's in Trouble!"

"Tron?" Megaman inquired.

"Bawuu!" confirmed Bon, rolling around to face them all.

"What does she have to do with this?" Roll cut in, frowning slightly.

"Glyde kidnapped her," the servbot continued, putting his Lego hand in Roll's, "and we all had to watch him slap her on the ships computer screen."

"He hit her?" Megaman exclaimed jumping over to the little bot and landing on his knees just in front of him.

"Over and over," he wailed.

The all looked at each other. Von Bleucher spoke again. "Where's Mr. Bonne?"

"He's about five hundred miles that way," the servbot said pointing to the horizon.

"And what's he doing out there?"

"He's flying toward us as fast as he can, but the starcraft isn't a very speed efficient ship."

Von Bleucher spoke into his wrist, "Change course, heading north, north-east at full tilt."

A voice came out of his wristwatch, "Yes capt'n."

"We should be there in an hour or so, what did you say your name was?"


"An odd name for anything. Is the starcraft small enough to dock in the Bottom?"

"Ummm, I don't know."

"Herump," he said walking over to the crater.

"Did Teasel call a few minutes ago?" Matilda asked.

"Well, Ummm, The thing is, That's not important," the bot said, standing up and holding his fists in the air, "the important thing is that while we're here name-calling, Tron's in pain far and away."

"You wouldn't happen to know where she is do you?" Roll asked.

"That's the problem-"

"-and you thought we could help?" Gramps added.

"No, we thought he could help," pointing to Megaman.

"Me?" Megaman objected.

"Mr. Teasel thinks very highly of you, even if he won't say it."

"And why wouldn't he say it?" Matilda posed.

"Because Miss Tron has a--"


"Oh, right!"

"What was that?" Megaman and Roll chorused.

"What was what?" the servebot said with an air of innocence.

"Hmmm," Matilda said knowingly, "I wasn't expecting a straight answer from him."

"Wait a minute, what does Miss T-, what does Tron have?" Roll said grasping the servebot by his shoulders.

"My! What lovely weather were having today," the servbot started, but in vain!

"The weather is not IMPORTANT!" Roll snarled at the little machine.


"Bon's right, you shouldn't be asking me, you should be asking Mr. Teasel!"



"What Megaman!"

"I think you should calm down before you hurt yourself."

She stood up and pointed a finger in his face, mouth open to start breathing fire. But none came. She ran to the elevator and soon disappeared.

"That wasn't very nice you know," Matilda said crossing her arms and glaring at him.

"What did I say? ! ?"

"Roll's not going to hurt herself over a trivial matter like this you would think," Gramps imposed.

"But I don't think Megaman is considering her real feelings toward him."

"I would really be more comfortable if you lot would stop talking about my love life right in front of me," he said blushing and scratching the back of his head.

"Don't worry, were not, a-ha-heh!" Gramps said laughing.

"I was just saying Rolls a big girl who can look after herself."

"And I was just saying Megaman would do better with Roll than a second rate pickpocket."

Gramps and Megaman both had large sweat drops grow on the side of their face as they started to slowly back away. "Megaman you can't walk away from love forever!" Matilda said taking a step toward him with that 'start of lecture' tone, and suddenly he found himself running for the elevator with Gramps close besides. "Megaman!" she shouted giving chase.

"Miss Tron might be in more trouble than I thought," the servebot mused.

"Bawuu!" Bon agreed.

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