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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Bureaucratic Model 1-3
The Diabolical Glyde: Chapter 5 - Two Crazies

"Megaman! ? Megaman! ? !"

"Don't worry, he'll be alright."

"Yeah, well if you're not too busy doing absolutely nothing you might help me carrying him to sick bay!"

"Too busy doing absolutely nothing? My ship just sank beneath the waves like so much twisted burning metal that had no better use than be thrown out for the tide! I'm lamenting!"

"We'll help you carry him!" said a small voice.

"At least they're helpful."

"Where's the sick bay Miss Roll?"

"Oh, how cute! It called me Miss! Ohhh, what's your name little, boy-like, thingy?"

"I'm #40"

"Well you are just so cute, I just have to-"

Around this point Megaman opened his eyes to see Roll squeezing the mechanical eyes out of a random servbot. But this was no ordinary random servbot. This was #40, otherwise known as dirty magazine boy! Those of you who happen to be boys, and also happen to have aunts, may know what its like to be embraced by a woman before you quite know what is what. The usual course is, 'okay, that's enough, for the love of mercy woman, five more seconds and I'm going queer!' Whereas Roll was not related whatsoever, and the servbot was enjoying the hug in a manner most unbecoming of a gentleman. One would have thought his mouth always looked like a thr ee on its side.

After bearing as much as he could, Megaman called out, "Roll," coughing up a little in the process.

"Megaman!," she cried running over to him. He got up before she reached him, the servbot left on his back with its tongue sticking out.

"Get up #40!" Teasel whispered as loud as he could.

"I'm all right, I just need some water."

"No, you have to go to the sick bay, you were in that burning room for almost five minutes Megaman! You might have had some help if Mr. Pirate and his merry men here weren't busy looting their own ship-" Teasel cleared his throat, "-Yesss?"

"Nothing, nothing at all," he said with just enough sarcasm to get away with it.

"Where are we?"

"We're in the bay to the Sulfur Bottom, here, I'll help you to the medi-bay, you can get some water there."

"You can lead the way, I'll help him walk." Roll made some snake eyes, but consented. On the way to the Medibay Teasel grabbed his chance to talk as alone with Megaman as he was probably going to get. "Megaman, I'm sorry I couldn't help you back there, but the servebots just weren't cooperating." Roll snorted. "I know I look bad right now, but if you could find it in your heart to forgive me I know Tron could really use your help right now."

"What happened to Tron anyway?" he grunted.

"She got kidnapped by Glyde while we were, having a picnic on Kattalox." Megaman snorted. "Hey, if you already knew how the story went then why did you ask? In any case the first thing we need to do is find her."

"By the way Teasel, I've been meaning to ask you. What does Tron have for Megaman?"

"Huh? What do you mean?"

"Well #20 was telling us how you thought a lot of Megaman, but you wouldn't say so because Tron had something for Megaman, but Bon had to go and object so he wouldn't tell us."

"Oh, that's just #20, he's always saying things."

"Yeah, but this didn't look like your run of the mill gossip."

"I'm just saying you have to ask Tron, and even then it's a long shot you'll get the answer your looking for, wink, wink, if you know what I mean."

"But that's what the servbot said," Roll sighed as she opened a door and led them into a clean white room with a doctor and a nurse waving their hands as they talked about the weather on Calinka this time of year. Roll approached and the Doctor turned and asked, "Woah! What happened here?" Roll started to answer but he cut here off. "Well it doesn't look to good, but it doesn't look to bad either. I can fix this for 2000 zenny."

"Two-thousand zenny! ? !" Teasel reiterated. "You mean we have to pay?"

"I only have five zenny off hand, can't you just tell Von Bleucher to pay you back?"

"1995 zenny left, anytime you need a medical practor, make sure you have enough refractor."

"Good gravy he's insane!" Teasel said backing up toward the door, and dragging Megaman with him.

"Who-Hash, you just don't know how to socialize, that's how everybody speaks in town," Megaman insisted. "I have 1995 zenny."

"Good as new I see, when in need come see me."

"Ahhh, that hit the spot." Teasel dropped Megaman, who caught himself before falling an inch. "You're both mad, nothing happened! You didn't give him any money and he didn't touch you!"

"Roll do you want to take this one?"

"Sure! You see it's magic!"

Teasel glared at her open mouthed, wide eyed, waiting for her to finish, or keep talking or anything. But after a pause he just said, "Oh, Maaa-gick!" so that he didn't look stupid. Megaman walked out the door, and Roll started for it, but Teasel had to see something for himself. He walked over to the Doctor who promptly told him there was nothing more he could do for him. Teasel looked on in grim amazement, and the Doctor told him again that there was nothing he could do for him, just like the first time. But the third time the Doctor started in monotone and Teasel reached out, grabbed his nose and said, "Honk, honk," squeezing it twice.

The Doctor looked at him like a moron for moment. Then, taking a deep breath, said "*cough*you're-a-moron!*cough*"

Teasel walked out laughing.

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