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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by BurnMan
The Zeronium Virus: Chapter 1 - Thing Back To Normal

It had been two months ago when Mega Man Volnutt had ventured into the main gate and battled with Mega Man Juno. Mega Man had learned a little from his past thanks to his little monkey friend Data. Data explained to Mega Man that he was Mega Man's backup memory, and contained all of what remained a secret to Mega Man. Mega Man wanted to know more, but Data simply said it wasn't time. But when is what Mega Man wanted to know. These thoughts flew through his mind as he was walking down a long path in an old abandoned ruins he was in. He had never been in ruins just for money ever since he, Roll, Barrel, and Data and crash landed on Kattelox Island. Now, he was looking for a refractor that was hopefully still in the ruins. Mega Man's shiny, yet damaged-from-battle armor covered him fully, except for part of the neck and his head, which was usually covered by a helmet, but minimal danger was around, and Mega Man's spiky, dark, brown hair was the only thing on his head. The armor was there in case of any attack from Reaverbots, but had not ran into any Reaverbots, but he kept his trusty buster gun on his left arm ready just in case.

"You okay down there Mega Man," said a girl's voice coming from Mega man's receiver.

"Yup, no signs of Reaverbots yet Roll," said Mega Man with a smile. Roll was Mega Man's lifelong friend and spotter. While Mega Man did all the searching, Roll stayed above the surface giving Mega Man instructions on where to go, and warnings just in case. Mega Man trusted Roll almost as much as Roll trusted him. Mega Man finally came to a door, the one Roll had been talking about.

"This is it Mega Man, the refractor should be behind this door." Mega Man opened the door, and there it was. About three feet tall and a foot wide, its shimmering green light could easily catch anyone's eye. That was why these things sold for a lot.

"It's here Roll, just like you said."

"Good, how big is it?"

"It's decent size, I'm sure we could get a good amount for it."

"Well that's great," said Roll with a small giggle. "Let's grab it and go!"

"Roger," said Mega Man. Mega Man walked up the platform and grabbed the refractor. He then turned and walked toward the door. Just when he was about to open it, a large Reaverbot came out of the wall in the room. He smashed into Mega Man, sending him flying into the next room. Luckily, Mega Man had a tight grip on the refractor, keeping it under his right arm. His head wasn't the same though. "I'm gonna be sore in the morning," he said to himself. The Reaverbot smashed its way into the next room, stopping right in front of Mega Man. It was about seven feet tall and covered with red metal. On its feet were large wheels, and it had large arms for ramming. Its red eye glared at Mega Man. What would normally strike fear into a normal human, Mega Man just got up and smiled. "Ahhhhh, things are back to normal."

Mega Man switched his feet to skate shoes, and started to fly towards the exit door. The Reaverbot responded, and started to use its wheels to follow Mega Man. It fired a couple of shots towards Mega Man, which he easily avoided. Mega Man looked back and fired his buster gun towards the bot. He hit it in the face, but with no affect. Mega Man thought about it for a second, when suddenly, the Reaverbot sped up and smashed its arms towards Mega Man. He swerved to the side of the Reaverbot. Even though it missed, the impact of the Reaverbot's arm sent Mega Man into the air. Mega Man landed on its head, where he shot at a few times. The bot swung its own arms to knock Mega Man off, but Mega Man was ready and jumped off at the last second. The Reaverbot slowed down, as it had impaled itself, but it continued to chase towards Mega Man. Mega Man fired his gun at one of the Reaverbots wheels. The wheel exploded, and the Reaverbot went out of control. It smashed into the side wall, and went into flames. Mega Man looked back and saw the door approaching. "Mission accomplished," he said, as he turned off the skates to brake before he hit the wall. Once he fully stopped, Mega Man opened the door to enter the elevator. He pressed the button and the elevator started to go up. Mega Man awaited to see the sunlight once again, after being stuck in a dark ruins. The elevator finally stopped, and the door opened.

Seeing the vast, blue sky never ceased to amaze Mega Man. He smiled as he felt the sun's warmth shine upon him. He walked over to a red and yellow ship, which he and Roll called the Flutter. It was smaller than most ships, but the Flutter was very advanced for its size thanks to Roll's constant tinkering on the ship. Mega Man climbed up the ladder that lead to the door of the Flutter, which he opened. He walked down a small hallway that lead to the deck, where he assumed Roll would be. But to his surprise, Mega Man did not see Roll in there, but instead, a small, robotic monkey, none other than Data.

"Kiiiii," said Data, standing on his toes and waving his arms. "How was your dig Mega Man?"

"Went nearly flawless, 'cept for the Reaverbot I ran into, but it was no problem. Where's Roll?"

"Roll went down below to check on the engine. She seems troubled by it." Mega Man was surprised by this, so he wanted to investigate. He went all the way down to the bottom of the ship, which was where the engine room was. Mega Man opened the door and saw Roll, but only able to see her legs and her red shoes, as she was tinkering inside the engine. "Hey Roll," said Mega Man quietly, not wanting to startle Roll.

"Hey Mega Man! Just a sec," said a sweet voice from within the engine. Roll crawled out slowly. Roll's small red shorts and small red shirt became visible. Then she fully stood up. Mega Man could clearly tell Roll had been working, as there was grease on her face, a face nobody would expect to see dirty. Mega Man could see some grease in some parts of Roll's long, blonde hair, which stuck out all over the place from her red hat. "So I assume the dig went well," said Roll with a smile. Suddenly, her expression changed to concern, as she stepped forward and touched Mega Man's face. Mega Man blushed, but he was sure that Roll wasn't touching him just because. "What happened to your head Mega Man?"

"My head? Why, what's wrong?"

"You're bleeding," said Roll, running over to her equipment. She grabbed a new grease rag and gave it to Mega Man. "Use this," she said. Mega Man put the cloth by where he thought the cut was, then quickly removed it. It was really bleeding, but it came to no surprise that Mega Man didn't notice. He had worse before.

"Thanks Roll. I guess that Reaverbot did do a little damage to me."

"Reaverbot? You never said anything about a Reaverbot."

"Oh yeah, right as soon as I grabbed the refractor, a Reaverbot attacked me. He got the surprise on me, but after that, I had him." Roll sighed, but then smiled. "Why do I worry," she said. "I always know you'll make it out okay," Roll said with a smile. Mega Man smiled back, and the two just stood there for a moment, looking at each other.

"Should I tell her," thought Mega Man. "I mean, after all, I've kept it a secret too long." Just when Mega Man was about to speak, a voice came over the intercom.

"Roll, Mega Man! Come on up! We have to decide where to go!" The voice was none other than Barrel Casket's. He was Roll's grandfather, and had taken care of her ever since she was a tiny baby, for her parents had left to go on a big digging quest. The two never returned, and Barrel had taken care of Roll ever since. Mega Man quickly became part of the family when he was found, and he started to call Barrel "Gramps", like Roll did. Mega Man and Roll were startled by the voice breaking the silence, but then the two snapped back into reality.

"We should head up," said Roll, as she made her way to the door.

"Yeah, let's," said Mega Man glumly. They opened the door and headed for the ladder. Roll climbed up as Mega Man waited. "Next time we're alone," thought Mega Man. "I'll tell her." Mega Man then climbed up the ladder.

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