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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by BurnMan
The Zeronium Virus: Chapter 2 - The New Enemy

Somewhere in the sky, a giant ship flew over the ocean. Though it was large in size, no one could see it, thanks to its cloaking device that not even the most powerful technology in the world could see. Plus, thanks to the ship's powerful jamming signals, no one could catch the ship on radar. This was necessary for the members on the ship's secondary mission: To not be caught. The first remained a secret. Inside the ship, a young man was running down a long hallway, a folder with files in hand. Almost out of breath, the man inputted a number code on the lock on the side of the door. The door opened, and he walked into the dimly lit room. All that could be faintly seen was a desk and a chair with a person sitting in it. The chair's back remained turned to the man.

"What is it," said a dark voice coming from the chair. Still breathing hard, the man responded.

"Master, it's complete." The chair spun around, but the face still could not be seen. "Here are the files," said the man, setting the files he had on the desk. A hand reached out and grabbed them, opening them up and reading the papers inside.

"Splendid," said the voice. "Once more is made, we'll be ready to begin."

"Bu-bu-but master, the tiny sample we created took about two months. Making enough for our operation would take years!" The figure stood up. The man cringed.

"I'm afraid we don't have years, we're already behind schedule thanks to your lazy, slow group. Tell me again, how long will it take?" The man gulped.

"I'll see that we make it all in a month." The man still was tense.

"That's better." The man sighed, then looked up. "But, if anything happens, you'll be paying the price!" The man stood tall and saluted.

"Yes master! We'll get to work right away!" The man turned around and left the room. The dark one sat back in the chair and turned around.

"On-screen," said the evil voice. A screen popped out of the ceiling, and a picture came on. It was a picture of the Flutter, as it was flying to its next destination. "Once Mega Man Volnutt is out of my way, Operation Zeronium Virus will begin!" A eerie laugh was all that was heard from the room.

* * *

Back on the Flutter, Mega Man was sitting in the deck, watching Roll man the controls. To break the silence, he asked a question he had already asked.

"So Roll, what is the name of the island that we're going to again?" Roll turned to Mega Man and giggled.

"You can't remember? It's called Glason Island." Mega Man looked at the map and saw that Glason was further away than most over islands.

"What's so special about that place? I see we're closer to lots of other islands."

"Those islands are small. They all have hardly any people living there, plus they don't have as much money. We'd get a good sale if we sold the refractor there. Plus, Glason Island is known for its engineering skills across the world, and I want to look for a new engine."

"What's wrong with the old one Roll," Mega Man asked. "It seems just fine to me."

"She could go out at anytime," Roll said with a sigh. "The refractor we put in can't run the Flutter forever, so we need to get a new one soon to be safe."

"I guess that makes sense." Mega Man remembered back to his adventures on Kattelox Island. He remembered how exploring the ruins alone would have been easy enough, but thanks to the Bonnes, they made things harder for him. Mega Man got through though, and even saved the island and possibly the world from destruction. All of this happened simply because of a little crash landing. "So when do you think we will get to Glason Island Roll?" Roll responded immediately, as she had probably already figured it out.

"Judging by how fast we should go to stay safe and how far away it is, we'll get there late tonight, but that would be useless 'cause no shops will probably be open. So, we'll sleep here, and we will have all day there!" Mega Man thought about that for a second.

"All day huh," Mega Man thought. "Maybe this will be a good place to tell Roll, and maybe we could have our first date here!"

"So Roll," Mega Man said, "Glason is a pretty big place, right? A lot more than just shops I'm guessing."

"Well," said Roll, "I've never been there myself." At that moment, Roll started to blush. "But I've heard it's quite romantic." Mega Man was thrown back, but he didn't want to look too shocked.

"Cool," said Mega Man. "I'm going to change into some different clothes, then I'll go get dinner started."

"Okay, I'll be here if you need me, as always!" Mega Man left the deck and walked towards his room. He walked in and saw Data, talking with his cactus. Data was an electronic monkey, and Mega Man seemed to be the only one that understood him.

"Data, you have got stop talking to that thing!" Data turned around with a look of concern on his face.

"Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii," Data yelled, then he stepped forward and whispered to Mega Man. "You'll hurt his feelings, ki!" Mega Man groaned.

"Okay Data, I'll be nicer. Hey, can you do me a favor Data?"

"Ki ki, what is it, ki?"

"Tomorrow, can you keep Gramps busy? I want to spend the day just with Roll."

"But don't you want to be with all of us, kiiiii?" Mega Man shook his head and smiled.

"No Data, it's not you or Gramps. I'll explain later, you'll see."

"O-ki, I'll do it Mega Man."

"Thanks Data. I owe you one." Mega Man knelt down and shook Data's tiny, round hand. Mega Man went to finally take his heavy armor off, and just change into some jeans and a shirt. He went to cook dinner, where everyone had a good time. After some time sitting around the television, everyone went to bed, Mega Man going last. Before heading to his room, Mega Man walked to Roll's room and knocked, remembering past experiences he had when he didn't knock. Roll, wearing pink pajamas with a pink hat, opened the door.

"Yes Mega Man?" "Just wanted to say goodnight, and that I'm looking forward to spending some time with you tomorrow." Roll smiled, and Mega Man smiled back.

"Yeah, I can't wait Mega Man. It'll be fun." Then she stopped, and Mega Man didn't know whether to speak or not. Roll was still smiling, so he just continued to smile back. "Well, goodnight," Roll finally said, closing the door.

"Goodnight," said Mega Man. He walked over to his room, got dressed, and laid down in his bed. "Tomorrow's the big day, where a woman finally comes into my life." Then Mega Man went to sleep.

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