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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by BurnMan
The Zeronium Virus: Chapter 3 - A Day At Glason Island

"Ki ki! Ki ki! KI KI!" Data stood by Mega Man's bed, trying to get him to wake up. Mega Man reached over to Data and pressed him hard on the head, thinking he was an alram clock.

"Five more minutes," Mega Man mumbled. Data rubbed his head from the poke. Already frustrated, he walked right by Mega Man's ear and took a deep breath.

"KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!" Mega Man jumped up, sending Data flying to the other side of the room.

"What's the big idea Mega Man? I was just trying to wake you up so you'll have more time with Roll!"

"Roll? Oh yeah! I almost forgot!" Mega Man lept out of his bed, grabbed a shirt and jeans, and ran to the bathroom. He took a quick shower and got washed up real quick. He ran by the kitchen and grabbed a breakfast bar for a fast meal. As he ate his breakfast bar and ran towards the deck, Mega Man was turning a corner, where he nearly ran into Barrel. "Woah! Sorry bout that Gramps," said Mega Man, while he was looking at Barrel's robotic side of his face. Though it scared some people, Barrel, or Gramps as Mega Man and Roll called him, was a nice, gentle man. He had gotten into a digging accident when he was younger, forcing him to replace part of his face and body with robotic parts so he would still have them. Barrel used to be one of the best diggers in the world, which was how he found Mega Man. When his age caught up with him, Barrel stopped digging and began researching island history and how the ruins of the world were created. Barrel just stepped back with a smile.

"That's alright Mega Man. I know you're anxious about today."

"Yeah," said Mega Man. "This place sounds like it will be fun!" Mega Man went upstairs to meet with Roll. He saw her right by the exit, dressed in a red (suprise) top with blue jean shorts. Her hat was off, so her long, blonde hair was left hanging down. Mega Man's breath was taken away. Sure, he was normally taken back by her beauty, but she looked even more stunning. Roll smiled and Mega Man walked towards her. "Hey you! Ready to go!"

"Of course! I can't wait!" Mega Man smiled back. Just as he was about to open the door for her, Roll stopped Mega Man. "Mega Man, we almost forgot. The refractor!"

"Of course!" Mega Man thought for a moment, then responded. "You go on ahead and head out. I'll go get the refractor."

"Thanks Mega Man! I'll look around for some shops we can sell it at." Roll opened the door to the platform outside and walked down the stairs. Mega Man went to the engine room to get the refractor. He opened then door and saw its beautiful green light shining off it. He picked it up and tucked it under his arm. He ran to the exit door and opened it.


"Are you absolutely sure," said a familiar dark voice, talking to a commander.

"Yes master. Mega Man landed at Glason last night, and now he seems he is spending the day there. I say today is the best time to strike." The dark figure pondered at what to do next, then came up with an idea.

"No. It's still too early. After watching Mega Man for all this time, I believe we can keep Mega Man at Glason Island for as long as we like."

"But how do you intend on doing that?"

"Here it is........."


The sun felt good that day. It wasn't too hot, it was nice and warm with a small, cool breeze. Mega Man looked to see if he could see Roll, which he couldn't. Instead, he saw the beautiful town of Glason. He could see lots of small shops that stretched as far as he could see. The coast came to the edge of the east side of town, where he could see many restaurants placed by. Mega Man walked down the stairs of the landing platform and started to walk down the street.

Many people walked by, many with smiles on their faces. Mega Man smiled back while thinking about what was hopefully coming later that day. He passed by many small shops and glanced within the windows. It almost reminded Mega Man of the shopping arcade at Kattelox Island. One of the shops that stuck out the most was the junk store, which Mega Man made quick friends with after saving the owner from reaverbots in some small ruins.

Mega Man glanced around, trying to see if he could spot Roll. Up one shop ahead, Mega Man saw her coming through the door of a beauty shop. A pink plastic bag was in her hands.

"Roll!" Roll nearly jumped, then realizing who it was. She walked towards Mega Man, smiling as usual.

"Hey," she said. "I was just getting some perfume from this shop while I was waiting. Thanks for grabbing the refractor!"

"No problem Roll. So, have you talked to any shops that are interested in the refractor?"

"Well, I wanted to wait so we would actually be able to show the refractor, if that's okay."

"Yeah, that's probably better. Shall we head off?" Roll nodded, and they made their way. The two walked down the streets for quite some time. Mega Man didn't realize how big Glason was until he started walking. Roll and Mega Man stopped at several small and large junk stores, checking on amounts they could get the refractor for. There were some good bids, but nothing Roll thought was a good price considering the refractor's size. At around noon, the two went by a restaurant and each grabbed a hot dog. Mega Man, still hungry even though he had the breakfast bar, ate his quickly. Roll continued to nibble on hers as they walked many machine shops. Mega Man was getting bored by the silence between him and Roll. He thought it'd be best to do it now. "Okay, here goes," thought Mega Man.

"Roll, I need to tell you something." Roll looked at Mega Man, her mouth full with hot dog. Mega Man looked at Roll, but not directly. "I've known you practically all my life, and you've always been a great friend and all. But now, you seem more important to me, so I wanted to know." Mega Man looked away and took a deep breath. Then he looked back at Roll, who was glancing at the stores. "I was wondering if you'd like to," Mega Man would've continued, but Roll's face was turned away, her hands covering her mouth.

"Oh my gosh," she said.

"Yeah, I know, I wish I would've done this sooner. So, you do?" Roll looked back with a big smile on her face.

"Do I? She looks lovely!" Mega Man was startled. That's not a normal answer a girl gave when you asked her out, was it? Roll ran to the store they were closest to. Mega Man scratched his head. Then, he saw what Roll was exited about. In the window of the store Roll just went into sat a huge engine. Mega Man sighed. Roll always seemed to be more interested in machines anyway. Mega Man figured he'd tell Roll later.

Mega Man walked into the shop. It was much nicer than the other stores they had gone into that day. There were digging weapons, engines, and all sorts of equipment in there. Roll was sitting at the counter, waiting for some assistance. Mega Man walked up to her. Roll once again rang the bell on the counter.

"Just a second," said a girl's voice from the back. Mega Man was shocked to hear a girl's voice in a machine shop. Normally men ran machine shops since most were into machines. It was rare to hear from girls in there. Of course, Roll was a girl, and she was into machines. Mega Man shrugged off the idea as he heard footsteps coming their way. A teenage girl stepped from where Mega Man couldn't see, probably the machine shop he assumed. After catching one glimpse of the girl, Mega Man suddenly lost interest in the girl he was going to ask out that day.

<< Previous Chapter To Be Continued...

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