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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Crazy Nutso
Love Is More Dangerous Than Reaverbots: Chapter 1 - Ain't No Sunshine When You're Gone

It's been almost a year since Megaman left us, to confront the ancients. When Data returned with news that Megaman was alive, but stranded, we immediatly started to work on some way to bring him home. Surprisingly, a lot of the help has come from the Bonnes. The servbots have provided us with labor, with Bon providing any heavy lifting needed. Teisel does a great job supervising them as well as handling other details involved in the building of so many space vehicles. Which leaves me and Tron free to develop the actual ships. Tron is a highly skilled and talented engineer. . . if only she wasn't such a bitch.

"*HMMPH* You should talk." Her engine designs are often brilliant, but she's limited by her tendency to build everything from old junk. This ship has to travel to Elysium and back, and I won't have it fall apart half way back with my Megaman. . .

"YOUR Megaman!?!?" inside it. Naturally, everything has to be done her way. She really is impossible. But Gramps says we need the Bonnes' help, and I suppose he is right. I just wish she wasn't so damn annoying. I just can't wait until Megaman is back, so we can be rid of her. Then I'm going to do it. I'm going to tell Megaman I love him.

Tron Bonne slammed Roll's diary down on the table where she had found it. It had not even been hidden. Tron shook her head in disbelief. "Miss Peroxide might be a fair mechanic," Tron thought "but she didn't have much sense in other things. Yet that . . . girl thinks she's in love with Megaman. Love, what is it?" Tron had no experience with it, but she had begun to suspect that her feelings toward Megaman were exactly that. Wondering about it was making it hard for her to work, sleep, eat or do much of anything. It was time to figure this out once and for all, she decided. Then it came to her, the library! There must be some way to figure out these feelings. Perhaps in the library she could find some sort of test to figure out her feelings. Then she'd only have to figure out what to do about them. But if it meant getting rid of a certain blond irritant, well, Tron felt she could live with that.

She stepped out of Roll's room, nearly running straight into Roll herself.

"Hey, what were you doing in my room?"

"Looking for you, duh. I'm going to run into town for a bit. Try not to screw anything up too badly while I'm gone, OK?"

Without waiting for Roll to respond, Tron exited the Flutter. Roll stared angrily after her for a moment, then went into her own room. Unnoticed as usual, Data watched the exchange with a sad look on his face. How was Megaman ever going to get home if those two couldn't get along long enough to build the ship? He'd gone over the various blueprints they'd drawn up, and they had everything they needed to construct a ship capable of reaching Elysium and returning. But they just couldn't agree on any sensible configuration, which is why all their test rockets kept exploding. With Trigger's memory, Data could easily design the ship, but they wouldn't listen to him. This was a problem beyond his ability to process. He entered the Flutter's living quarters, hoping to find someone to advise him. He found Teisel Bonne there, sitting on the couch, watching his favorite show. Data had learned long ago not to interrupt Teisel when he was watching his shows, so he sat next to him and waited. When his show was over, Teisel turned to Data.

"Hey there, little monkey. What's up?"

"Those two are always fighting. How can I get them to finish designing the rocket when all they do is squabble?"

"They're too much alike, those two. I learned a long time ago not to try to tell Tron how to build anything, and your Roll is the same way." Teisel laughed for a moment, then something else seems to occur to him. "Say, when did you learn to talk, anyhow? Before you only spoke gibberish."

"Well, I can speak with Trig.. er I mean Megaman's voice, if I have to."

"Oh. Well, I've lived with Tron for a long time, and I've never figured out a way to get her to back down. . ." He glanced at his watch. "Almost time for my other show, have to get rid of monkey now." Teisel thought, then said "You know, when I'm not sure what to do, I consult . . . . . . . . THIS!" Teisel pulled a notebook computer from out of a pocket in his pants. It looked like an actual notebook, except it had an antenna and a small screen and keyboard on the inside. The cover says 'What Would Steelbeard Do?' and below that in smaller print 'The legendary air-pirate answers all your questions'.

"Thanks Mr Teisel!" Data exclaimed as he took the notebook computer and began to type into it. Teisel nodded absently and was soon absorbed in his show, the little monkey completely forgotten. Data excitedly typed in his problem, then gasped in amazement as the solution is presented to him.

Meanwhile, Tron had arrived at the library, and, suddenly feeling a bit out of sorts, approached a matronly librarian. "Umm, I'm looking for mumble mumble"

"What'cha say, honey?"

"Oh great, I have to discover the worlds only loudmouth librarian." Tron thought. Out loud she said "I'm looking for some kind of test I can use to determine how-I-feel-about-this-guy" The last is said in a rush.

"AHHH, a love test!" Tron blushed heavily and looked around, not only to see if anyone was listening, but also to see if there are any witnesses in case she decided to deck this loudmouth. "You can find one of those right in here, hon." The librarian handed Tron a magazine which according to the cover contained, among other things, a test to find out if that hunk is your true love.

"Just what I need." Tron took the magazine to a corner, and was soon reading intensely.

A few days later, Tron and Roll were having dinner together.

"If you'd just follow my design, we could have the ship built in a week." Tron said between bites and sips.

"Have some more juice!" Data said, as he poured more into Tron's cup.

"Your design would never work out. It would require 10 people just to keep it running." Roll snapped.

"Drink up, drink up!" Data said, adding more of the juice to Roll's cup as well.

"Shay Data, just what kinda juice is thish, anywho?" Tron asked, her voice a bit slurred, and looking a bit flush.

"Yeah, I feel kinda weird, where'd ya get this from?" Roll managed to ask, right before she fell over. Shortly Tron followed suit. Data clapped and danced with glee, then he placed a checkmark on a list.

"Step one complete! But now, how do I get them into the bed?"

At that moment, a few servbots entered. "Hey, what happened to Roll and Miss Tron?"

"Errr... they fell asleep! Because they've been working so hard. We'd better carry them to the nearest bed. The one in Megaman's room is free." Data replied. The servbots shrugged and carry Roll and Tron into Megaman's room, where a new odd-looking bed had been installed. They put Tron and Roll into the bed, then look at Data.

"Shouldn't we put Roll into her own bed?"

"Uh... No. Her door is locked. Just leave them there, they'll be fine. You'd better get back to the Gesellschaft II, or Miss Tron might get mad at you."

"Oh no!" The servbots exclaimed, before fleeing. Data crawled beneath the bed, where there were a series of controls. He activated them, nodded in satisfaction and then entered another checkmark on his list.

Some time later, the odd bed made a brief buzzing sound. Shortly thereafter Roll slowly woke.

"Oh my head! What happened?"

"Would you moan a little more quietly please?"

Roll turned in the bed to discover she was in bed with Tron. They exchanged surprised looks, then screamed and fell out of the bed on opposite sides.

"Hey what kind of bed is this anyhow?" Roll asked, noticing all the strange wires and things beneath the bed.

"I've seen this before," Tron responded "It's from Steelbeard the Pirate's catalog. You use it to keep people asleep for set periods of time, then you use a voice modulator to impersonate them. . ." From outside, what sounded like Tron's voice amplified over a speaker, began a countdown. Then what sounded like Roll's voice warns everyone to take cover. The real Tron and Roll looked at each other.

"DATA!" They said at the same time. They dash out of the Flutter in time to watch a rocket flying away.

"I can't believe Data would do this to me!" Roll angrily said. "Where would he get an idea like that from?"

"Oh I know exactly where he would get an idea like that." Tron announced, her eyes narrowing as they fell on her brother. She and Roll stomp over to where Teisel was standing with Barrell and Von Bluecher. He glanced at them as they approached.

"Hey Tron, Roll! Looks like you guys finally got it to work! I was beginning to wonder, you've been acting so strange lately, staying out of sight, having Data hand out all your blueprints... say, why are you looking at me like that?"

"Teisel . . ." Tron's voice was filled with anger "Did you give Data your copy of 'What Would Steelbeard Do?'"

"Uh... well yes, but " Was as far as Teisel got before both Tron and Roll began to assail him. "Ow! Hey! Stop That!" After sustaining a few minor bruises he ran off, with both girls in hot pursuit.

Von Bluecher and Barrell watched this with expressions of mild amusement.

"You realize when Megaman gets back, those two are going butt heads, right?" Von Bluecher asked his oldest friend.

"That's true. And if we're not careful, the mayhem will spill over onto us."

"It has been a while since we've been on a fishing trip."

"I'll make the arrangement, have you got a boat?"

"Yep, I'll get it ready, so we can be off before that ship returns."

The next day Roll watched as the boat left, Gramps waved back at her. "Well, other then the fact that we both hate fishing, this is bound to be better then getting caught between the two of them, right?"

Von Bluecher nodded "I just hope Megaman comes out of it ok. There's nothing worse then a woman scorned, except maybe two woman scorned."

"BABOO!" Von Bluecher and Gramps glanced at each other in astonishment, then looked behind the boat, where Bon Bonne was floating behind the boat in an oversized life preserver.

"I can't believe you were going to leave us behind like that!" Teisel Bonne, dressed in fishing attire appeared, having been hidden somewhere on the boat. "So who wants to catch fish?"

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