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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Crazy Nutso
Love Is More Dangerous Than Reaverbots: Chapter 2 - It's Lonely In Outer Space

Megaman watched in wonder as the rocket slowly landed in the shuttle bay. "Roll did it! Finally we can go home." He thought. He turned to Yuna and said "Can you believe it? After all this time, we can finally go home!"

"Yes, thank goodness. Much longer of listening to Sera rant about her new feelings and I'd have stuffed her into a garbage receptacle."

"Hey, I heard that!" Sera stepped out from behind a pillar. "Don't think you can push me around just because you're bigger then me. Besides, you're used to all these odd feelings, from being trapped in that carbon's body. It's all new to me. The System regulated my emotional state."

Yuna sighed. "Yes, I know. Let's just hope your shell isn't subject to space sickness."

"Space sickness! Oh no!" Sera looked nervously at the spaceship, then noticed Yuna was laughing. "You're just teasing me again!"

Meanwhile, Data had exited the ship and approached Megaman, followed by a number of servbots. "Megaman! It's so good to see you!"

Megaman smiled at Data. "It's good to see you too, Data. Are those. . . servbots?"

"ROGER!" The servbots all answered at once.

"Miss Tron instructed us to come along and help Data!" One Servbot put in.

"She said she'd punish us if we didn't do everything he said!" Another added.

"My arms are sore from all that dancing!" whined another.

Megaman looked at Data curiously, but decided not to ask. "So how much storage space is there? We've got a few things we need to take back with us."

"Plenty Megaman!" Data said with confidence. "I knew you'd want to bring back some souvenirs."

It took them several hours to load various things into the ship, but finally they were ready to go. The servbots rushed aboard, while Sera and Yuna took one last look around. Megaman glanced at them, then said "Well, we're ready to go. Do you really have to take that dropship back to Forbidden Island?"

Yuna looks at Megaman and replied "Yes, with the supplies we've got, we'll be able to build a new shell at the base Gatts and I set up. It's for the best to get that done before we try to tackle any of the ancient's systems that may be reactivating. Besides, it'll give me and Sera a chance to bond."

Sera made a face at Yuna. "Oh please. You can't build a shell without my help. I'm gonna make yours even smaller then mine. Then I'll tell everyone you're my little sister, tee hee!" Sera skipped into the ship.

Megaman looked at Yuna and asked in a concerned voice "Is she going to be OK? Her behavior has changed a lot since she got into that shell."

"I know," Yuna replied "Sera has never had to deal with emotions before. I had the advantage of being able to draw upon Matilda's experiences when I was pulled into her body, so I never went through that stage. Still, I'm sure it is just a phase, and she'll be back to herself before long. Anyhow, it will take us a few months to get my new shell made, and I'm sure you'll have a lot of catching up to do with Roll. Then when we're finished, I'll contact you with that radio I gave you, and you can bring Roll to Forbidden Island to get her mother back.

"Sounds great!" Megaman said with enthusiasm. "Let's get going!" The two of them got aboard the ship, and shortly it took off for Terra.

"Well? When's the ship going to get here?" Tron's voice was filled with impatience. Roll peered through the telescope for a moment longer, then began to do some calculations.

"Sometime tomorrow, probably in the morning." Roll replied.

"Perfect!" Tron giggled with glee, then turned and walked toward the Gesellschaft II.

"Hey! Where are you going?" Roll yelled after her.

"To get a good nights sleep. You should to! A very, very good night's sleep." Tron giggled again, seeming to find this very amusing for some reason as she climbed into her home.

Roll shook her head and ambled into the Flutter. She changed into her pajamas and was almost asleep when she saw shapes moving and felt small hands reaching for her. She turned on the lights and found four servbots. "Hey! What are you doing in here?"

"Miss Tron wants us to make sure you get a good nights sleep!" One of them replied.

"So we're suppose to put you in that special bed in Megaman's room!" A second one added.

"Then set it so you'll sleep for a week." The third put in.

"Oh no! Don't tell her that!" The last exclaimed.

Roll, having heard enough, reached under her pillow and brought out a long black cylinder, with two metal parts on one end, and a handle with a single button at the other. Grasping the handle, she pointed it at the nearest servbot. "Know what I've got here?" She asked him.

"Uhm. . . no?" The servbot said nervously.

"It's a servbot stungun!" Roll pressed the button, and a flash of blue electricity flashed from the metal parts toward the unfortunate servbot, who squealed and then lies flat. The three other servbots moved to attack Roll, but she quickly stunned them as well. "I always wanted to examine one of these to see how they work. Now I've got four! I'll fix that Tron, trying to stop me from seeing Megaman." Roll took the servbots down to her workshop, then went to bed.

The next morning found Tron Bonne standing at the rocket landing pad, watching the ship in the sky get bigger, with a pleased look on her face.

"Good morning, Tron." Roll said from behind her.

Tron turned around and stared at Roll in amazement "You.. but how. . ."

Roll smiled at Tron "You didn't think I'd oversleep, did you? Not today, when my Megaman is due back."

For a moment, Tron only stared at Roll, grinding her teeth. Then she muttered "OK, then, Plan B." and dashed toward the Gesellschaft II.

Roll watched her go with a satisfied look on her face. She watched as the ship landed and the door opened, and Megaman emerged. "Megaman! Hey Megaman, over here!"

Megaman smiled and ran to her, and they hugged. "Hey Roll." Megaman said "Gosh, I've missed you! You'll never guess what I found out!"

"Oh Megaman, I'm just so glad you're back safe!" Roll exclaimed, hugging him again.

"Hey, don't I get a hug? After all, I did help build that ship you know."

Megaman slowly turned toward the source of this statement. A tall girl in a blue dress stood there, her long hair flowing across her bare shoulders. "Tron?" Megaman said almost in amazement, hardly recognizing her as the female pirate he'd often fought.

Tron smiled at Megaman and pulled him into a hug. Hugging him tightly, she winked at Roll over his shoulder, then whispered into his ear "Megaman, why don't you meet me at 6 for dinner, at Chez Pierre in the village tonight? I'll see you then." Giving him one more squeeze, she then let him go, turned and walked away.

Megaman simply stood there, too stunned to do anything else. Had Tron just asked him out on a date? He had always felt as if she had feelings for him, but she'd always seemed so hostile. But when he thought about it, he didn't really think of her as an enemy. . . but how did he feel about her?

Roll watched all this with a sinking feeling, as if she'd been punched. Seeing that. . . pirate stroll up and hug her boyfriend, and WINK at her, like she was a joke! And whisper into his ear! Plus now Megaman was just standing there with a stupid little grin on his face! She kicked him in the back of his leg. "Snap out of it, Megaman! Just because someone dresses up doesn't change what she is!"

"What? Oh, of course it does Roll." Megaman spoke distractedly, still trying to work out what he should do next.

"What did she whisper to you, Megaman?" Rolls eyes had narrowed, and she was glaring at Megaman with a rather dangerous look.

"Hhm? Oh, I'm not hungry."

Roll kicked him again and turned around and ran back to the Flutter. Megaman snapped out of his daze and pursued her, but she slammed into her room and refused to open the door for him. He sighed and went into his own room. He looked puzzled at the presence of a new bed, but just shook his head and sat at his desk. "Well, if Roll won't talk to me, I'll just write her a letter." He wrote for a while, then looked at the time. "Well, if I'm going to go to see Tron, I'll need to leave soon. . . But should I? She did help build the ship, but the whole thing seems to make Roll pretty mad. Still Tron will be mad if I don't go. Oh, heck with it, what's the worst that can happen?" Megaman quickly changed from his usual digger's attire and into some more casual clothing. Then he slipped out of the ship and strolled toward the village. Roll watched him go from the control room, a frown on her face.

As Megaman walked down a path through the woods, two servbots observed him from the tree branches. One took out a walkie-talkie and said into it "Miss Tron, the blueboy has crossed the path. I repeat, the blueboy has crossed the path. Over."

Tron's voice came out of the walkie-talkie "Message acknowledged! Now remember, you need to delay Roll, but don't stop her. Make sure you follow the script, or you'll be in trouble!"

"ROGER!" Both servbots answered. They put the walkie-talkie away and waited for Roll to come along the path. They didn't have long to wait. Roll soon came stomping along. They both jumped out of the tree, pulling a net over Roll's head.

"We got her!" One servbot exclaimed.

"Great! Now Miss Tron can enjoy her date at . . . umn. . ." The other servbot struggled to remember his line.

"Chez Pierre! Her date at Chez Pierre!" The other servbot shouted, hoping that Miss Tron wouldn't hear about this slip up, or at least she would only punish the one who actually forgot his line. At that moment, Roll threw the net off herself, tossing both servbots and the net into the trees. Then she stomped off into town, grumbling to herself.

A bit earlier Megaman found himself outside Chez Pierre. He had expected something a bit fancier. This was a bit of a dive. On entering it, he realized it was a pirate hang-out. He shrugged, thinking that it made sense, since his date was a pirate, after all. The place was empty, but he noticed Tron seated at a table in a corner. He strolled over, and she quickly gestured to the chair next to her.

"Ah Megaman, I was wondering when you'd get here. You're a bit late, so I've already ordered for both of us."

Megaman sat, although according to both his watch and the clock on the wall he was a bit early. He decided not to say anything about it though. A waiter hurried over and put food and drink in front of him and Tron. He thought he saw the waiter wink at Tron, but that could have been his imagination. The food wasn't bad, and Tron kept encouraging him to eat more, or to take another drink. She was telling a story about how her and her brothers got a golden refractor away from Glyde, when Roll came stomping into the restaurant. Megaman gulped, as she was scuffed from her struggle with the servbots, and looked none too happy with him.

"What are you doing, Megaman!? Why are you having dinner with someone who has tried to kill you every time you've met!? Are you out of your mind?" Roll shouted at Megaman.

"Oh come on now, Roll, you can't be this surprised. You can't expect him to stay with a girl when there's a woman around." Tron interjected. Roll's face went red with anger.

"Tron. . ." Megaman tried to stop a fight from happening, but was quickly interrupted.

"C'mon Megaman, you've seen us both naked, right? So which one of us has the better body?" Tron smiled evilly as she said this.

"What? When did you see her . . . How does she know you saw me... Megaman! You didn't tell her about that!?" Roll stammered, her face completely crimson, staring at Megaman.

"Of course not, Roll. She probably just read about it in your diary. . .oh." Megaman replied, then realized that wasn't the smartest thing to say. Roll's slap caught him completely by surprise, and he was knocked under the table.

"You. . . You JERK!! Well fine then! You two deserve each other!" Roll's face had gone from red to purple with anger as she glared at both of them. Then she turned and walked out, slamming the door behind her. Megaman slowly got to his feet, seeming a bit off balance. Before he could move though, Tron had gripped him firmly by the shoulder.

"Tron . . . I've got to go after her."

"I don't think so. You see, I've taken inspiration from something your little monkey did. Night Night!" Tron slowly lowered Megaman to the floor as he lost consciousness. Tron smiled in satisfaction. "That went even better then I planned!" She pulled a walkie-talkie from her purse and spoke into it "Calling all servbots, return to Chez Pierre to collect the blueboy! Mission Complete!"

Roll stomped back to the flutter, muttering to herself, with tears in her eyes. She entered her room to see that Megaman had shoved an envelope under her door before he left. She opened it and pulled out a letter.

Dear Roll,

When I was on Elysium I learned that that woman who looks like your mother, Yuna, actually is your mother. Well, kinda anyhow. Actually she's a mother-unit who's been transferred into your mother's body, but your mom is still in there, and Yuna is working on building a new shell for herself so she can get out of your mom's body. When she does, you'll have your mom back!

Guess what else? You remember Joe, from Yosyonke Island? It turns out that he IS your dad! But his memory was erased, and Yuna says there's no way to restore it. But at least you know what happened to your parents now.


"He is my dad! I knew it!" Roll heard a beeping noise, and wandered for the bridge, where the 'incoming message' light was beeping. Roll pressed a button and Megaman appeared on screen.

"Roll. This is Megaman." He was speaking as if he were reading, and his eyes look closed, and his mouth wasn't really moving much. In fact, it looks like a model of Megaman more then him, but Roll was too angry to notice.

"Megaman, did you have too much to drink?"

"Never mind that! Tron has invited me to join her pirate crew, and I've decided to accept. You can keep whatever junk I've left there, OK? Goodbye forever!" Then the connection was broken.

"Ewwww you . . . JERK!" Roll screamed at the blank screen. She shook her head and moved to the Flutter's controls "Well fine then. He can do whatever he wants with that stupid pirate girl. I'm going to go and see my father!"

The Flutter departed. Moments later a group of servbots carried Megaman aboard the Gesellschaft II. They were followed by a smirking Tron. Soon the Gesellschaft II also departed.

Some time later, Megaman slowly regained consciousness. his whole body hurt, and he seemed to be hanging by his arms. The room he finds himself in was filled with unfamiliar, but rather unpleasant looking, devices. Across from him was a servbot, also hanging by its arms.

"Where. . . Where am I?" Megaman asked.

"Miss Tron's torture room." The servbot replied.

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