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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Crazy Nutso
Love Is More Dangerous Than Reaverbots: Chapter 4 - She's A Good Girl Gone Bad

Adriana entered the Flutter's living quarters to find Roll fuming over The Kattelox Times.

"You aren't reading that interview again, are you?" She asked Roll, although the answer was obvious.

"How could anyone think it was me giving these answers? She makes me sound like a bubbly airhead!" Roll responded, tossing the newspaper aside in disgust. "And look at that picture! It doesn't look anything like me! How could anyone believe her?"

"I guess they just don't know you as well as I do. So it doesn't really look like Megaman's being held against his will, does it?"

"I can't believe him! Bad enough that he ran off with that... that. . . that pirate, but does he have to go along with her on raids? Now everyone on Kattelox thinks all three of us are pirates! If he keeps it up, I'll have to disguise the Flutter just to visit an island!"

"That's a man for you, always thinking with their hormones. Anyhow, I've been in touch with Glyde, and he's making the modifications to his ship you suggested. Do you really think we can rely on him to get Tron?"

"Nope, but he'll serve as a great distraction for the real thing." Roll began to giggle in a rather evil sounding way. "I'll get both of them." She continued to giggle.

"He says he'll be ready in a few days. . . will we be ready?" Adriana asked.

"Oh yes." Roll responded, looking at a computer screen, which seemed to be showing blueprints of a servbot. "We're ready whenever he is."

Meanwhile, aboard the Gesellschaft II, Tron and Megaman were arguing. Megaman was holding a newspaper crumbled in his hand.

"I can't believe you! How could you do something so mean!? Do you have any idea how she'll react when she sees this!?"

"Well what do you care? You dumped Blondy for me, didn't you? Or are you still pining for her? If that's the case, maybe you need some time in the Torture room!"

"Tron," Megaman said a bit more quietly, as he rubbed his head in exasperation. "You can't threaten me with torture every time we don't see eye to eye. If we're going to have a normal relationship. . ."

"NORMAL!? What's so normal about dating your sister!?" Tron paced as her argument drifted toward rant-land.

"Roll is not my sister, and we never really dated. But she is my best friend, and it hurts me to see her attacked, even by you." Megaman was trying to keep his voice calm, hoping that would rub off on Tron. "I just don't understand why you two can't get along. I want us to all be friends."

"Because we're jealous, you stupid brat!" Tron yelled at Megaman, although she seemed to be a bit calmed by what he said. "Just because you don't think of her in that way doesn't mean she doesn't think of you in that way. Who can blame her, what with you always sneaking peaks at her while she's naked!"

"That was an accident!" Megaman yelled back, blushing deeply.

"Once might be an accident, but twice? While she's in the shower? What, you couldn't hear the shower running?" Tron no longer sounded angry, but sounded like she was enjoying making Megaman squirm a bit.

"But . . . But."

"You know," Tron continued, her voice becoming seductive. "my bathroom doesn't have a lock either. I wonder what would happen if you came in while I was showering, hmmm Megaman?"

Megaman looked as though his head was about to explode. Tron smiled and walked over to him, kissed him on the cheek, and then strutted toward the exit.

"Don't worry Megaman, I'll do my very best to be nicer to your friend Roll. I promise." She said as she exited.

Megaman simply stood there, too stunned to do anything else.

Several days later, aboard the Flutter, Roll and Adriana were looking at a map in the control room.

"OK, the Gesellschaft II is . . . there." Roll pointed to a position on the map. "Glyde's ship is . . . here." She pointed to another place on the map, a bit ahead of where the Gesellschaft II was. "And we're right back . . . here!" She pointed to a position behind the Gesellschaft II. "Everything is in place, all we have to do is wait for the battle to start, and then we can begin." Roll began to giggle evilly again.

Adriana was staring out the window in the direction of the Gesellschaft II. Shortly, she saw smoke and heard a cannon. "There he goes!"

"Great!" Exclaimed Roll. "Mission start!"

"Mission start?" Adriana said, giving Roll an odd look.

"What? I always say that!"

"You are one weird chick. But I think that's what I like about you."

Roll flipped the wheel wildly around, and the Flutter accelerated toward the battle.

A few moments earlier, however, Tron had called Megaman into her room, to have 'a discussion'. Except she didn't seem to have much to say to him, and seemed more interested in kissing him. Megaman, in turn, also became very interested in the kissing, so that's what they were doing when the airship was rocked by an explosion.

"Miss Tron, Mister Megaman to the bridge!" The semi-hysterical voice of one of the servbots came over the intercom. "We're under attack!!"

"Oh, somebody is going to pay for interrupting!!" Tron yelled as she dashed out of her room.

"You got that right!" Megaman also yelled as he followed her to the bridge.

They arrived at the bridge to see Glyde's ship off in the distance, firing at them with long range cannons and Glyde Missiles. His ship was slowly getting bigger.

"He's trying to get in close to use his Ultimate Glyde Laser. We'll have to use the ship's main gun to destroy him before he can. TAKE THAT!" Tron yelled, as she pressed a button. A huge green ball flew from the front of the Gesellschaft II. The ball hit Glyde's ship point blank, and seemed to simply disappear, without doing any damage. "What the!?"

Megaman looked at Glyde's ship through a periscope, and frowned. A series of round objects thrust out from the ship's hull, connected together by wires. Megaman recalled a plan Roll had drawn up to defend the Flutter from attacks of this nature. . . but how did Glyde get it?

"He's set up some kind of defence against the main gun, we'll have to try something else!" Megaman said to Tron.

"Like what?"

"Well.. don't you have a grappling gun?"

"Yeah, but what good does. . ."

"Just get me close, within grappling gun range, I think I can take care of it!" Megaman said.

"OK, Megaman, it's up on the top of the ship, you know the way?"

"Yeah, try to keep him busy, if he uses the Ultimate Glyde Laser, we're toast!"

"No problem, Megaman!"

The Gesellschaft II Maneuvered in closer, taking evasive action and firing back with all standard cannons. Megaman made it to the roof and waited for a shot, then he fired the grappling gun, sending a large spike connected to a chain at Glyde's ship. The spike tangled in the wire shield around Glyde's ship. Megaman grinned in satisfaction and pressed a button on the grappling gun. The chain began to coil back up, and then began to yank at the wires. Soon the wires were pulled off, as well as several of the round objects. Megaman fired his shining laser through one of the holes, causing it to get even bigger. He pulled out a radio and speaks to Tron with grim satisfaction.

"I think his defence mechanism is down, Tron."

"Alright Megaman, come back down, I'll finish them off!"

"Right." Megaman responded, and lumbered back down into the interior of the Gesellschaft II. He just missed seeing the Flutter appear overhead.

"Are the packages ready for delivery?" Roll spoke into a microphone on the bridge.

"Ready and . . . AWAY!" Adriana's voice said through a speaker. Roll nodded in satisfaction and spun the wheel, and the Flutter departed, just as another green ball of energy struck Glyde's ship, sending it cartwheeling downward.

"Well, that takes care of that! Good work, Megaman!" Tron said as Megaman returned to the bridge. She grabbed him in a hug and began to kiss him.



"You go Miss Tron!"

"Not in front of the servbots!" Megaman whispered to Tron, blushing a bit.

"Aw, you're so cute when you blush!" Tron kissed him one more time, then let him go. "Get some rest, Megaman, you're going to need your strength for tomorrow!"

"Why, what are we doing tomorrow?"

"Taking a day off!" Tron said, then strolled away to her room. Megaman shrugged and walked to his own room. He fell asleep, but was suddenly awakened by Tron's scream. He rushed out of his room, where he was hit by four servbots, who were running away from something. One of them shoved a hair shearer into his hands, then they all took off. Tron came running down the corridor. Her hair had been completely cut off! She saw Megaman holding the shears and stopped right in front of him, shaking with anger. "Megaman! How could you?"

"Err now Tron, this isn't what it looks like. . ." Megaman began, then suddenly dodged a punch. Seeing that Tron was beyond reason for the time being, he ran for it. Tron perused, finally cornering him in the storage compartment. "Really, Tron, think about it! Why would I cut off all your hair? Although you do look pretty hot like that."

"Do you really think s... HEY! Don't try to change the subject! If you didn't do it, then who did?"

"I think it was these four servbots that ran into me right before you found me. One of them shoved the shears into my hand. In fact, they weren't wearing jerseys, and they were acting weird, like they didn't want to do what they were doing. Like that one!" Megaman pointed, and Tron wheeled around to see a servbot approaching her. He didn't seem to want to though. Then Megaman noticed the servbot had a bomb strapped to his back. "Look out, Tron!!" Megaman threw himself between Tron and the servbot.

"I can't wait to see the look on her face!" Roll said, as she pulled a video-tape from a shipping package.

"Just one tape? I thought they were going to send all the surveillance footage." Adriana replied.

"These tapes hold a lot of footage." Roll said, rewinding the tape, and giggling a bit with glee. "I can't wait to see her bald head. HEE HEE."

"I just hope there isn't any footage of her and Megaman fooling around." Adriana said. Roll turned and glared at her. "Well, I know how upsetting that would be for you."

"Oh shut up, it's ready!" Roll said, then hit the play button. There was a bit of static, then they were looking into the very angry face of Tron Bonne. Her head was covered in a green bandana, with the Bonne family logo on it. Tron glared at the screen as if she could see them through it.

"I checked the servbot's programing after I realized what had happened, Roll. Since you wanted to see me so badly, I decided to oblige you." A security cam view began to show Tron chasing Megaman through the Gesellschaft II. Tron narrated, "I admit it, you had me fooled. I honestly believed Megaman had cut off my hair. But then. . ." The tape showed them talking in the storage room, then Megaman leaping at the servbot with the bomb. The bomb exploded, sending a smoking servbot one way and Megaman the other. Megaman slammed into a wall and fell to the ground, unmoving. Tron continued to narrate, her voice cracking with emotion. "He's DEAD, you bitch!! YOU KILLED HIM!!!" On the screen, Tron grabbed Megaman's seemingly lifeless body in her arms, clearly crying. The scene returns to Tron's face, and she obviously had cried some more, seeing the scene again. "I laid his body to rest, but you and I have a score to settle, Roll. My ship is now parked right next to the Flutter. If you attempt to take off, I'll blow you out of the sky. You come over to my ship, and we'll settle this once and for all." Tron cracked her knuckles, and smiled grimly. "I'm looking forward to it."

Roll turned to look at Adriana "You sent one of the servbots to blow up Tron!?"

"Eh. . . whoops? It seemed like a good idea at the time! You may be satisfied to shave her head, but that bitch destroyed my family! I want BLOOD!!" Adriana started out speaking defensively, and ended up sounding as angry as Tron herself. "Anyhow, if you want out of this in one piece, you need me to back you up. Going over there by yourself is suicide."

"Maybe you're right. Oh well, let's go."

The two exited the Flutter to find the Gesellschaft II parked right next to them. Servbots were patrolling the area between the two ships, and when they saw Roll and Adriana, they directed them to enter their ship. They were led by four servbots (two in front of them, two behind, all carrying hand weapons) into the ship's gymnasium, where a boxing ring had been constructed. Tron awaited them there.

"Good, I was afraid you'd chicken out." Tron said angrily. She hopped over the ropes and into the ring. "Who's your friend, Blondy?"

"You don't recognize me!?" Adriana shouted.

"Have we met?" Tron looked Adriana over without much interest. "Whatever, we'll discuss it after I take Blondy apart." Tron gestured to the servbots, and one of them shoved his handgun into Adriana's back and pulled the trigger. There was a zapping sound, and Adriana was knocked out. "Just you and me, Blondy. Let's DO IT!"

Roll saw that there would be no reasoning with Tron. Plus, she couldn't deny she wanted this. Maybe Adriana was a bit out of control, but it was Tron who put Megaman into those dangerous situations in the first place. It was Tron who stole her boyfriend from her, and made her look like a fool . . . Having worked herself into an angry frenzy, Roll jumped into the ring at the opposite side from Tron, and said, "Come get some, bitch!"

Tron rushed at Roll, meaning to wrap her hands around Roll's neck. Roll spun and kicked Tron in the midsection, knocking her back a bit.

"Not bad Blondy, looks like you aren't as helpless as ya look." Tron said, then rushed Roll again, this time aiming a few punches at her, several of which connected. Roll caught Tron with a chop to the side of her head, and grabbed off Tron's bandana, to reveal her bald head.

"Guess I get to call you Baldy now, huh?" Roll sneered at Tron, then dodged back to avoid a kick.

"Long hair's a disadvantage in a fight, as you're about to find out. . . bitch!" Tron yelled, as she grabbed two handfuls of Roll's hair and YANKED.

"ARGH!" Roll yelled as tears flood her eyes from the pain, but she thrust first one elbow, then the other into Tron's midsection, forcing her to let go. The two began a rapid barrage of punches and kicks at close range, the result of which was both of them were bruised and their clothing was ripped. The servbots were watching the match closely, so no one noticed Adriana get up and slowly move toward the ring, a long club in her hand. She stayed low and watched the fight for an opportunity, then she was suddenly presented with one. Roll managed to kick Tron hard enough to knock her back toward Adriana. Adriana didn't hesitate a second, she slammed Tron in the back of the head with the club.

Tron and Roll both looked at each other, equally surprised by this turn of events. Blood gushed from the back of Tron's head. She looked dazed, and fell over forward, pulling Roll down with her. They landed in a sloppy heap, face to face. Tron struggled to speak, as Roll looked at her in horror.

"Heh, didn't see it comin' Blondy. Didn't think you had it in ya." Tron's eyes closed, and her head dropped onto Roll's chest.

"Servbots! Emergency evacuation plan #457! Execute!!" A squeaky voice announced. Roll heard servbots scrambling about, then several zaps from their stun-guns, followed by a thump that could only be Adriana hitting the floor. She felt herself being stunned, but doesn't quite lose consciousness.

"They must be afraid to use full power so close to Miss Tron." Roll thought to herself. The servbots began to bandage Tron, and brought over a stretcher, they carefully moved Tron off of Roll. Then they carried her away. Roll began to cry as she realized her front was soaked with Tron's blood.

"We've got to get her to a hospital, fast!" A servbot who was for some inexplicable reason wearing a red wig said.

"But there are no hospitals on Yosyonke Island!" said another, wearing a jersey that names him 37.

"Number 9 says he's found a healer in the woods, it's our only hope, let's move out!"

"What about them?"

"Forget them, all that matters is getting Miss Tron help!!"


The servbots moved out, carrying Miss Tron with them. One of them, however, climbed onto Roll and held up his stungun, setting it to high, he pointed it at her and yelled, "If Miss Tron dies . . . We'll come back for you!!" Then he stunned her, and Roll's world went dark.

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