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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Dashe
Where Are They Now?: Chapter 1 - Tales From the ??? Area

"Got any sevens?" Yuna mumbled, leaning back in her chair and putting Matilda Caskett's feet on the card table in front of her.

"Darn you, darn you, DARN YOU!!!" Mega Man Trigger cried in frustration, throwing his three remaining cards, all of which happened to be sevens, in Yuna's face and kicking the card table out from under her. The table went skidding across the battlefield and slid right off the edge into oblivion.

"Trigger!" Yuna shouted, jumping to her feet and running over to the edge in a futile attempt to recover the table. "That was our last card table too!"

"That isn't the point!" Trigger hollered. "We've been playing that stupid card game to pass the time ever since I beat Sera over there," he jerked his thumb over to where the other Mother Unit was emotionlessly gazing at her hand of cards, "and not once-not ONE SINGLE TIME did I win!"

"Well, you certainly blew it this time!" Yuna retorted. "NOW what are we supposed to do to pass the time around this dump? Use the light from your Shining Laser to make shadow puppets? Sera, why couldn't you have teleported him to a more INTERESTING battlefield?"

Sera stared blankly at Yuna, not saying anything in response to Yuna's question.

"Yuna, why are you cranky all of a sudden?" Mega Man suddenly inquired. "You weren't like this back on Terra…"

A vein popped up on Matilda's forehead. "Why am I so cranky? WHY AM I SO CRANKY??? Look! I'm stuck up in a stupid ??? area, miles from civilization as we all know it, and all I've got for company is that…that SHELL THIEF over there…" she glared at Sera, who had been stuck in Yuna's body ever since Mega Man destroyed hers. "…And a stupid purifier unit whose voice, instead of getting deeper after FIVE FREAKING YEARS, gets even MORE girly!"

"Hey!" Mega Man cut in. "I don't sound like a…never mind." He surrendered, realizing that over the years his voice had not only gotten higher, but actually surpassed the frequency of the original Mega Man's voice in Mega Man 8.

"Well, YOU were the one who asked why I was cranky." Yuna replied, scowling. "Now you know."

"Relax, Yuna," Mega Man tried to reassure her. "Any day now Roll will figure out how to get up here and bring us all back to Terra in an amazing new machine! Just you wait and see!"

Yuna rolled her eyes. "Frankly, your optimism makes me gag." She stated matter-of-factly.

Sera fidgeted in her chair and dropped her cards. "I…" she uttered.

Yuna and Mega Man immediately abandoned their argument and focused their attentions on Sera, who hadn't spoken since September of 2002.

"I have to go to the bathroom." Sera finished, staring at her two fellow former members of "The System," who nearly clobbered her after that.

"Sera, you don't eat." Yuna declared, hands on hips. "You can't POSSIBLY have to use the bathroom."

Sera looked up at Yuna. "But I really DO have to go, really, really badly!" She whined.

"Well you should have thought of that BEFORE you transformed into that crazy monster thing and dragged Trigger here with you!" Yuna snapped.

"Don't worry, you two! You'll see! Roll's going to fly up here soon! I bet she'll be here tomorrow at the latest to rescue us! She's probably putting the finishing touches on her new machine at this very moment!


<< Previous Chapter To Be Continued...

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