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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by David Hurst
Eden Crisis: Chapter 7 - Arival At Last

Thanks to some suggestions I hope I'll be able to fix a few mistakes ive made, but this is always a work in progress and I'll try to come up with new Ideas and things to type as I hope to gather in a big crowd for this story. Please come often and remark to me how you like the story. You dont need to chat with me, but if you can send emails to me I'll read any suggestions you make and hopefully include them.
Now if I'm done begging for forgiveness for all the mistakes I've made so far well continue. Expect new chapters every month or so if not sooner... By the end of the school year I hope to be done with this and Off to collage so here we go!

Scene 1 Act 7: Docking with Elysium proves hard enough but with carful instruction its done... Data:" No not my left your left! No thats right!"

Roll:" Contact in ten seconds!"

Tron:" Almoast got it!"

Data:" Were to far to the left now, your gunna miss!"

Tron:" Let me drive this!"

Roll:" Weve got green light, nudgeing us in!"

Data:" Good, more to the right now, almoast, almoast!"

Servebot 10:" Weve hit, clamps have initiated!"

Tron:" See, I made it, told you were worrying over nothing..."

Data:" Hurry, weve got to makesure the systems locked for sure before we go out into the bay!"

Servebot 25:" All systems showing a positive on hanger bay pressure. Atmosphere is filling the bay." Roll:" Gravitys back. Data?"

Data:" Elysium genertates its own gravity feild because of its mass and its equipment so thats normal."

Data Moves to the hatch as Tron and Roll unhook themselves from thier seats. At first everyone is a little off balance but it returns.

Tron:" Checking pressure once more,,,, almoast... Pressure check complete. Atmosphere is breathable."

Roll steps to open the door and as she does she pauses.

Roll:" Tron, you should have the honors, you helped us get here."

Tron lloks surprised and takes the handle.

Tron:" Thankyou.."

Tron opens the door as the air equalises around them. The door slides open to the side and allows their first view into the anciant space station.

Data:" Well, we finnally made it!"

Data runs out into the space station and looks for the elivator which is in place and operational.

Tron, Roll, and the servebots all leave the ship and are in awe of the bays equipment. One of the servebots is holding a camera and taking photos of the bay.
Roll runs to the elivator where Data is waiting and she looks to Tron.

Tron:" Go on, well follow you up in a minute."

Roll and Data start up into the elivator shaft. Tron and the servebots wait untill Roll and Data cant hear them.

Tron walks over to Servebot 10.

Tron:" Make sure to get close enough to get the details of the equipment. I dont want to waste our chance at claiming salvage rights. "

Servebots:" Right ms Tron! Dont worry! Uh... How do I focas this thing anyway?"

Tron:" Oh, come on, didnt #3 tell you how to use it before we left?"

Servebot 10:" Yeh, but I forgot...Please dont be angry..."

Tron:" Just remember this time! You have to press this button."

Servebot 10:" Thankyou Ms tron! I'll remember it!"

Tron walks over to a command console that #25 is looking at.

Sevebot 25:" Ms tron, the controls here are able to decern way more variancys than anything I've ever seen!"

Tron:" Can we adapt them to work with project Ragnorok? What do you think?"

Servebot 25:" It may be difficult but if We take a photo we may be able to construct simmilar controls for Ragnorok..."

Tron:" Good, I'll head up to the upper level and see Megaman, make sure #10 takes the photos well need. and look for any spare parts that may be usefull around here."

Servebot 25:" Yes Ms tron!"

Tron walks out to the elivator thats come back down and as she steps on she presses the button and it rises.

Tron:" Megaman..." [End Scene1 Act 7]

Scene 2 Act 7: Tron is in the elivator shaft as Roll and Data find Yuna, Megaman, and to their surprise, Sera in Yuna's body...

Data runs to the masters house as Roll stands looking at what seems like Terra. The light sorce is low in the sky and the large building is shadowing their aproach.

Roll:" This is the Masters? The last ancients home?"

Data:" Yes, now lets find megaman!"

They both oprn the door and walk inside.

Data sees an asleep Megaman and Quickly runs over to him. Data lunges at Megaman and lands on the other side of his face. After scribbling something on his forhead Roll looks at Data and see's a marker in his hand.

Data then wakes megaman up.

Data:" Hey! Were Back! Wake up!"

Data runs to Sera, and then Yuna.

Data:" Wake up! Wake up already!"

Slowly megaman sits up and looks at Roll who has run to him and sat by him.

Roll:" Megaman!"

Roll hugs him and Megaman opens his eyes.

Megaman:" Roll? You made it! I knew you'd get here!"

They all stand up and as Yuna looks at roll she walks over.

Sera:" Took you long enough Data. We were almoast out of food and water."

Yuna:" Roll. Its great to see you again. Thankyou for coming and helping us!"

Roll:" It took a while, But with some help we got here, Thanks to..."

Tron steps into the doorway.

Tron:" Thanks to me..."

Megaman looks and sees Tron as she is leaning against the doorway.

Tron: under her breath" Dont all thank me at once..."

Megaman:" Its nice to see you Tron....."

Megaman wonders why Tron would offer to help him...

Yuna looks to see Tron eyeing some of the equipment in the room.

Yuna:" Well, since were all here, Why dont we sit and talk, I'm sure theirs questions you all must have so lets get to answering them eh?"

Sera:" Well, I guess that meens I can go back to sleep."

Roll looks to megaman

Roll:" I'm sorry it took so long Megaman, are you all right?"

Megaman:" My armor is pretty much gone, but I'm fine"

Roll:" I brought some supplys in the ship, when we gat back I can replace the parts that have been broken, untill then you'll have to be carfull."

Megaman:" Elysiums not that dangerous any more so I doubt I'll need it. Hey Roll..."

Roll:" Yeh, Megaman?"

Megaman:" Thanks for coming..."

Roll:" Your welcome, its the least I could do for all the times you've saved me..."

Tron looks at them and turns away for a moment sad...

Yuna goes to the food and sits.

Yuna:" Come on now, lets talk, I bet you both have very intersting questions you want to have answers to."

Yuna sighs and looks to Matilda, who is veiwing Roll, her daughter for the first time in years.

Matilda:" My, how she's grown..." [End Scene 2 Act 7]

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