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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by David Hurst
Eden Crisis: Chapter Chapter 12 - The past seems so long ago

Scene 1 Act 12: Yuna and Megaman have left the librarys interface and are talking to Sera as Data gives Tron and Roll the tour of history and technologys.

Sera" What is it your saying? That a virus has been the main cause of all thats been happening?"

Yuna" No, but it explains why even after Eden was shut down that some units resisted and even some from Elysium too. I cant be sure but at least we know more has been happening than we originally thought. This Omen, A purifier Third class was it? Megaman your probably the only one who could tell us more about him."

Megaman" I'm sorry Sera, Yuna. But Thats all I remember, that one memory seems to be it. I cant be sure though but it seemed we were friends back when Eden was fighting to gain controll."

Sera" In any case we have nothing more to go on but the fact that I cant seem to find anymore relivant data on his status and position on Terra. We have to suppose that he is still functioning and a threat to Terra's survival."

Yuna" Yes. It seems that we have one more thing to worry about."

Megaman" How exactly are we going to stop Eden from reawakening? Whats our plan?"

Sera's stomache growles." We need to tap into Terra's network and find anything Eden is broadcasting to tell if the core is operational again. Once we do that we can prioitize our targets and destroy all the key components that make Eden work. You see, Eden isnt just one system although its linked to the core, its the collective that served the ancients."

Yuna" Yes, but its still going to be difficult to find a working console connected to the network after all this time..."

Megaman pirks up." I know one. And it recognises me!"

Sera" What?"

Yuna picks up on his Idea." Of course! The system recognised you before so it will do it again!"

Sera" Huh?"

Megaman" And its easy to get to it because I disabled the locks on the system."

Sera" What part of What? Did not tell you to answer me!"

Megaman" Kattalox Island, After I defeated Megaman Juno Data had the system make me govener of the reigion!"

Sera" So we have a way to tap into Edens system?"

Yuna" Not only that but we have a base of operations from which to prioritize targets and launch our mission against Eden!"

Sera" See that was simple. Now one Question..."

Megman and Yuna both look puzzled.

Sera" when are we eating?"

[End Scene 1 Act 12]

Scene 2 Act 12: After a breif lunch and a short walk back to the shuttle bay Megaman and Everyone strap in for the ride home.

Roll" Hang on back there! this is going to be bumpy." Roll flips the switch and they are launched out of the bay.

Megaman is looking pale as the zero gravity takes hold.

Roll" Everyone ok back there?"

Megaman" Not my stomach but everything else is!"

Yuna" Data? I though we told you to put in gravity units?"

Data" We didn't have time or the parts. Besides Reaverbots that have them are set to detonate if the parts are removed!"

Sera" So, just yank them out and run! the ancients had kids that would do it all the time and nomatter what scolding I gave them they still did it!"

Data" Yeh, but its easy when your Five Feet tall! When your about Two its a little hard!"

Megaman" At least you got Roll and Tron up here."

Tron" Oh and we didn't do anything at all? We built it! He designed only the necisary parts! And what do you expect? Bulcher didn't give us much to work with!"

Roll" But he did Finance most of this so we should be gratefull. Entering atmosphere in two minutes sheild checklist start."

Megaman and the rest have a bumpy flight back to Terra and as they start tarwards the destination they see that they are off by a huge margin.

Roll" I'm setting us down on that Island over there! Hold tight! This may get rough!"

Sera" I'm amazed we made it past the outer atmosphere without disintigrating, How can we possibly land?"

Megaman" Roll hasn't let me down before, we'll make it!"

Tron sighs and help pilot the ship to a crash landing on the Island they had seen coming in. Ths ship drags to a stop as they realize that they're alive.

Roll sighs and checks as the crew opens the hatch and steps out to see the sun high in the sky." Where are we? I don't recognise anything."

Tron looks over at the horizon and sees some Island nearby." Its a chain Island set. Three as far as I can see. But I cant recognise the shape. We should try setting up a beacon and hope for rescue. I thought we would land near Calabania but We must have mis calculated."

Data" We seem to be in the southern hemisphere. Megaman? We should find a Town and find some place to rest. Eh?"

Megaman" Maybe you guys should stay here while Roll, Tron and I go check out the nearby town for parts to call the others."

Yuna" Well set up camp while you three go off and see to the beacons parts"

[End Scene 1 Act 12]

Scene 2 Act 12: Megaman, Roll, and Tron go to the near by town to check on supplys and how far off coarse they are.{Remember this is more made up stuff so town names and some story should be changed if some how possibly maybe even if by a remote chance in amillion of a hope... You get my point? Lets just save all the confusion and hope Capcom makes another Megaman Legends game.}

Megaman" Wow, it seems that we landed on top of the Island. Roll? Tron? Come and see, We can see the whole chain now."

Tron and Roll are debating once again" Well if you would be half as put up as you are you would see that the world isnt so cut and dried!"

Roll" I'm sorry Tron if I upset you because I actually can say my life isnt a mess. If you hadn't been a pirate you would have been able to do so much more and we would have never had to be enemys!"

Tron" Its better than wondering where our next paycheck is going to be, you probably dont get half what you spend most of the time on what you do dont you?"

Megaman" Well Roll there was that one time when we were having a hard time, just before Kattalox..."

Roll" Your not helping! Its not like that, Digging is an honest profession and so is spotting, we dont worry about our income, unlike those people you steal from, how do you think they feel?"

Tron" Oh, turn it on us that way hm? Well heres another thing to ponder! We also dont always steal from the poor, most of the time its ruins and ancient treasures. And Remember Loath, we told you about him, He was a dirty theif and we showed him after all. we even helped the local police capture him."

Megaman" Could you two please stop fighting... I think I hear a car coming." They stop to see a truck pull up and stop next to Megaman.

The guy driving is middle aged and is a digger from appearance. He's sweating and hurt." The Reaverbots acting up! Can you folks help us, we saw you land but we could only spare me to see if you were all right! Please can you help us?"

Megaman looks behind the truck as a Sharukurusu is running at them." Everyone find cover!"

Roll pulls out her bolt gun and Tron pulls out a Wrench sh had in her backpack." Were not running!"

The Sharukurusu stops short of them as Megaman stares it down and the old man gets out of the truck." We have to get to town so we must do this quick. Roll, Tron follow my lead and stay back!"

Tron ignores him and runs forward to swat the Reaverbot. She jumps at the last second to avoid its attack and knocks it back.

Megaman then shoots a barrage at the bot to dammage it as he runs at it to continue his attack.

Roll then shoots her gun and knocks the reaverbot to the ground. Tron then turns and as Megaman finnishes it off she stops and puts her wrench away.

Tron" That was easy, but no doubt the towns in trouble, Megaman, I'm going back to protect the crash site and everyone else. You"

Roll" Why are you in charge? Hmm?"

Megaman" Theres no time for this, Roll and Tron both go back. Roll start spotting for me the radar on the ship should work to cover the Island so You will be able to reach me. Mister, Drive me to town i'll help fight the reaverbots."

Roll" Ok Megaman, Be carfull!"

Megaman" I will, Tron thanks for the help."

Tron looks at megaman and smiles." You welcome. Now! Lets go!"

The old man gets in the Truck and Megaman gets in back.

Roll" Oh, Megaman!"

Megaman" Yes?"

Roll" Here! Since Data isnt around use this Hyper cartridge! And Good luck!"

Megaman" Thanks."

Old man" Hold On! I'm going to floor it!"

Megaman" Here We Go!"

As Megaman is driven to the town Roll and Tron run back to the crash site where the servebots already have discovered their problem and are fighting back the Reaverbots that have discovered their location. Sera is also putting up a fight and is doing some dammage as it seems the fight is just begining.

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