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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by David Hurst
Eden Crisis: Chapter Chapter 13 - A town in distress, seems familiar somehow...

Scene 1 Act 13: Megaman speeds to town hoping to help anyone still fighting the reaverbots as they've started their revolt against the Islands inhabitants. Megaman flyes down a hill from the center of this Island as he heads for town. The trees give him nothing to look at untill he gets into the open and sees the three islands as they form a triangle.
______ Megaman" Mister, are we too late?"
______ Old man" Not yet, the citys holding out but some ruins are poping up from nowhere and its making it hard to contain! Last I saw the Reaverbots were gathering for an assult on the city wall. We have gates that were left over from whoever built the city but they only hold so much back! Hold on theres a tight turn around the next bend!"
______ Megaman grabs hold of the rim and as the truck flies around the bend they end up near the city. Megaman can see some Arukoitens attacking the gate and he preps his Buster gun." Get me close then turn and I'll jump out!"
______ Old man" Right, Ill help moniter you and tell you when the next wave will come through the trees! Get set!" The old man sets the wheel to turn and then as the truck jumps a hill the truck turns and out jumps megaman to the city wall, distracting the reaverbots and allowing the defenders to take a few out as they stand looking at megaman." Good Luck!"
______ Megaman" Here we go!" Megaman runs forward and lets off a few rounds from the busteer gun as the arukoitens finnally start tarwards him. There are five and as two are knocked down by defenders on the wall megaman counts his chances even. He then pulls out his rocket launcher and fires one round at the aproaching Arukoitens. One is hit and knocked back but the other two fire off blasts and sidestep to evade. Megaman quickly rolls to the side and fires another round at the fallen bot.
______ Defender#1 Man" Who is that Kid?"
______ Defender#2 Woman" Who cares? He's here to help isn't he!?!"
______ Megaman" Carfull! Watch for more!" Megaman pelts the two remaining Arkoitens with buster fire and watches them axplode as they fall back.
______ Old man on radio" Watch out Kid! More in the trees! There Zakobans! Red and Green spinning through! and some others flying above!"
______ Megaman" Thanks for the heads up! Look out! More in the Trees." Megaman quickly equips a range booster and takes aim as the Zakobons appear on the tree line." Oh boy."
______ Meenwhile back at the crash site servebots are putting up a fight as some foo-roos and dolls are attacking in great numbers. Some mirumijee's and shekutens are crawling close to them but Sera and Yuna are fighting back.
______ Roll and Tron appear from the trees to see the mayhem as they run to Yuna taking a break. Sera is launching energy bursts at the reaverbots proving once again she just looks human." Were too late!"
______ Tron" No, the fights just starting! Come on we need to get the weopons I packed away, there should be a few guns in the ship. Right now the weaker ones can be held back! But if we run into Guruguru's were in trouble. Come on!"
______ Roll" Right, I'll get the scanner online to make sure the count is right and to get a heads up on their aproach." Roll and Tron both run to the ship as Sera sits against the ship and Yuna starts into fighting again.
______ Yuna" Looks like the battle has started Roll, Sorry we didn't get back to Terra sooner. Now weve got to fight them back and take what we can to any city nearby!"
______ Sera" Theres too many! Well need to stop the attack first."
______ Roll" Ok Yuna, Sera, Tron has some guns in the ship so we can use those, I'm going to get the scanner online to help us." Roll enters the ship.
______ Tron" Come on! These should slow their assult al little, #10, #25! Catch!" Tron throughs the machine guns to the servebots and they stop using bombs to fight the little ones on the ground as more aproach from the air.
______ Sera picks up a gun as Yuna does and they start targeting the foo-roos and Dolls." Servebots, focas on the ground forces!"
______ Servebots" Ms Tron?"
______ Tron" Do as they say! Dont let any through! Roll, Hurry up their on top of us!"
______ Roll stops to look at Tron" Done!" Roll looks to the screen but as she does the trouble is only getting started." Bigger Reaverbots are aproaching!"
______ Tron" Gurugurus?"
______ Roll" No, Much bigger!!!! Watch out!" Just then the Reaverbots apear. Five Doris( The five legged running machines from calibania and saul kada, but not the gold ones.) They appear from the forest line and start to circle the ship closing in.
______ Tron" #25! Catch" Tron tosses a bazooka to the servebot as it turns.
______ Servebot 25" Yes ms tron, Leave it to me!" The servebot turs back and launches a round into the first Dori he sees.
______ As Roll and the others look at their situation with little hope Megaman faces even greater odds as Frogs appear along with others as the Island chain faces its first visit from the terror of the old system...
______ [End Scene 1 Act 13]

Scene 2 Act 13: Megaman has faught off the bulk of the reaverbot army but as he looks to the forest the last fight is about to begin.

______ Megaman leans up against the wall to catch his breath seeing no reaverbots remaining. That is untill he sees a giant form apear from the Frorest.
The lizerd like reaverbot aproaches fast and as megaman dodges its strike the reaverbot stops to stare at its target.
______ Megaman rolls to his left but the reaverbot only adjusts its stance on its centapede like legs for its four mid body sections and strikes with its tail again." No!" Megaman flys back and stands after realising that he's not dead yet.
______ Defender#1" Look out! Its an Izzirdian, Its not comen but very strong! But come to think of it I dont know how to stop it! Well give covering fire while you find out how to beat this giant! He cant be too tough huh!?"
______ Megaman fires a shot at the reaverbot but as most other bosses it just bounces off and dissapears. As the lizzard bot leaps tarward Megaman he jumps to the side and trys another shot at its back. This time the shot gets through as it strikes the crystal on the segment of body armour. But as the monsterous bot proves by sticking with its tail the shot didn't do much.
______ Defender#2" Ok, Looks like it took dammage from that hit! we'll draw its attention and sting it a little with these bombs and guns but its up to you to take this Reaverbot down!"
______ Defender1" Yeh, Just dont get cocky! These things are tough! I know from looking at it!"
______ Old man" I'm heading back to help your friends, I cant help here anymore so good luck!"
______ Megaman" Their in trouble?! I better make this quick! Ok Good luck to you too!" Megaman dodges another attack and the real fight starts. The Izzirdian has a series of attacks it employs, but its main strikes are the tail slash and the bite attack. The others are its flamewave which shoots out of its mouth, its solar strike which fires a concentrated beam from the crystal on its forehead. Its most deadly attack i'll explain later.
______ Defender2" Look out!"
______ Megaman runs away from the flames and concentrates on the tail making it hard for him to shoot the crystals on the back. Megaman leaps over the tai and then fires a few rockets into the first body section. As the Reaverbot takes the hit it screams and lashes its tail tarward Megaman. Megaman rolls away and starts running as the reaverbot has gained speed. However, Megaman shoots again at the crystal as the defenders also employ their shots and bombs.
______ Defender1" Look the crystals fracturing!" As megaman turns to see this the first segment of the reaverbots body explodes and sends shrapnel everywhere.
______Megaman looks at the cloud of smoke encircling the reaverbot. As he senses motion Megaman dodges to the right and looks to see the head striking the wall. Both the defenders fall back and as the Bot coils its head back to its other body sections." What?!? No, We have to destroy all the body sections?" Megaman starts running and firing at the bot but like before the shots bounce off.
______It seems like Megamans attacks do nothing to the reaverbot." I've got to get around it!" Megaman fires a volly of rockets and to his surprise startle the Bot! Megaman then jumps over the reaverbot to Fire more shots at the body's crystals. As megaman lands and the reaverbot turns its next section explodes and the reaberbot coils in more like a snake.
______Megaman smiles and as the reaverbot charges he quickly leaps away. But as Bosses are always chalenging the reaverbot turns and fires flames in Megamans direction.
______Defender2" Look out!"
______Megaman rolls away and stares down the reaverbot." Its tough. I'm going to have to find a way to finnish the job though!" Megaman starts to run but stops as the reaverbot seems to gather energy. Megaman watches as the reaverbot looks at him and fires a blast. Knocked from his stance Megaman stumbles and has to roll away as the bot charges again! But this time the bot hits the wall and again knockes the defenders away from their places.
______Megaman fires another volly and as the segment explodes the reaverbot becomes even more defensive. As the coils move inside the bots body segment it flips over the cryatal side underneath its self and now looks more like a turtle than a lizzerd bot than before. But this illusion is destroyed as the tail shoots out tossing Megaman as a ragdoll against the wall. Megaman hits the wall and all turns black!

[End Scene 2 Act13]

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