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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by David Hurst
Eden Crisis: Chapter Chapter 14 - And all turned black

Scene 1 Act 14: As miliseconds pass for Megaman whos been knocked out, Roll and the others are in much distress as the Dori's circle their crash site.

______Roll is standing in the hatch of the ship as the Doris start their runs at the group." Look out!" As Roll shouts Servebot 10 tosses a bomb at an oncoming Dori and stops it in its tracks.
______Servebot 10 turns to Tron and smiles," Ms Tron I got one!"
______Tron turns from her fighing," Good, but dont just stop fighting to tell me that! We'll count later!" The servebot goes back to his fighting as #25 shoots another killing it.
______Tron steps inside to grab an extera clip of ammunition," Roll, Are their anymore on their way?"
______Roll looks to the screen and as a large blip appears she looks out and smiles." No more reaverbots, but something else is coming this way!" As Roll looks to the bottom of the hill she sees the truck driving at full speed to enter the fight. " We got help on the way!"
______Sera turn to Yuna for a second to ask and then is stopped by the Old man's driving into a Dori smashing the thing across the ground. The truck stops dammaged and the old man crawls out. " Yuna, I must say these Carbons arn't as weak as I thought.."
______Yuna smiles at Sera, " Now you know why I sided with them hmm!?"
______Just then as the man gets to the ship the remaining dori's flee into the woods." You youngens OK? Seems like the worst is over eh? Who's in charge?"
______Roll and Tron both claim command but Yuna steps up to prove she can handle this." Lets just say i'm in charge girls and let it be that. Mister? How long have the reaverbots been acting up?"
______As the Old man takes a seat Roll goes to the Truck interested in its mostly intact state. The old man looks around at all th ereaverbot parts and then looks up into the sky." They've been at it for a few days up till now but only in little things. This is the first weve seen of this kind of assult. I hope that answers your question Mam, But weve got to get into the city as soon as possible. Its clear now but not only untill they regroup. Its like somethings leading them..."
______Sera and Yuna look at each other exchanging a grimsome face and then Yuna looks to Roll thats tinkering with the Truck." Roll, Can you fix the truck?"
______Roll turns and smiles," Already on it, but I'll need some tools from the ship. Tron, Can you get together what supplies we'll need for the becon? We should be out of here in the hour."
______Tron, Not liking being bossed around agrees and gets to work with the servebots to load the truck. As the servebot start their work Tron putes in the most important cargo of tapes and files. But as Data comes up to her she looks agitated and raises an Eyebrow at him. Tron continues her work but Datas staring and dancing gets in the way. Finnally Tron asks," Data, you mind I'm buisy..."
______But Data has a question of his own," Its nothing but Tron, i've been meening to ask you why you've never inquired about me."
______Confused Tron asks," Why should I?"
______But as Data pulls out a hologram projector and shows his scematics to Tron she realizes what he's talking about." You built all those servebots but Its amazing to me how you made their programing so complex without a model like me around. I've wondered why you dont ever ask about my design as I'm one of the most complex units you've ever seen!"
______Tron looks surprised and ponders the remark." I guess I never though of it, And as for complex, If you look closer their more like children than you, You Hundreds of years old so you've probably surpassed all I could do with them in my lifetime. But Why do you bring this up now Data?"
______Data steps back," I dunno, but I'm guessing that you've always had your eye on Megaman and, Me!" From that Tron looks queer eyed at him like he's gone nuts," And another thing! You always act as Megamans the key to everything in your life. Everytime he stops you your either not upset or happy, with exeption to Mandana Island."
______Tron again puts her question face on and then puts her hands on her hips." And this meens what to you!?"
______Data" Wellllll, I've just given myself to you, And Megaman..."
______Tron looks surprised.
______Data" I can convince him to date you!"
______Tron, after blushing not only is steemed, but secretly happy inside." You could do what?!!!?" But as Data takes it the wrong way he turns, although, when Tron puts her hand on his ear he listens." Data? What do you want out of an arangement like that?"
______Data turns and grins," Just a favor maybe later on down the road, It wont be money, just something to ask when I need help or something."
______Tron looks him in the eyes and puts out her hand to his paw." If you can do it you've got a deal! Oh and Data..."
______Data looking up at her...
______Tron," Your pretty sneaky for a good guy."
______Data" I'll take that as a complement, just remember, tell no one about this!" As Data leaves he see's Tron happily continue her work as she's won a great victory. But as Data sits by Sera he puts out his paw for a high five clap.
______Sera" I presume part one of our operation is complete?"
______Data responds by looking at Sera and leaning against the ship." Peice of Cake!"

[End scene 1 Act 14] So, what do you think this meens? can you guess this little peice of Drama starting up? Well the conclusion of this plan will be reavealed later! For now, Back to Megaman!
Scene 2 Act 14:(Megaman, just as he's fallen out of consiousness, tumbles and falls in his mind into memories that elude place and purpose in the loop of reocurring nightmares.)

______Megaman is falling, the darkness around him opens up as he lands hard onto a solid surface. As he stands up with the pain of his battle with him still he notices on a wall the memeory of Megaman Omen playing out. But as it is playing another apears and another untill all of the walls are covered with memories. But the strangest thing is happening to occur to megaman." I'm not watching these, there happening! I'm playing my memories over and over, but what is this then? If I'm a android then this could be a subconscience but I can controll anything."
______A Megaman Omen vision apears out of the clip showing in Megaman's mind and as a hologram like picture walks over to Megaman." You have no Idea Trigger, No idea at all do you?"
______Megaman" A memory?"
______Omen vision" Do you have an answer for me? For all mankind?"
______Megaman" I'ts a vision of this person? But what does this mean? Is this really asking me or is it just playing back?" Just then all the wals go dark and all that is left is the vision and megaman in the room.
______Omen vision" Answer me Trigger! Do you have an answer!?" The hologram becomes solid and grabes Megaman lifting him into the air.
______Megaman, in pain fights to get out of Omens grip. " To What?!" Megaman cant seem to get away but has his buster ready just in case of a fight.
______Omen tosses Megaman to a wall and gets defensive." To the question to where your loyaltys lie! Now, Fight Me!" Omena rushes up but Megaman rolls and looks to his opponent.
______Megaman realises this may be a dream but also that its deadly real." I dont want to fight you! But If I have to then here we go!" Megaman fires at Omen but as omen floats he dodges easily and trys to grab Megaman using an ancient martial arts style." Trigger this Question is of the upmost importance so consider carfully!"
______Megaman fires a missle barrage at Omen and hits, as he retaliates however megaman sees what seems like a buster gun shot from Omens hand." What?! How did you?" The shot hits Megaman tossing him back to the wall once more and thus allowing Omen to gain ground on Megamans position."Gayh!" Megaman screams in pain as the shot burns at his armor on his shoulder. At this moment Megaman sees both the real world and the one he is in." I have to wake up! The fight is still hapening!"

______Omen shoots again grazing him again but megaman fires more rounda as he once again sees the realm he's in at the moment." Surrender To Eden! Or Face Elysiums Legacy!"
______Megaman dodges and fires another shot. This hits Omen and stops him!? Omen then starts to fade." What?!"
______Omen," So you've chosen old friend, next we meet it will not be like this time, untill then." He fades and as Megaman is left alone he gets the fealing that this wasn't all fake.
______Izzi Explodes as Megaman is brought into the harsh moment of reality. As megaman looks up after he lands he sees the Defenders running to him.
______Defender 1," You did it! Great job, we thought you wouldnt make it but when we saw you fire that last shot it exploded! And not just the body segment, but the whole thing! See, the parts are all over! Even its spine!" To the other defender," Come on lets get him inside!"
______ Megaman looks to the spine of the bot and gets an Idea." Pick that up for me and anything else it dropped when it was destroyed." Megaman gets helped into the twon but as he asked the Defenders pick up the rubble including the spotless spinal cord.
______Megaman looks to the hill outside of town and sees Roll and everybody coming." Alls well then." Megaman falls asleep again and this time no nightmares keep him from resting. But one thing is on his mind, What did he mean? Face Elysiums Legacy? Megaman lets it go but thinks to ask Yuna and Sera later. For now all can turn black without him worrying.

[End Scene 2 Act 14]

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