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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by David Hurst
Eden Crisis: Chapter Chapter 15 - All is well for now... Or is it?

Scene 1 Act 15:Megaman wakes up to a familliar face as Yuna stands by him checking if he's alright.
______Megaman looks to see Yuna, Roll, and Tron are standing near him and they are in a small building with tarnished walls. Also he senses dust in the air," What happened? Where am I? Last I remember the reaverbot was dead and I was... Roll? Is everyone ok?"
______Tron sits back as Roll steps forward and smiles," We were worried Megaman, the defenders that were at the wall told us that you got hurt badly in a fight with a reaverbot, so We came here to see if you were all right."
______Tron also steps forward and makes her case," We had a tough time at the crash site but we managed to fight off the reaverbots that were attacking and we even brought the equipment that we had here thanks to that old man and the truck. But when We got here the attackes had stopped. At least for now everyone is safe."
______Megaman sits up but feals pain in his right arm." Ahh! What the!?!"
______Yuna helps him," Hey sit still, you took quite a hit there. I'd say your arm is at least sprained. Its a miracle by the way those two defenders told it, you lifted your arm even though the reaverbot tossed you and hit you till you blacked out for a second or two. They said you raised your arm and fired at the Bot at the right time! Right when it was defenseless! But you took quite a few blows. Your going to have to take it easy for a while."
______Roll pickes up the rocket launcher that is on the table at the wall." I'm afraid this is toast. The rocket you shot was at the worst time and it blew up the barrol also spraining your arm. I dont think I can fix it..."
______Tron looks at the rocket launcher and sighs." I wont be able to help Either, there comes a point when equipment becomes useless. But on a brighter note I had a chance to look at the remains of that reaverbot And I've got a few ideas of what it could be used for."
______Roll looks to Tron and is upset," Not to be offensive Tron but thats my job as Megaman's spotter! Right Megaman?"
______Megaman has no choice but once again to watch them bicker.
______Tron gets defensive," Oh is that right? I think he should have the right to choose between what we can do, its only fair!"
______Roll," Oh, but if you would stop butting into it he wouldn't have to! Megaman? What do you think!?"
______Megaman looks at Roll and then at Tron and then to Yuna for help." Uh, Yuna a little help?"
______As Yuna steps back tarwards the door Megaman gets the fealing that she's not going to help at all." Uh, Look at the time, Whats that Sera? Yes i'm coming! Gotta go, have fun kids!"
______Megaman," Yuna! Uh Roll, Tron... I dont think that we should really be..."
______Tron," Make your choice Megaman! Either accept my help or ignore it!"
______Roll" Thats not fair! Your just manipulating him to get what you want!"
______Tron" Like you do to get all those toys, dont lie I saw the things he gave you, stuffed dolls and toy ships! Even a pillow! You just have to admit it its not like i'm the only one to manipulate someone!"
______Roll steps back," Hey! Those were gifts that he gave me as freinds. I would never use him! This is just like Mandana Island, isnt it? You tried there and failed like you'll fail again! Right Megaman?"
______Megaman" Girls! I, I cant think! Lets just let Tron help develop weopons and Tron, Take back what you said! Its not true!"
______Tron" Beleive what you want, the truth will show itself eventually. Roll, you use him everyday and everytime he risks himself to help you or going in ruins. Admit it! You dont really do anything to help him when he really needs you! Your Weak!"
______Roll turns from Megaman and Tron," Your not fair! Tron you dont know how hard it is watching him go off into ruins again and again! I do feal helpless, and its because I am!" She runs out of the room tears flowing from her eyes as the door swings open.
______Megaman getting up and ignoring the pain as he confronts Tron," Tron! You go too far! Roll's my freind and you are too! I forgive you for all you've done and you treat Roll this way? She does her best and maybe its even better than just another digger! If you look at it She works harder that I do! The planning she goes to the weopons she makes, even the times she's failed me! She still does all she can, And for me thats enough... Were friends. Now I'll let you help and I'll forget this happened but I ask you to stop rejecting people!"
______Tron is shocked by Megaman's reaction and steps back." Megaman, I'm. I'm Sorry. I know went overboard." Tron is a little disapointed and as Megaman runs out the door she sits in the chair next to the table." Megaman.."
______Megaman finds roll by the wall looking at the trees and the Islands beyond." Roll!"
______Roll turns sobbing and looks to Megaman," I'm sorry..."
______Megaman gets to her and looks her in the eyes." Dont be, You'll always be my spotter. I know you do your best. And Roll..."
______Roll looks up at Megaman."Huh?"
______Megaman," A long time ago you said you believed in me no matter what. Well guess what. I beleive in you too. We'll always be friends."
______Roll hugs Megaman and as Tron looks and see's them together she starts crying and goes back inside." I'ts just not fair..."

[End Scene 1 Act 15]

Scene 2 Act 15: After a few hours and a good meal everyone sits with their hosts as they discuss the situation their in. The mayor of the Island, chief of police, and guildmaster of the local digging guild is there amoung Megaman, Sera, Yuna, and Roll.
______Megaman" What now? Roll's set up a becon for our friends to come and help us but what about the Island? Are you finding anything about the reaverbots attacks? Why they've started?"
______The mayor a middle aged man of tall stature and a deap voice," We have had no clues to the purpose or the reason why the reaverbots have started attacking us, I've gotten reports of similar activeitys all over the other Islands. But no reason to why."
______The Guildmaster is a woman who is tall and strong," I cant explain why they've acted up but since its just been within the last week it must be something to do with recent events. Possibly the forbidden Island expedition? What do you think?"
______Megaman turns to Yuna but its Sera who answers," I'ts probably not that however its tied in with it. But for now we should formulate a plan to search the ruins and decipher why just now its happening. Is there a map we can look at?"
______The chief of police, a young man of slim build, goes to the table in the room their in and brings back a map." Theres several ruins all over our Islands but only 3 sub ruins of major size, we have put them off limits in the past but now it seems they are the only ruins not filled with reaverbots... But what do you intend to search for? if your looking for a way to stop the reaverbots we'll gladly help."
______Roll looks at the map and sees a stricking similarity between the placements." Megaman? look here and here, doesn't this look like the placements of the ruins from kattalox? Its uncanny..."
______Both Megaman and Roll study the map.
______The mayor ponderes this and asks," What is it? Have you delt with this kind of thing before? Hmm?"
______Guildmaster," If so speak up, we need to know all we can about this as possible! Anything that could help."
______Megaman noddes and looks to the group." About a year ago on an Island called Kattalox I explored ruins like in the placement on this map, When I went into the main gate of the Island I confronted a man behind the recent activities of reaverbots and what led up to something much worse. But I stopped him before something like this could happen there. I think that there might be someone simmilar here..."
______Police cheif," A man? Was he a pirate? and this Main Gate you speak of, where was it?"
______Megaman" He wasn't a pirate, but something the ancients left behind with the ruins. And the Main gate is the only gate that you cant open, no vissable door on the outside I mean...? You have one, right?"
______Roll scans the picture before they can respond," I dont see one! Look megaman, right at the center of the Islands should be the ruin, Did anyone ever search here?" She pionts for all to see but as the mayor shakes his head she gets the fealing he knows something.
______The Mayor," thats in the middle of our shipping lanes, no ruin stands there. Could you be wrong about where it should be?"
______Yuna takes a look as does Sera. Roll shakes her head but looks again." No, thats where it should be if I remember right. Your sure theres not a ruin there?"
______Yuna steps in," Hold on Roll, If I remember right most high level security stations are sheilded, this one may be there, but under the sea! Its probably been hidden since its first opperations started up. We may have to unlock it the same way Megaman did before on Kattalox. Its just a matter of entering the sub ruins and telling the computor to unlock the Main gate of this Island."
______Sera" Once inside we can reason with the buricratic model inside and even get its assistance."
______Megaman" I dont know Sera, Megaman Juno wouldn't listen to me when I tried to stop him."
______Sera" Yes but you had lost your memory, We as units of the system can order it to listen. Or at least I can in Yuna's body."
______Now the three are clueless to Sera is saying... The mayor spaeks first however confused he is." May I inquire to what your talking about young lady? System? And Something about Yuna's body?"
______Yuna turns and decides she has to clue them in." Ok, this may seem odd but its true and we need you to listen." Yuna starts into the anceints and after a few minutes has clues them all in on the present situation.
______As the conversation lags on Megaman looks at the map again and sees that the islands are all triangular and exist within a circle of the area where the main gate should be." Hey Roll? look at this..."
______Roll looks at the map as megaman shows her the shapes and what he thinks they look like.
______Yuna finnally finnishes her part of the conversation and as the Mayor and his staff talk to each other Sera looks to Yuna." You know that this is going to be a challenge. Even If the unit agrees with me being mother it may choose to ignore my status because of the shell I'm in."
______Yuna looks at Sera." That may be the case, but then we'd just have to shut it down. Megaman can handle... Uh oh... I forgot about his injury."
______Megaman is seen trying to use his arm as Roll refits the arm cast.
______Sera," It may come down to who we can get to aid us in our time of need. Maybe these Carbons can supply the force needed to get the unit to comply."
______Yuna looks at the Guild master as she looks at the group." Possibly, I'll ask the guild master later."
______The Mayor turns to all of them and looks stern at them." I'ts hard to believe what you say Yuna, and all you bring to the table. But we recognise that you know what is happening to our Island and we axcept any help you can offord to give us. As payment for what youv'e done today and for what we hope you can do we'll supply you whith all you need. Ask for anything and we'll get it for you. But you'll still have to bargin with the local junk shop owners for any parts because even at a time like this we cant use the law to hinder someones rights. But We'll put in a good word if it will help. As for the ruins We welcome your exploring them and The guildmaster may be of assistanct to you, wont you?"
______The Guildmaster sits up in her seat and looks to them." We have trained diggers we can put at your disposal when you need to explore the ruins. But you'll only be able to take a few as the city needs them to defend. I'll also give you the keys needed to enter the ruins as they were among the first of our attempts to lock. But it doesn't help when the reaverbots can open them from the inside."
______The police chief also looks to Megaman and the others." I dont know of what help we can be but I have some officers that were retired diggers and know this Island like the back of their hands. They may be usefull to you in your hunt."
______Megaman" Thank you very much. With al;l of this support we may yet be able to turn this around, dont you think?"
______The mayor stands up as everyone gets their cue to stand." I dont know how this is going to happen, or how it will end, but I wish you luck Megaman, We put our hopes on you. Now lets ajurn for now its getting late. I suggest you all prepare before you leave for the nearest sub ruin. Its going to be hard to get there, as it is Reaverbots patroll that region of the Island. But I wish you all luck, and I wish us all luck as I fear we will need it."
______As everyone heads out Megaman looks to Sera as she pauses at the map. She has her finger on the exact spot where the ruin should have been. and the funny thing is she hadn't looked earlier when everyone had seen it. "Does she know something we dont?" As Megaman ponders this he steps out to see the moon, Elysium, in a high orbit as it reflects light onto them. It seems that even though he know knows what the shape in the sky ment, means now, He still thinks its beutiful.

(I hope its getting better... Just wait and see!)
[End Scene 2 Act 15]

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