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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by DuoGTL2
The Aftermath: Chapter 1

"I've got it!" shouted Roll as she raced across the launch area. In the distance, Tron, Teasel, and Barrel, were busy looking at the latest rocket plans made by Tron. Barrel noticed a red figure out of the corner of his eye that grabbed his attention. He turned and saw Roll. "I've got it this time for sure Gramps!" Roll was hastily running at full speed. "You got what?" asked Barrel. Roll skids, trying to stop, and ends up running into a pile of ancient technology. The servebots help dig Roll out of the pile. "Are you ok, miss Roll?" they asked. Roll shakes herself off. "Yes, I'm ok." She said. She looks up and sees Tron, Teasel, and Barrel looking at her. "Well, we're waiting!" exclaimed Teasel. Roll pulls out a large piece of rolled up paper and unrolls it on top of Tron's rocket plan. The four look at what looks like a rocket they've never seen before. "What is that?!" said Tron, snottily. "It's brilliant, that's what it is!" exclaimed Barrel. "I call it the "Death Bringer" said Roll proudly. Teasel chuckles. "You'd better watch yourself Tron." He said, loudly. "You got yourself some competition." Tron looks down in anger. Soon, Roll hands the plans to Tron. Tron looks up and sees Roll's smiling face. "Together, Tron, I know we can build this rocket." Said Roll. Tron smiles back and says, "Well, lets get to work!"

Meanwhile, on Elysium, Mega man walks around the planet to try and relive his past to understand it more clearly. Yuna comes from behind him, talking out loud. "Boy Trigger, in just a few moments, all of your answers will be…" she stops at the sight of Mega man. He was just standing there. He looked everywhere around him, especially the sunrise. Yuna comes aside of him. She smiles and says, "Pretty, isn't it?" Mega man smiles and nods. The two of them stand there, silent. "I-I want to go home." Said Mega man, finally. Yuna looks at him in amazement. "Why?" she asked. Mega man sighs and says, "This is good and all, learning about my past and knowing who I am, but this isn't the life for me." Yuna has a disappointed look on her face. Mega man continues. "I'm glad that the system is down and that I lost my memory. If I hadn't, I would never have known Roll and Gramps. I mean Roll has been by my side ever since we were little kids. The thought of having her around just makes me feel so…." Yuna cuts him off. "You like her, don't you?" she asked. Mega man shakes his head. "I don't like her, " he said. "I love her." Yuna and Mega man smile back at each other. "Yuna, can you hear me?" it was Sera. Yuna pulls out a walkie-talkie. "What is it Sera?" said Yuna. Sera's voice faintly comes through the speaker. "I've got a lot of good news." She said. Yuna looks at Mega man and answers "Go ahead." "Well," started Sera. "There was a little juice left in the system to recreate my original shell. Which means, I can give you back your own shell and you can give that Roll girl her mother back." Yuna's eyes widen. "Ar-are you serious?" she asked. "Yep," answered Sera. "But wait there's more. I was able to contact Griswald down at Terra. He says he is on his way. He should be here in a few days." Yuna's eyes widen even more. "Th-th-that's wonderful!" she shouted. Yuna puts the walkie-talkie away and squirms with excitement. "Who is this 'Griswald', Yuna?" asked Mega man. Yuna smiles at him and winks. "You'll see soon enough," she said.

A few days later Roll and Tron look up at their rocket masterpiece. "Look at it," said Tron. "Isn't it beautiful?" Roll smiles. "It sure is amazing." She said. "And I'm surprised that we got it done in a few days." "The Death Bringer," said Tron with excitement. "I can't wait to fly in it." "It might be sooner then you think." Said a voice in the distance. Roll and Tron turn around to see a man standing in front of them. He was tall with green and white armor. On his forehead was a red eye, like the one on Yuna's and Sera's forehead. "Um, can we help you sir?" said Roll, nervously. The man looks at both of them and says, "The name is Griswald. I live on Elysium." Roll and Tron look at each other in amazement. "You two young ladies are going to take me there too." "N-no problem mister Griswald." Said Tron, feverishly. Griswald continued, "and we are leaving here tonight." "T-t-t-t-t-t-tonight?!" exclaimed Roll. "Of course," said Griswald, boldly. "That isn't a problem is it?" "Uh…uh…no problem at all." Said Tron. She runs away to go get everyone ready. Roll stays back and asks Griswald, "Do you know anything about my parents mister Griswald?" Griswald turns to her, smiles, and says, "They're down here on Terra Roll. Your father, Banner, is called Joe and your mother's body has just been dropped off at forbidden island. You can get them when you come back." Roll's eyes are as wide as grape fruits. "How do know that?!" she asked. Griswald laughs. "If you traveled between Terra and Elysium as much as I did, you tend to know a lot of both worlds. He said. Roll smiles. "Alright, lets get ready for tonight." She said.

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