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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by DuoGTL2
The Aftermath: Chapter 3

Griswald takes a deep breath and begins the story. "You see Trigger, I am the first unit that the master has created. I'm the prototype for all the units of Elysium. I helped The Master create all of the units as well. I am known as a Master unit. There were two others, Garison and Jeremy. There was hundreds of Mother units, including Yuna, Sera, and my sister, Eden. All Mother units, except for my sister, was assigned with a Servitor unit. Eden was assigned with her own made Guardian unit, Trider. Then there are the Buricratic Units: Jay, Jason, and Juno. They were The Master's advisors. Half of the total population of Elysium was called Residential units and the other half was called Warrior units. The Master System wasn't the system intact at the time. It was called the Supreme System." Griswald pauses and looks at everyone. They all were amazed with what they were hearing. Mega man looked the most interested.

"Should I continue?" asked Griswald. They all nod 'yes' in unison. "Ok then," said Griswald. "The Master had announced the idea of changing the Supreme System with the Master System. Garison didn't like it at all. Soon he rallied 75% of all the Warrior units on the planet and waged war on those who supported the Master System. The Master didn't take too much notice of this threat and he assumed that Garison was only joking, but it didn't take long for Garison to make his intensions clear. His first act in the war was to have the entire Mother units killed. So, his warrior units spread out across the planet and destroyed every Mother unit in their way. Only three survived: Yuna, Sera, and Eden. The Master finally realized that the 'perfect world' he created was in peril. The units that didn't follow Garison were vastly out numbered. So, the only thing to do was to create more units. Thus, the Purifier units were born." Griswald puts his hand on Mega man's shoulder and said, "And you Trigger were the first Purifier." Mega man was speechless. "Surprised?" asked Griswald. Mega man could only nod. Griswald laughs and says, "Well, that's how you were born Trigger." Mega man spoke out. "But what happened next?" he asked. Griswald smiles and continues. "Well, after the Purifiers were made, The Master soon isolated himself deep inside the System Hall; leaving the war to the rest of us. He said, 'I shall not partake in a war were my creations kill each other.' So, the War of Elysium began. However, it only lasted for about a year. Many units lost their lives during the war. That's why this planet is so deserted. But that's not the only thing that happened. Everything went routine up until Garison captured Jeremy. The Master System side tried everything to get him back, but before we could…Garison executed Jeremy. This started the flame for the final battle. The two armies met in the dead center of the entire planet. Garison led his army, while I led the rest. We both put our armies on the line. It was all or nothing. There wouldn't be anyone left if the Master hadn't come out of nowhere and stopped the battle before it even started. He then announced that he indeed replaced the Supreme System with the Master System. He also banished Garison and his army down to Terra. His army is what you carbons call 'reavorbots'. Griswald looks around at all the faces of his listeners. Everyone was quiet. "Well, I'd better leave it at that," he said. Everyone got up and looked at each other. They didn't know what to say. "Trigger," said Yuna. Mega man looks at her. "You should go back to Terra. We'll contact you again sometime in the future." Mega man was silent. Roll speaks out. "How are we going to get to Earth? The Death Bringer is totaled!" "I'll take care of that," says Griswald. He waves his arms around and opens a portal. "That'll take you straight to Terra." "Why didn't you do that in the first place?!" yells Tron. One bye one, everyone goes in. When it is Mega man's turn he looks back at Griswald, Sera, and Yuna. He says, "Thank you, all of you." The units smile in response. Mega man gives them a wink and a thumbs up and jumps into the portal back down to Earth.

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