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The Main Gate

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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by DuoGTL2
Rough Return: Chapter 4

"I sure hope that Barrel's ok," said Banner. He, Mega man, and Data were running as fast as they could to the City Hall area. "Hurry up guys. We're almost there," says Data. Suddenly, Tron drops down in front of them. "Hello again, Mega man," she said, slyly. Mega man gets ready to fight. "Friend of yours?" asked Banner. "I guess you can say that," answered Mega man. Soon, Tron was surrounded by a large number of flying robots. "These things again?" said Mega man. "This time, you will have trouble shooting these baby's down," said Tron, proudly. Banner holds on to his mechanical arm and fires a shot at Tron. She gets knocked back from the blast. Mega man looks at Banner in surprise. Banner smiles and says, "New upgrade." Mega man smiles and he and Banner fire multiple shots at the flying robots. The robots swerved and dodged most of them. "They're too fast!" yelled out Mega man. Banner answered back, "This doesn't look too good." "I told you so blue boy," taunts Tron. Suddenly, a huge blast came and destroyed all the flying robots. Mega man and Banner dodge out of the way. They get up and see who fired it. They see a police officer holding a bazooka like cannon. A whole squad of officers with bazookas and rifles joins him. Their leader gets out in front of all of them. "Hey!" said Mega man. "It's the inspector!" The inspector points at Tron. "Uh-oh," says Tron. "Fire!" yelled out the inspector. The officers hit Tron with a barrage of shots from their weapons. "Ahh!" yelled Tron in pain. She flies off. The police officers all cheer. "Score one for the K-P Forces!" exclaimed the inspector. "Wait," spoke up Mega man. "You guys are the K-P Forces?" "Yep," said the inspector, proudly. "You see Mega man, ever since you helped us with the pirate threat, I got to thinkin'. There would probably be other threats from pirates, know what I'm sayin'? So anyways, I've decided to hire the best officers in the field and turn them into pirate fighting machines, just like you Mega man." Mega man blushes and says, "You really shouldn't have." "No one else is complaining," says the inspector. "Lately, however, we've been working our butts off trying to figure out a way to stop that blasted ship, the Super Nova." The inspector smiles and says, "And I believe we have found it. Follow me." Mega man, Banner, and Data follow the K-P Forces into the City Hall area. Meanwhile, back on the Super Nova, Tron reports to the bridge. Commander Jake turns and looks at her. "Did my improved cyber bots do the job?" he asked. Tron looks down. "No they didn't sir," she answered. Jake gets a sore look on his face. "Mega man lucked out though," she added. "This island has a huge police force." Jake turns around and looks at Teasel. "You didn't say anything about a strong police force," he said. "There wasn't one when we first came here," said Teasel in retaliation. "So don't get on my back already! I'm the one that is looking for a way into the Main Gate to get that refractor recharger!" "Silence, you over grown green baby!!!" yells Jake. "Babu!!" yells Bon out of nowhere. "Ugh! He's at it again," says Jake. "Go over there and shock that robot baby again. That'll keep him quiet." Tron grabs Jake's arm and yells, "Don't you dare hurt him! He's just a baby!" Jake glares at her and says, with a deep angered voice, "Did you just grab me and yell at me?" Tron realizes what she has done and puts her arms behind her back. "Heh heh, sorry sir," she said. Jake smiles and caressed her face. "That will be enough of that!" yelled Teasel. Jake looks at him and says with a smile, "Time to get serious." Meanwhile, Roll and Matilda were talking with this mysterious Proto man. "So, you are actually a messenger from Master Garison?" asked Roll. "Yes I am ma'am," answers Proto man. "And you are looking for Mega man, right?" asked Matilda. "That's right," answered Proto man. "May I ask why?" asked Roll. Proto man puts on his helmet and wraps his yellow scarf around his neck and answered, "Let's just say I have some, business to tend to."

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