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The Main Gate

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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by DuoGTL2
Rough Return: Chapter 7 - Aftershock

"There, that should do it," said Matilda as she places the last bandage on Banner's wound. Banner is barely conscious. Mega man, Proto man, and Roll wait in the other room, nervously. Matilda walks into the room. "Is dad going to be ok?" asked Roll. Matilda smiles and answers, "He just needs some rest now. Luckily, I was able to take out the poison inside of him." Mega man walks out, hastily. Proto man fallows him. "You alright Trigger?" he asked. Mega man shakes his head. "No, I'm not alright," he said. "Why did Juno show up out of nowhere? I thought Data got rid of his backup file." Data comes scurrying in. "Maybe he had an extra backup file just in case," the little monkey said. "That was only an image of him," said Proto man. "It could mean anything. Maybe someone is playing with our minds to think that Juno is alive, or maybe he is alive and he has sent word of it through an image of himself." Mega man looks at Proto man. "How do you know all of this?" he asked. Suddenly an explosion shook the Flutter. "What happened?" asked Data. Roll's voice came on an overhead. "Mega man, Proto man, get out there. Reavorbots are attacking the flutter." Mega man and Proto man get their buster guns ready. "Time to go to work," said Mega man. Meanwhile, on the Super Nova, Commander Jake paces on the bridge. All of his attendants are at attention and are shaking, nervously. Commander Jake's face is emotionless with thought. Just then, Tron enters. Commander Jake looks at her. "Where's Teasel?" he asked. "He's coming," answered Tron, sweetly. Teasel enters in a wheel chair, alongside with Bon. "Well, Teasel. It's good to see you up and about," commented Commander Jake. Teasel begins to laugh. Commander Jake raises an eyebrow. Teasel laughs out loud in his maniacally fashion. He stops and yells, "Servebots, attack!!!" Suddenly, Servebots popped out of everywhere. They were all mounted with guns. "What is this?" asked Commander Jake. Teasel laughs, takes off his casts, and stands up. Commander Jake is in shock. "Y-You weren't hurt after all?" he exclaimed. Teasel laughs and answers, "You bet I wasn't. Tron and I have planed this for a long time. No one, and I mean no one, messes with the Bonnes and gets away with it!" The Servebots quickly tied up Commander Jake. "But what about the Refracter Recharger?" asked Commander Jake, worriedly. Teasel smirks and answered, "I've found it alright, but it's going to be mine along with this entire ship." He walks up to Commander Jake's seat and sits in it. "There's a new boss now and his name is Teasel Bonne," he shouted out loud. "W-what would you like us to do Master Teasel?" asked Commander Jake's attendants. Teasel says to himself, "Master Teasel, I like that." He stands up, points his finger forward and shouts, "First, take us to the Main Gate. We are going to pick up our refracter recharger. Then, we are going to go after our little blue pest and all of his little friends. Ok men, let's do it!!!"

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