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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by DuoGTL2
The New Team: Chapter 2

"Miss Tron, we can't touch them!" A little servebot was shaking nervously in front of the pirate girl. She was comfortable in her soft chair, eating bon-bons, until the servebot came with the news. Tron gets up from her chair inside the control room and hits it out of the way. She encroached on the little servebot with blind fury.
"How hard is it to hit three annoying people?" asked Tron, angrily. The servebot was trembling with the fear of being punished for bringing the bad news. He was only doing his job. The servebot continues explaining.
"They are too fast for our turrets and our tanks," he said nervously, "They move all over the place and by the time any of us spot them, they destroy our weaponry. They all are great fighters." He stopped to look at Tron. She was emotionless. The servebot gulped and blurted, "They are better than Mega…" Tron grabbed the servebot and chucked him aside.
"I told you never to use that name in front of me," she brutally commanded. Tron realized that she and MegaMan could never be together, despite her vast love for him. So she tried her best to forget about MegaMan as best she could. Tron wanted to clear her mind of everything about MegaMan, even his name. "How tough could they be?" asked Tron, getting back on the subject.

Meanwhile, Andrea, Eiji, and Irneh were battling all the Bonne's tanks and robots. Andrea had three tanks closing in on her. She quickly and effectively back flipped behind them. As the heavy tanks began to slowly turn around, Andrea pulled out two pistols underneath her white trench coat. They weren't ordinary pistols, because when she shot a bullet at each tank, the tanks instantly exploded. Andrea, very cocky, blows on the barrel of her pistols. Irneh confronted a squad of servebots, each with a grenade launcher pointed straight at him. Irneh slowly draws his katana. The blade was glowing a brick red color and when the servebots saw it, they trembled with fear. With a sly smile on his face, Irneh quickly sliced the grenade launchers that each servebot held on to into two pieces. The servebots where bewildered with his great speed. Irneh quickly jumps into the air and dropped a flash bomb in the middle of the group. The large flash disorientated the group of servebots. He quickly came back down and knocked all the servebots away. They went flying in all different directions. Suddenly, a huge swarm of tanks came rolling through the middle of the confusion. Eiji stepped up to the plate. He adjusted his red helmet and stood in his fighting stance, waiting for the tanks to approach him. There were about 10 of them. Soon the tanks where closing in on him. Their cannons where ready to fire. Eiji then grabbed the front of the lead tank and lifted it over his head. The servebots in the other tanks began to panic and tried to run away, but the massive size of the tanks prevented a quick getaway. Eiji smirked and chucked the tank into the others. They all disappeared in a massive explosion. Suddenly an overhead voice came in through the base's intercom system.
"Retreat! Retreat!" a little servebot's voice came booming through, "By order of Miss Tron, for heaven's sake, retreat!!!" Soon, tons of small pirate ships flew off away from the carnage of the battle. Andrea, Eiji, and Irneh stood in the midst of it all.
"Take that you pirate scum!" shouted Eiji, at the fleeing pirate ships.
"We sure did a good job here," said Irneh, calmly, "not as much damage to the base perimeter. Unlike last time." Andrea let her hair down from the ponytail and sighed.
"What's wrong?" asked Irneh, concerned.
"Something is not right," she said, "We've received information on this base that read a high-energy refracter was located here." She took out a scanner and scanned the whole perimeter around her. "But there is no refracter here now." Suddenly, the scanner picked up the high-energy refracter reading. It was above them. They all looked up and saw a small yellow and red ship flying overhead. It was the Flutter.

"We will be above the target site in approximately 10 minutes," said Yuna from her radar computer.
"Excellent," replied Roll, holding on the steering wheel. "Mega Man, are you ready?" Mega Man entered the bridge, wearing a black suit. His hair was combed and gelled to one side. His face showed that he really didn't enjoy it; it was beat red. Roll and Yuna pause for a moment, then they both burst into laughter. Mega Man hung his head down, completely embarrassed.
"Oh dear Trigger," said Yuna, kind of sympathetically.
"Why the penguin suit Mega Man?" asked Roll teasingly.
"Why don't you ask our little 'helper'?" said Mega Man, very bluntly and irritated. Data comes scurrying in.
"Data, why is Trigger wearing that ridiculous outfit?" asked Yuna, recovering from her laughter.
"Well," began Data, "I did some research on the ruin and I found out it is on a populated island called Tariga Island. The mayor of the island won't allow anyone to dig on the island with out his permission. He usually shows favor towards someone who is dressed nicely."
"And that is why I am dressed in the penguin suit," blurted Mega Man, across the room.
"Does this mean we have to be dressed too?" asked Roll.
"If you plan on being part of the dig you have to," said Data.
"No way," stated Yuna, "There is no way that I am changing the clothes that are on my shell. I like them too much.
"Yuna, you wear the same black dress all the time," said Mega Man, stating the obvious. Suddenly, a transmission was coming through. Roll answered it.
"Hello, who is it?" she asked politely.
"I am Captain Andrea of the vessel, MoonStar," said Andrea through the speaker. "Your ship has a valuable item which we seek. We are boarding your ship immediately to recover it. If you retaliate, expect conflict, but I promise you, you will lose if you try."
"Boy they sound very friendly," said Mega Man, sarcastically.
"Well, we don't want any trouble Mega Man," said Roll. She responded, "You may enter."
"Not even a quarrel," said Irneh, "Maybe they aren't pirates."
"There is only one way to be sure," said Andrea, walking to her room to change, "We're going in."

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