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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by DuoGTL2
The New Team: Chapter 3

"Thank you for cooperating with us," said Andrea, as she walked inside the Flutter. She was wearing a short light blue dress and blue tinted reading glasses. Eiji and Irneh followed her wearing their normal clothes. Roll was there to greet them.
"Is there a problem?" asked Roll, nervously. Irneh looked at the scanner that he brought on board. It was beeping like crazy. He followed it to the old generator that Yuna retrieved. Andrea and Eiji followed behind him. Andrea noticed Mega Man in the corner of the living room with the suit on. She tried to hold in her laughter and the grimacing look on her face proved it.
"Are you sure this scanner is working properly Eiji?" asked Irneh a little confused.
"Of course it is," snapped Eiji, "I programmed it myself." Irneh wasn't convinced.
"Then why is it telling me that the refracter is where this generator is?" he asked. Andrea looked at the generator and walked up to it. Everyone in the Flutter looked at her and wondered what she was doing. Andrea looked over the generator from top to bottom, rubbed her hands all over it, knocked at every corner, and even sniffed it. Finally, she quickly chopped at the generator and it split into two pieces, revealing a large pink refracter inside of it. Everyone was shocked.
"What the…" said Mega Man in amazement.
"Was that there the whole time?" asked Roll equally amazed. Andrea picked up the refracter and headed for the door.
"We got what we came for boys," she said to her team, "Now lets go home."
"Wait a second," said Roll, "I want to know where that refracter came from." She looked at Yuna with a questionable look. Yuna was shocked.
"I didn't know it was there, honest," she retaliated.
"Yuna what did the man at the junk store look like who sold this to you?" asked Mega Man. Yuna thought hard as she held her head.
"Well," she began, "he was a very short man, like a dwarf, he almost looked like a kid. And his face was terribly yellow. I told him he should see a doctor…"
"Yuna!" interrupted Mega Man, "You got fleeced by the Bonnes!"
"So you do have some connection with the Bonnes," said Andrea.
"Oh yes," said Roll, "We ran into them multiple times in the past. We can't even go on digs any more wondering if they'll show up."
"Apparently the Bonnes hid the refracter inside of the generator to get rid of it and to come back for it," said Eiji, as he looked over the leftovers of the generator.
"How do you know they would have came back for it?" Andrea asked snotty. Eiji reached inside of it and pulled out a tracker in the shape of the Bonne skull. Roll grabbed Yuna by the ear as if she were Yuna's mother.
"How could you been so naïve?!" Roll blurted.
"Cut her some slack will ya Roll?" said Mega Man, "She didn't know." Roll snapped at Mega Man.
"We could have had some real trouble on our hands because of her simple minded act Mega Man," she said really loud.
"I'll be careful next time I promise," said Yuna, scared of the sight of Roll angry. Suddenly, the entrance door slammed shut. Roll, Yuna, Mega Man, and Data were left in the living room. Data spoke out.
"I think we better get back on our original mission," said the little robot monkey.
"You're right Data," said Mega Man, "We need to get our own refracter this time." Roll let go of Yuna's ear and took a deep breath. She began to walk towards the bridge.
"Alright," she said, "Tariga Island, here we come."

"Those were really nice people," said Eiji, "They didn't give us any trouble at all.
"Don't be deceived by their outer looks," said Andrea hastily as she steered the Moonlight. "As far as we know, they could have worked with the Bonnes. They might have concealed much needed information."
"Oh please Andrea," said Irneh, slightly annoyed, "You always have a chip on your shoulder when it comes to new people. Can't you just for once give someone the benefit of the doubt?"
Andrea sighed and said, "I'm sorry. I just can't trust people without seeing some action. Once I see them prove me wrong, then I will admit that they are nice people."
"What ever you say," said Irneh.
Andrea looked at Eiji and asked, "So, where's our next destination?" Eiji quickly runs to the monitors on the side of the wall of the bridge.
He turned around and confirmed the location. "We are heading for Tariga Island," said Eiji.

<< Previous Chapter To Be Continued...

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