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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Enjibushi
Vacation: Chapter 1

On the peaceful island of Kattelox, after megaman had finished his brawl with megaman juno, he had decided to take a vacation (dearly needed). So after the easily accepted idea with everyone else in his party, their vacation had begun.

Megaman strolled casually through the town thinking of how to pass the time. Easily he thought that he might visit his friend Ira, since she had recently been released from the hospital. So he walked on down to the young girl's house. Throughout the day, megaman got the opportunity to talk with Ira. She was fascinated with his stories of his previous digging experiences and even the retelling of the stories of his experience of Kattelox island. She especially found amusing the tale of megaman getting stranded in the ruins for two days on a previous expedition. As they were walking through town they stopped to get a soda from a vending machine. While megaman purchased the sodas, Ira was reading a nearby newspaper discussing the fact of the vending machines being VANDALIZED. Megaman merely glanced around nervously as if he had no idea as to who it could be (I mean he was thirsty and, well…he didn't have enough money) anyway after the moment had passed, they continued walking only for megaman to glance at roll across the main downtown street. Roll turned catching his eye in which he broke the stare immediately turning red.

"You like her don't you?" asked Ira with a peaked and teasing interest. "I…uh, don't know what your talking about!" replied megaman with an embarrassed sense of defense. Ira began to giggle with delight at knowing such a secret. Through the rest of the day megaman finally confessed to these emotions spilling every egg in his emotional basket, and at the end of the day he saw that Ira returned home safely and returned to the flutter.

Meanwhile, in a drache fairly high above the island sat no other than Tron Bonne and with only one serve-bot (the red headed one of course!) they were surveying who else but megaman (however the serve-bot not knowing the true intentions of Miss Tron. She had secretively planted a bug on megaman in their last encounter and in doing so had been listening to everything into everything he said.
"Can we go home now" cried the little serve-bot in a high voice, "he hasn't said anything we can even use."
Miss tron having been incredibly angered with the secret confession of megaman about roll was so furious she screamed, " AAARRRGGGHHH!!! Yes, I suppose I've gotten all of the information I need for now." After they had returned it had been night-time and miss tron had retired to her quarters, and as she lie awake, she thought of how she could make things go her way. Until, suddenly, she had an epiphany! She jumped up and ran to the lab in excitement.

The next day Ira had come to the flutter. She grabbed megaman excitedly and told him to go with her quickly. So of course megaman went with her in to the downtown area. "I've got a big surprise for you so wait right here!" she announced excitedly. She ran in the direction of the flutter as fast as she could. He waited awhile in anticipation wondering what she could possibly be planning. After the time span of five minutes, Megaman heard gunshots, an explosion, and a scream that sounded familiarly like…Roll!

Megaman huried as fast as he could using his jet skates. He arrived in no time finding non other than the Bonne's mother-ship, but more importantly, a drache close to the ground waiting for Bon Bonne to return to the ship with no-other than roll in his clutches. Megaman gasped and ran to catch up with them as fast as he could but before he could get within 50 yards of them, a large robot landed right in front of him knocking him backwards. When he regained his wind, he jumped up and studied the robot, finding himself in front of a large biped robot with a Gigantic Buster cannon on its left arm. The Cannon aimed itself at megaman (who stood as still as he could) while a large and low booming voice came from the Robot.

"Don't move if you wish to see your…Ugh!…GIRLFRIEND alive!" Megaman was confused and didn't know what was going on, he couldn't just sit there, he had to do something. So he immediately dodged to side before a large blast erupted from the cannon making a small crater the size of a large beach ball. Megaman charged the robot while the cannon made a high pitch ringing sound he could only assume meant the weapon was charging. Meanwhile, unconscious roll had been taken aboard the low hovering drach and in which flew up to the Bonne's ship. Megaman finally reached the robot and with one mighty leap (and with the help of his jump springs) flung himself up on the shoulder of the robot.

Once on the shoulder, he armed his buster cannon and fired a full power shot through the head. He peered into the robot and saw tron sitting at the controls. The robot raised his buster cannon aiming at megaman and fired at the awed blue boy. This shot carried megaman through the air while in pain, and made him collide with the drache. But before he could fall, he grabbed the robot handles on the bottom. He then heard the sounds of Bon Bonne getting the crap beaten out him along with his wailing until the door of the drache opened, and roll stood on top of it.

Down on the ground the robot aimed it's fully charged shot at the drache, intent on hitting it, tron fired the powered shot. Up on the drache roll grabbed megaman's hand and jumped right as the drache was hit with the shot. The drache exploded as rolled opened a parachute, which she and megaman fell softly to the ground. Where, as soon the drache exploded bon went plummeting to the ground and nailed the robot acting as a missle, exploding the robot and launching tron and bon directly and conveniently right into the bonne's ship.

After the attempted kidnapping, megaman and roll returned to the flutter, and the next day Ira revisited megaman and roll. Ira blindfolded them both and took them somewhere. When they arrived, the blind folds were taken off and a candlelight dinner was in front of them. Megaman and roll ate danced and even kissed, and the next day they took off, and with this, they had their first date (and who knows, maybe this won't be the last!).

<< Previous Chapter To Be Continued...

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