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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Enjibushi
Battling the Bonnes: Chapter 2

After the smoke cleared, a deep crater was left and a smoldering Megaman lay inside and unconscious. The voice of Tron came over the intercom, "He he he, I knew this would work!" As tron said this, a drache landed next to Megaman and out stepped teasel saying, "Great! Now finish him of tron and rid us of the blue boy forever!" Thinking quickly, tron said, "uh NO! I mean we want him alive right? we may be able to use him. "Good thinking, alright, lets bring him aboard."

At the flutter roll had just settled into the couch after 3 hours of a special project she had been creating. She turned on the T.V. and the news was the first thing that came on. "Oh No! not the news!" She raised the remote to change it, but before she could, she saw an explosion and heard the news reporter say: "and in these recent events the hero megaman has been captured by the infamous bonnes. The pirates who have never been able to foil megaman's plans have finally done it. What will the world do with the capture of Megaman!"

"Oh No, I need to help megaman, but how!" She thought it over for a while and then an idea came to her "it's time for some drastic measures!" Roll ran down to the engineering room and in a flash, (she was suited up in armor strangely similar to megaman's only it was red). This time, it was her turn for the offensive..

The Gesselschaft was flying slowly through the clouds as tron made her way down to the brig. Megaman was being kept hostage and had no glimpse of hope. Tron entered the room with a grin on her face, "Well megaman. What're you gonna do now?" tron asked with a tone in her voice. Megaman merely stared at the floor trying to find someway to break out of the cuffs and off the gesselschaft. Suddenly, an explosion rocked the ship and a huge hole appeared in the brig just behind megaman. Roll was standing in the newly created entryway and was aiming her buster gun at tron. If you want to remain unharmed then hand over megaman. Tron sighed and said "All right, you win! There's just nothing I can do." However tron let out a sly grin after she said this. She flipped up her wrist and pressed a button on her armband. A robot burst out of the ceiling and knocked roll through the hole she had created.

Roll flew out onto the wing of the gesselschaft and hopped back up to face the opponent. A six foot tall robot with claws on each arm stood on the wing opposite her. She armed her buster gun and fired as fast as she could but to no avail. The robot jumped in the air to avoid being hit and was now flying toward roll. Roll dived out of the way toward the body of the massive airship. The robot landed and roll got up to her feet. Before the metal menace could attack again, it noticed a beeping sound and looked down. There sat a remote mine roll had laid down for it, and before the robot could act, she pressed the detonate button making the mine explode and severing the wing of the ship sending it and the robot down to the ocean below.

"IT'S NOT FAIR, IT'S NOT FAIR!" were the only words that tron could say while megaman and roll got onto the flutter and flew away. When they got back to yosyonke, they decided not to accept anymore anonymous letters and when megaman asked roll how it felt for her to be the big time action hero, she said "Well, it was a fun change of pace, but I'll let you handle the bad guys from now on." The two chuckled as they both exhaustedly fell asleep.

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