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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Enjibushi
Just Another Notch In My Buster Gun: Chapter 1 - A New Challenger Arises?

Things were finally peaceful on the flutter after their long adventure. Megaman lay on the Couch and watched the brand new 25,000 zenny TV. that he bought to reward himself. Alas flipping through the channels, he could find nothing to watch, so in defeat, he went to sleep. Roll was playing games on her new computer that she bought to reward herself for the recent job well done and data (now restricted from using the stove after the fire) stood on the kitchen counter making a tuna fish sandwich and sneaking a slice of Roll's apricot pie. But not all was quiet as a dark shadow made its way to the planet only to crash on the outskirts of yosyonke.

The next day, megaman had awoken to find himself in his bed (not knowing how he got there after he had fallen asleep on the couch) and data striking up an odd conversation about the magnetic polarity of reverbot eyes with the cactus. Quickly he dressed himself and went down to the living room for breakfast. As he entered, he saw roll watching the TV. with intensity in her eyes. "What's up?" megaman finally broke the silence. "Yosyonke was destroyed last night." "WHAT!?" yelled megaman as he quickly ran to the television to see. The voice of the reported came on as she said, "Yosyonke was attacked last night by an unknown assailant. As all the people were found extremely wounded and the buildings were burnt to the ground. Only one person saw the attacker and described him as a young boy in a red suit of armor with a buster gun on his left arm." Roll turned the TV. off with solemn look on her face. Megaman was pacing back and forth pondering the situation, and finally said, "Let's go to yosyonke Roll!"

When they arrived, megaman said, "Roll, you and data look in town, I'll go on the outskirts." they split up in the two directions. Megaman was using his jet skates to zip through the barren winter land and went through the mountain pass. Just on the other side he spotted a smoldering crater and went to investigate. Inside was a small black rectangular prism. Not knowing what to do, he carefully approached the pod and tapped the surface. Suddenly the surface of the prism disappeared and there lay a boy in red armor like megamans' and of course, on his left arm sat a buster gun. He opened his eyes and leaped out of the pod. The figure eyed megaman carefully and finally said, "So you are Megaman Trigger? Then my goal will be shortly accomplished. But before I destroy you, I wish to know you better." "Destroy...Know me?!" asked megaman very confused. The red boy took off his helmet to reveal his average length bright blonde hair.

"Well, let me introduce myself I am Sayre, although I am not a purifier model like you. I am a VPA designated to launch on only extreme measures. The VPA if you're wondering stands for Vampiric Assassin. I am an android programmed to launch down to this planet to dispose of the reavers or more sophisticated models that have malfunctioned, or have turned away from their duties. You megaman have met with both requirements and therefore...I must destroy you." "But if you're a machine, then why would you need to suck blood?" asked a confused megaman. "I don't drink blood but the raw energy stored in refractors, robots, reavers, and even people. But enough questions I must now read you Your violations, you megaman have been charge under my authority to be disposed of because you have met two of the violations specified by mother. One, you have damaged your memory circuits and two, in doing so, your job has been neglected and therefore you must be terminated." Sayre raised his buster gun at megaman.

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