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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by FaithFreedom
Flight of Flutter: Chapter 1 - Trigger Returns

Elysium has been detecting strange activities on Terra. Sera tried to stop the Reaverbots from launching and invasion on the people on Terra. “Argh! It’s no use, the Reaverbots are defying stand-down orders!” Serra cried, Trigger fears that Roll and Barrel might be in trouble and volunteers to return to Terra and stop the pending invasion. “What!?” Yuna said, “There’s no way you’ll be able to stop the Reaverbots by yourself!”.

“I may not be able to save Terra, but I must at least save the Carbons!” Trigger protested. Since Trigger was the only Purifier unit on Elysium, Yuna agreed and convinced Serra to follow him as well, along with a few weapons and equipments. Trigger and Serra went to the spaceport and took a shuttle to bring them to Terra. “Are you sure about this, Trigger?” asked Sera. “Yeah, it’s my duty as a Purifier unit to stop malfunctioning Reaverbots...” Trigger answered. Upon arrival, Trigger and Serra found themselves on Kattelox Island, and a transmission was received from Yuna. “Bad news Trigger, the Reaverbots managed to get to the surface despite having the Ruin’s doors locked. They are located at Forbidden Island!” Yuna reported.

Not long after, Trigger and Sera met up with Roll, Tron and an unlikely ally, Glyde. “Megaman! You’re back!” Roll called. “That he is, with some bad news to follow...” Serra cut in, Roll was puzzled at the immediate unassurance of Serra. “As we speak, Reaverbots are invading nearby island to conquer Terra, we’ve returned in order to stop them...” Sera continued, “There’s no time for this, Serra! Get the others to prepare the equipments!” Trigger replied, cutting short Sera’s speech. Few minutes later, the Flutter set off to Calinca Island as it’s the nearest to Forbidden Island.

Meanwhile, back in Elysium, Yuna was searching the Library for solutions and found something unusual inside the database: ‘Maverick Hunter Records’. Yuna began browsing the records and found out that the Legendary X and Zero were given their last orders to guard The Gate and detain Reaverbots from reaching the surface. Since then, both of them sealed themselves inside the ruins as a mark of ending their duty. Yuna was shocked upon notice, and held a private transmission to Trigger. Back on Terra, the Flutter arrived at Calinca Island, and were relieved that it’s in unharmed condition. The Bonnes decided to run a recon of the island shores while Glyde and his Birdbots went off and investigate Nino Island as it’s the most vulnerable target for the Reaverbots. Trigger received the private transmission from Yuna, “Trigger, It seems that I’ve found a rather interesting record from the Library’s database...” Yuna said. “It appears that the Legendary Hunters the we were unsure of turns out to be real!”. Trigger was surprised, “What? It can’t be! Even if they are true, where are they?” replied Trigger. “I’m sending you the details, please wait...” the transmission then ended.

The report arrived and when Trigger read the details, he gasped. “What’s the matter Trigger? Another bad news from Yuna?” Sera cuts in. Trigger handed the report to her and told her about the Legendary Hunters. “That’s.... that’s impossible!” Serra muttered. Just then, Roll called over the transmitter, “Megaman! It’s happening! The Bonnes detected flying Reaverbots carrying their troops to Calinca! We have to warn the people!”. Trigger was shocked! Seems the Reaverbots has begun their invasion. “Serra! We don’t have much time, evacuate the city and bring the people to the Calinca Ruins inside the prospecting building...” ordered Trigger. Serra understood and started evacuating the city. “We’re in trouble...” muttered Trigger.

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