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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by FaithFreedom
Flight of Flutter: Chapter 3 - The Battle Begins

X and Zero got out of their capsules and were surprised at the sight of Trigger. “Hey kid! Who are you? What are you doing in a place like this?”. Trigger was in awe... He can’t give an answer! He then turned to Zero and got a flashback when he first dreamt of him. “What are you staring at!? Do I look familiar to you?” Zero spiked. Trigger was confused by the Zero’s actions and answered back, “As a matter of fact, you are familiar to me.... Zero”. Zero kept shut, he was struck by Trigger’s answer and his named being mentioned. “You.... you... how do you know my na---“ Zero asked, but his question was cut short by Sera’s transmission, “Trigger! We’re pulling back, the Reaverbots are trying to flank us! We need you this insta----“. Trigger dawned in horror “Sera? Sera! Come in! Darn it...” Zero cuts in “Hey kiddo! What the blazes is going on?”, “Our world is in danger... It seems that the very thing that you guys were ordered to destroy, is now invading the outside world” Trigger answered.

X and Zero were acknowledged by Trigger’s motive, and all three of them set off for the ruins entrance. Meanwhile at Calinca Island, the Bonnes, Glyde and Sera are at a standoff. Setting up a border in front of the Calinca Ruins entrance, they fought back the Reaverbots in a crossfire. Roll was busy blowing flying Reaverbots out of the sky over Forbidden Island. “Trigger, I managed to get a detail of the Reaverbots path of invasion and... Sera and your other friends are in the path, holding the Reaverbots back! All the Carbons on the designated path has been sealed inside the ruins for safety” Yuna called, Trigger and the Hunters looked out to sea and was horrified by the invasion forces making their way to Calinca Island. Zero and X began to open fire on the Reaverbots alongside Trigger. The Flutter came down and extended its ladder, signaling all three to jump aboard. After all of them are onboard, the Flutter flew off to Calinca Island where X, Zero and Trigger hot-dropped in the middle of the crossfire, and they began to open fire on the imposing robots. Roll resumes her air-battle, and strafed one of the Reaverbots into the ground invading group.

The battle was dramatic, beams, vulcans, rockets; all of them were thrown into battle! Just then, Yuna called in “Trigger, all the Carbons are in their shelters. I’m going to launch a positron beam into Forbidden Island and Calinca City, I need you to leave the area at once!”, “Positron beam!? We’re in the middle of a fight! We can’t just walk away, can we?” Trigger joked. “Whatever happens Trigger, Terra must not be destroyed, remember what Master said? He wants you to protect Terra as a final command” Yuna replied, Trigger got another flashback of himself talking to the Master, but was cut off when X grabbed him out of the path of a giant beam. “What were you thinking!?” X shouted, “Change of plans Sera, get everyone of here now!” Trigger called out, Sera didn’t know why, but agreed and began to coordinate a retreat order.

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