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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Megaman Juno
Megaman Juno's Resurection: Chapter 1

"Arise Megaman Juno! Correct what has been errored, and show Megaman Trigger where his place is. I shall arrange two partners to assist you as your power grows!", Master says as he pulls three files from Elysium.

"Yes Master. And what of the Ancients?", Juno's dark shadow asks.

"Ah yes. Mistress Sera ans Mistress Yuna...", Master was interupted.

"And Gatz And Geetz...", shorted Juno.

"I will deal with them. After all i do control the destiny of all beings.", sort of bragged Master.

"Well... I guess I'd better be off.", said Juno's new form getting into a vessel of some sort.

"So what should we do?", said one of the three files.

"Yah I wanna see how good this Megaman Trigger is!!!", said the inpacient, bulligerent second file.

"Calm down i have a special ship for you two.", Master said scrounging up a ship from the stars.

"Gee thanks...", the second file said in sarcasm. "Why does Megaman Juno Get a good ship and we get a junk one?!?!"

"He is a higher ranking than you bboth so thats why!", calmly shouted Master.

"Come on Megaman Epsilon. Just be happy we get a ship, unlike last time when we had to assist Megamn Zeta!", the other voice said.

"That was only because the planet was not even 30 lightyears away!", said Master arguing.

"WE HAD TO FLOAT FOR 7 MONTHS TO GET THERE!!!", Megaman Epsilson yelled.

"Okay okay it was a bad move. now im giving you a ship so you'll be there in a matter of days.", Master said accepting the bad deed in the past.

"Man about time you finally admit it.", Megaman Epsilon muttered as him and his partner got into the ship.



lets skip a couple weeks



"Wow! Look at that! That wasn't there last time! Wow thats great!!!", Trigger said as he wondered into the Applemarket of Kattalox island.

"Hey Megaman you know this isnt a vacation we're here on a mi...", roll paused in the middle of her sentence as she witnessed Data's demise.

Okay lets recap. what went on.

-Trigger/Megaman is all excited

-He has Data on a leash so he wont fight with the dogs (he's been having a dog problem lately)

-Trigger accedeltally chokes Data as he runs

Alright then back to the story...

"ROLL! HELP ME!!!", Data yells as Trigger continues to zone out and run.

Megaman stops in amazment and drops Data and woners into an arcade. Data falls unconcious and dazed at how Trigger could forget about him.

"Oh well I guess we could have a little fun. He really needs it after what happened to him on Elysium. I guess i'll go relax out by the flutter.", Roll says as she turns around and goes back yo the flutter. "Oh well its not really an emergency. Juno hasn't done anything yet. so i guess its a minor issue... but still... he was such a monster. (flashback to when Juno transformed infront of Roll and Trigger)."






"No! No!!! Please stop!!! Dont hurt me!", a man says as he runs from a Hanmuru Doll reaverbot (the first boss in megaman legends ).

"HELP! HELP! SOMEBODY THERES A REAVERBOT ATTACKING A CITIZEN!!!", Roll yells as it continues to chase the man around.

Suddenly the Hanmuru Doll reaverbot hears her and starts at her. It stares at her with It's big red reaver eye and freezes her with fear. Then ontop of the roof of the Applemarket a man jumps down and a big laser that he shot towards the reaverbot completely obliterates the whole body with acception of the head. Roll turns to look at who saves her. She caught a glimpse of the smiling, pink haired man before she fainted and murmurs "...megaman...".

"My, my. She seems to have fainted. I'd better bring her with me so she isn't to be attacked again.", Juno said in a polite manner with a smile still on his face.

Just as the Hanmuru Doll reaverbot is defeated 4 Zakobon reaverbots (the little ones) pop up from the ground and shoot they're bombs at Juno. Juno jumps up on top of the roof again but to get away. Just as he does Trigger bursts through the door with the "W" on it meaning west with Data standing next to him.

"Roll!! where is he. Where is the big reaverbot... Roll...?", Trigger said with disappointment.

Then Trigger suddenly targetted and shot the three Zakobon. Thats when he say the head of the Hanmuru Doll head. It blinked at him in worry.

"Don't worry...", Trigger said," I won't hurt you if you piont me in the direction you saw a girl wearing pink.", Trigger said with a smile.

The Hanmuru Doll looked up as if he were pionting towards the sky.

"I knew i couldn't give you a chance!", Trigger yelled as he used his buster on the reaverbot's head.

"Shoot.", Trigger said.

"It's okay Megaman we'll find her eventually.", said Data in his high pitched voice.

"Thanks Data...", Trigger nodded off.



 later that day back at Juno's house



"Uh... what happened to her", Roll heard a voice half concious.

"I saved her from a Hanmuru Doll.", the pink haired man said with a smile. She could tell it was him because she reconized his voice from before.

"Oh... so is she your girlfriand now or something...?", the mysterious voice said.


"What?! Just askin...", the mysterious voice said kind of pouting (she could see by this time).

"Wh...where am I...?", Roll said still exausted.

"Oh my. She's awake.", said the smiling man." Why hello my name is Megaman Juno nice to meat you.", He said smiling and holding out his hand for a hand shake.

Roll couldn't believe it. she backed off into the corner of the bed she was on in horror. She just met face to face with her ulimate fear... AND IT SAVED HER!?!?.

"My it seems shes scared of something...", Juno said.

"Tsh. Dude she's scared of you.", Epsilon said with a chuckle.

"Oh may... Is this true?", Juno asks not smiling.

Roll nodds.

"Oh then i guess I'd better go then.", Juno says in disappointment as he leaves the house.

"You know he isn't that bad guy you used to know.", Epsilon says almost reading her mind."All he has to do is one thing and you can live without ever worrying again."

Roll comes more forward on the bed." Whats his one more thing...?"

"All he has to do is put Megaman Trigger to his place.", Epsilon says with a grin of evil

In terror Roll quickly runs out of the house and away into the city.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY TO HER!?!?", Juno asks in worry.

Epsilon says with a blank face, "All i did was tell her the only thing you had to do..."

"...nice... the person i save is scared of me."



later in the ruins below the city



"Aw man... First i lose Roll now Data's lost in reaver ruins!! JUST GREAT!!!", Trigger says in great anger.

Then Trigger was ambushed my a Sharukurusu reaverbot (the boss of the digger tests in megaman legends 2). Trigger flinched in surprise. All of a sudden a man in red armor, alot like Trigger's, and long, blonde haire with blue eyes jumps out of nowhere and slices it with a zetsabre type object.

"Sorry but I heard you talking and um... is this yours...?", then the red armored digger handed Trigger a monkey.

"Data!!! Thank you. Thank you so much. Where was he.", Trigger asked with gratitude.

"I just found him wondering so I thought he was lost so I kept him until I found his owner. He's a nice little guy. By the way my name's Megaman Zero.", he says holding out his hand for a hand shake.

"Hi!", Trigger says shaking his hand."Peaople just call me Megaman."

"Wow small world huh.", Zero says.

"Hey that weopon you got there i have ont like it called zetsabre.", Trigger says.

"Oh mine's just a normal beamsabre but im not into the fancy stuff.", Zero says.

"Oh and by any chance have you seen a girl wearing pink at all today.", asks Trigger hoping.

"No I havn't but lets ask my friends. Come on I'll show you!", Zero says in excitment.



that night at Juno's house



"Hey guys I'm home, and i have a friend.", Zero shouted.

Trigger's and Juno's eyes catch sight of eachother. Juno charges at him uppercutting him in the jaw.

"HEY JUNO WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?!?", Zero asks in anger

"THATS HIM... THATS MEGAMAN TRIGGER!!!", Juno shouts fighting Trigger



"NO YOUR THE ONE OUT OF LINE!!!", says Trigger as he shoots Juno with his power buster. "YOU WERE THE ONE WHO WAS ABOUT TO DESTROY ALL THE PEOPLE ON KATTALOX ISLAND!!!"

All of a sudden Juno starts spinning his floating arms as if he were a helicopter. "YOU SHALL DIIIIIIIIIE!!!!!" Juno runs towards Trigger in a rage and hits him upward with both hands then while Trigger's in the air karate chops him again towards the ground. "I call that one the spine cracker..." Juno says as if he were through spitting blood from the couple good hits Trigger gave him.

Trigger raises as if a zombie and at the same timr Roll comes in with the Flutter and picks him up. Megaman Zero helps Trigger onto the climb ladder.

"You know your not that bad of a guy...", Trigger says to Zero in his arms.

"You either buddy..." Zero says holding onto Trigger at if it were his life in his own arms.

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