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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by MMFreak
A Year Later: Introduction

Many things had changed since MegaMan's journey to Elysium. After being rescued by Roll and the Bonnes, our hero is on a break. Recently, things have been a little hectic around the world. New pirate groups, much worse than the Bonnes, have started to emerge. However, the number of pirates have been dropping steadily because of an army (or close to an army) of skilled diggers called The Pirate Hunters. The main goal of The Pirate Hunters is simply to travel from one island to the next, hunting down pirates and pirate families (such as the Bonnes).

On a medium sized island, the Flutter is docked in the town. Roll and MegaMan both decided to look around the town. MegaMan was wearing his newly modified armor. He was walking in the city center when he noticed a person with long, blonde hair that went down to his knees, and wearing red, white and black armor watching him. Suddenly, a squad of low-flying small ships flew by and started firing. Everyone was running around. The guy in red was talking in a COM link, "CODE GREEN!! CODE GREEN!! I REPEAT, WE HAVE A CODE GREEN AT THE CITY!!" Moments later the city was deserted. A large robot was walking around, until MegaMan started firing charged shots from his new and improved Buster Gun destroying the robot in seconds. A little yellow person fell out of the downed machine and started screaming. "MEGAMAN'S HERE!! MEGAMAN'S HERE!!" It was a servbot. "So the Bonnes are here...Here we go again!" said MegaMan as he readied his buster. Just then, another robot fell form the sky and looked at MegaMan. "Can't we just go to one island WITHOUT you being there to ruin our plans," said a female voice. "I know that voice!...Prepare to lose...TRON!"

Meanwhile, Roll (in red armor that she created herself) was taking care of some more Bonne robots until the last one was destroyed. "I better go help MegaMan!" she said hurrying as fast as she can. Meanwhile, Tron and her new robot attacked furiously, while MegaMan dodged and rolled, evading the shots as best as he could. "Hold still!!" Tron shouted trying to hit MegaMan. Suddenly, the robot shook violently as if being hit, and then one of the monitors inside the robot indicated that it was missing an arm. "How can this be?!" Tron asked. She then noticed two people, one with red, white and black armor, and long, blonde hair down to the knees, holding a saber. The other, with red armor and a Buster Gun. "ROLL!!" MegaMan shouted in surprise and happiness. Tron got furious then. "ENOUGH!! I'LL DESTROY YOU ALL!!" Before Tron had the robot fire its cannon, she thought to herself, I'm sorry MegaMan, but you've left me no choice. Just then the guy in the red armor jumped high in the air, came back down and cut off the cannon on the robot. "Darn it! I'll retreat with this result but next time you won't be so lucky." As the armless robot took-off, MegaMan went to thank the mystery helper. "Who are you?" he asked. The person took-off his helmet and introduced himself. "I am called Zero. I am a Special 'A' ranked Pirate Hunter." "So you are one of the Pirate Hunters...Oh, my name is MegaMan Voulnut and this is Roll Casket." MegaMan introduced. "It's been a pleasure meeting you both but I must go. Those pirates..." "You mean the Bonnes," interrupted Roll. "Whatever! They'll be back, and in greater numbers! Pirates always return for Round 2," finished Zero as he walked away. MegaMan then spoke, "We should return to the Flutter. We can figure out what to do once we're there."

...Will MegaMan, Roll and Zero be ready if the Bonnes attack again?

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