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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by MMFreak
A Year Later: Chapter 3 - MegaMan's Rescue Attempt

"No! How could I have let them get away?!" shouted MegaMan. X then answered, "It's not your fault. You didn't see it coming. WE didn't see it coming." MegaMan then calmed down. "You're right!...Besides, we need to figure out a way to free Roll and Zero." he said. X agreed and the two of them began planning.

On Board the Gesellshaft...

Roll was lying, unconscious, on the floor. Zero was just sitting down. They were both being held in the brig. Suddenly, Roll started to wake up. "Wha...what...where...where am I?" she asked as she woke up. Zero then answered, "We're in the brig on the pirate ship The Gesellshaft. We've been taken prisoner by the Bonnes." Roll stood up, only to feel pain in her chest as she got up. She then remembered MegaMan's words when she finished her armor. <<Remember, you can still get hurt while wearing the armor...Just because you're wearing the armor, doesn't mean that you are fully protected!>> Roll then muttered something to herself, "MegaMan! You were right!" Zero then stood up. "Someone's coming!" he said. It was Tron, only she was wearing armor just like Roll, only pink. Tron stopped at their cell and looked at them. "Well MegaMan should be here any moment. For now, I'll settle for one of the Pirate Hunter's top hunters...YOU Zero." Suddenly, there was an explosion. "What?" Tron said and hurried off. In the halls, there was firing and explosions. It was MegaMan and X making their rescue to save their comrades. Tron arrived at the scene, when there are no more robots for MegaMan and X to fight. "Stand aside!" X ordered. "How dare you tell me what to do!" Tron shouted. She then fired multiple shots at them with HER buster gun, but they dodged the shots. "X! Go find Roll and Zero, I'll keep her busy!" MegaMan said. "OK!" X replied. X then hurried of in the direction towards the brig, where Roll and Zero were being held. MegaMan was charging at Tron with his Blade Arm and kept slashing at her. While dodging the slashes, Tron charged and tackled MegaMan. Then she threw him against the wall.


"X! It's you!" said Zero, with excitement. X then handed Zero his saber and Zero slashed open the bars of the cell and stepped out. Roll followed but then asked, "Where's MegaMan?" X answered, "He's down there." pointing at the hall where he came from. They then heard the sounds of MegaMan getting the crap beaten out of him. Roll gasped in horror. "I have to go help MegaMan!" "But!..." Roll was already gone before X could finish. MegaMan was lying on the ground, severely beaten. Tron walked up to MegaMan and said, "It's over, MegaMan!" A shot rang out and Tron was hit in the back. Then a voice spoke, "Not by a long shot!" It was Roll with her buster gun aimed at Tron. Tron then stood and said, "I'll take care of you PERSONALLY!" and aimed her buster at Roll. Now both of them were staring in the barrel of the other's buster gun.

...Who will win the fight? Tron or Roll!

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