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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by MMFreak
A Year Later: Chapter 5 - Battle For the Island


"Damn! How could I have let them get away?!" shouted MegaMan. X then answered, "It's not your fault. You didn't see it coming. WE didn't see it coming." MegaMan then calmed down. "You're right!...Besides, we need to figure out a way to free Roll and Zero." he said. X agreed and the two of them began planning.

On Board the Gesellshaft...

Roll was lying, unconscious, on the floor. Zero was just sitting down. They were both being held in the brig. Suddenly, Roll started to wake up. "Wha...what...where...where am I?" she asked as she woke up. Zero then answered, "We're in the brig on the pirate ship The Gesellshaft. We've been taken prisoner by the Bonnes." Roll stood up, only to feel pain in her chest as she got up. She then remembered MegaMan's words when she finished her armor. < Remember, you can still get hurt while wearing the armor...Just because you're wearing the armor, doesn't mean that you are fully protected! > Roll then muttered something to herself, "MegaMan! You were right!" Zero then stood up. "Someone's coming!" he said. It was Tron, only she was wearing armor just like Roll, only pink. Tron stopped at their cell and looked at them. "Well MegaMan should be here any moment. For now, I'll settle for one of the Pirate Hunter's top hunters...YOU Zero." "You son of a bitch, I'll kill ya!" shouted Zero. Tron just chuckled at Zero's response. Suddenly, there was an explosion. "What the f-?" Tron said and hurried off. In the halls, there was firing and explosions. It was MegaMan and X making their rescue to save their comrades. Tron arrived at the scene, when there are no more robots for MegaMan and X to fight. "Stand aside!" X ordered. "How dare you tell me what to do!" Tron shouted. She then fired multiple shots at them with HER buster gun, but they dodged the shots. "X! Go find Roll and Zero, I'll keep her busy!" MegaMan said. "OK!" X replied. X then hurried of in the direction towards the brig, where Roll and Zero were being held. MegaMan was charging at Tron with his Blade Arm and kept slashing at her. While dodging the slashes, Tron charged and tackled MegaMan. Then she threw him against the wall. MegaMan then mutters something to himself. "Crazy son of a bitch is gonna kill me if I don't do something."


"X! It's you!" said Zero, with excitement. X then handed Zero his saber and Zero slashed open the bars of the cell and stepped out. Roll followed but then asked, "Where's MegaMan?" X answered, "He's down there." pointing at the hall where he came from. They then heard the sounds of MegaMan getting the crap beaten out of him. Roll gasped in horror. "I have to go help MegaMan!" "But!..." Roll was already gone before X could finish. MegaMan was lying on the ground, severely beaten. Tron walked up to MegaMan and said, "It's over, MegaMan!" A shot rang out and Tron was hit in the back. Then a voice spoke, "Not by a long shot!" It was Roll with her buster gun aimed at Tron. Tron then stood and said, "I'll take care of you PERSONALLY!" and aimed her buster at Roll. Now both of them were staring in the barrel of the other's buster gun. Then, in what seemed like a lifetime, Roll and Tron each fired one shot from their busters and were both hit at the same time from the other's shot. Tron got up quicker than Roll did. "Time to die, Blondie!" said Tron gripping a saber with a red blade. MegaMan saw that Roll needed his help. He then equipped his Machine Gun Arm and fired 10 shots at Tron, sending her to the wall. Roll looked at MegaMan who then became unconscious. Roll then equipped MegaMan's old Grand Grenade special weapon, threw a grenade at the wall close to Tron and with the explosion, escaped the Gesellshaft by jumping on the Flutter that was being piloted by X. Tron ran to where MegaMan and Roll had escaped and spoke, "I'm not finished with you just yet......Roll!"

On the Flutter...

Zero was helping Roll bring in the semi-conscious MegaMan. "He's a piece of work," said X. "He's just exhausted from what happened today," said Roll, "He hasn't done anything like this in over a year." Zero helps Roll take MegaMan to his room and lies him down on his bed. "He really took a beating up there!" said Zero. "Rest easy, MegaMan!" said Roll quietly before she left the room. On the bridge, X was flying the ship while Zero was looking at the navigational controls. Suddenly, Roll enters. "X, I'll take over from here!" said Roll. "Oh! Okay!" replied X. Roll then took the wheel from X. There was only the sound of the engine for 10 seconds until X spoke. "I hope MegaMan will be okay?" "I've seen him recover from worse. Of course he'll be okay!" answered Roll. Suddenly, there was an explosion. MegaMan entered weakly. "What the hell's going on?!" said MegaMan. "It's the Bonnes!" shouted Roll. Two Bonne ships fly past the Flutter, turn around and fire again. "It's a good thing I modified the Flutter to be more combatant!" said Roll. Roll then pressed a button on the wheel and gun turrets appear on the sides of the ship. "X! Zero! Go man the turrets!" orders Roll. X and Zero take off to prepare for a dogfight. Zero admiring the weaponry. "This kicks ass!". As the Bonne ships pass by the Flutter they are immediately shot at. The night sky lights up at the aerial battle. In one turret, X gets a lock on a Bonne ship. "Say cheese!" shouts X as he fires at the ship and shoots it down. "That'll teach you to mess with me!" "Don't get cocky, X!" says Zero over the radio. Soon Zero gets a lock on the last Bonne ship. "Eat this!" shouts Zero as he shoots down the last Bonne ship. Roll then sighs and says, "That should be the last one." Roll then lands the Flutter down on the island. X and Zero head back to the Hunter as MegaMan and Roll head to their rooms for a good nights rest.

That Night...

"MegaMan! Behind you!" shouts Roll. MegaMan turns around to see Tron ready to stab him. Roll comes up from the side, pushes MegaMan out of the way and gets stabbed instead in the upper-right chest and lets out a cry of pain. Tron then pulls out the blade and Roll collapses to the floor.>

"Gaaaaah!" Breathing heavily, Roll wakes up in her bed, unskewered. She puts her hand to her chest to find out that there is no hole to see through her body. She lies back down on her bed, turns her head and looks at the stuffed penguin MegaMan bought her a year earlier. She then looks up at the ceiling to see the model of the Sulfur-Bottom MegaMan also bought her a year earlier. "Just a dream. all seemed so real. Maybe it's a prediction...a warning of some sort?" said Roll. Roll then closes her eyes and goes straight to sleep.

At Dawn...

MegaMan is in the Kitchen making eggs, bacon and toast. Roll enters the living room in her pajamas and turns on the news. MegaMan enters from the kitchen in blue sweatpants, a white T-shirt and wearing a "Kiss the Cook" apron. Data enters the room with letters in his hand and the Sunday Paper. "We got mail!" says the little monkey. Roll takes the letters as MegaMan takes the Paper. "Thanks, Data!" says MegaMan. Roll is looking through the envelopes. "Hey! There's a letter from Gramps!" says Roll. Roll opens up the envelope and reads the letter out loud.

Dear Roll,
Your mother and I are doing fine here at Kattelox Island. We have heard about the incident at Kimké Island and we, your mother and I, have decided to go there. We will arrive in about two days. Attached is a blue print for a special weapon your mother and I developed. It's called 'Rapid Laser.' Like the Machine Gun Arm, it fires several rounds per second. You'll find more instructions on the blue prints. The weapon itself is in my room on the Flutter, on top of my desk. Use it wisely.
Love always,

"Hmmmm! 'Rapid Laser,' huh?" said MegaMan. Both of them stare at each other for 5 seconds and sprint over to Barrel's room to find the weapon sitting on the desk. "Well, lets get it equipped right away!" said Roll.


"There! It's ready!" said Roll in her red armor. "I can't wait to see what it does!" exclaimed MegaMan in his armor. Suddenly the Flutter gets hit by something. "Now's a good time to try it out!" said MegaMan. MegaMan and Roll step out of the Flutter to find Tron waiting for them along with some men in green armor and the Bonne family symbol on their helmets. "Roll, get behind me, this weapon could be very powerful." said MegaMan. He then aims his Rapid Laser at one of the guys and fires it. Within less than a second five laser bolts blast at the man as he falls to the ground. Adrenalin is now clearly visible in the green eyes of the digger. Tron activates her saber and charges after MegaMan. Roll reaches to the left of her belt, pulls off a similar saber, activates it with a light green blade and blocks Tron's attack. As the two clash sabers, MegaMan "drops the gloves" and mauls the last soldier. Tron takes the opportunity, with MegaMan off guard, kicks Roll away and walks toward MegaMan. Suddenly, Roll's dream comes to her mind. I've seen this before last night. "MegaMan! Behind you!" shouts Roll. MegaMan turns around to see Tron ready to stab him. Roll comes up from the side, pushes MegaMan out of the way and gets stabbed instead in the upper-right chest and lets out a cry of pain. Tron then pulls out the blade and Roll collapses to the floor. "ROLL!" shouts MegaMan. MegaMan looks at Tron, draws his Rapid Laser and fires it at Tron. "DAMN YOU TO HELL!" shouts MegaMan. Tron tries to evade all of the shots but ends up getting hit in the back twice. "Come get me!" says Tron in her COM-link. A Bonne ship flies by and Tron gets in. MegaMan lowers his weapon and looks at Roll and the hole in her chest. "Roll! Roll why? Why did you do that?" asked MegaMan. "Because...I" said Roll weakly. "I-I-I'll take care of you! Don't worry!" said MegaMan.


After mending Roll's wounds MegaMan lays the unconscious girl in her bed. Something bad is going to happen...I can feel it. Suddenly, there is a radio transmission coming from the bridge. "Thi......Pi...te Hunt...X! Can hear me? Me...Man come in?! Ze...has be..capt...d!" The message doesn't come in clear until the end of his message. "I rep...Zero has been captured!"

The Next Day...

The soldiers of the Pirate Hunters march into the dropships as each dropship takes off. One by one, each dropship lands near the soon-to-be battlefield, the city, where the Bonnes and the Pirate Hunters will fight each other for the island. Already several hundreds of Pirate Hunter soldiers are gathered at the front lines.

Behind Enemy Lines...

"Let me go you worm!" shouts Zero. "Oh I think not, my red friend!" replies Teasel, "See I have saved you for a special occasion." Zero comes up with a smart remark. "Did it ever occur to you that your sister is at the front lines, leading the charge for you?" "WHAT!?" is Teasel's only response.

At the front lines...

The Colonel and his troops begin the march to the city, whereas Tron is doing the same. MegaMan is at the Flutter with Roll who has been unconscious since her fight with Tron, which has been one day. Roll will be fine. I've got to help the pirate hunters, thought MegaMan.

In the city...

The Bonne army and the pirate hunter army charge at each other with sabers activated. MegaMan is rushing to the city with his Blade Arm equipped. He hears the sounds of sabers clashing and swinging and people getting struck. Damn, I hope I'm not too late, thought MegaMan.


The Colonel and his army were winning until a cannon shot rang out and 30 pirate hunter soldiers are hit with the blast. "Fire cannons!" commanded the Colonel. The pirate hunter artillery cannons fire multiple blasts and the Bonne soldiers are hit.

In the Flutter...

Roll wakes up realizing that she is in her room. She leaves her room wondering what is going on, since it was the cannon shots that woke her up. "MegaMan? MegaMan where are you?" She soon hears the sounds of the battle. "Oh no!"

On the battlefield...

The Colonel is finishing off a Bonne Soldier when he sees Tron walking up to him. He then stands and gets ready, staring straight at Tron who then charges at him. The two clash sabers as MegaMan and X are side by side, each taking care of an enemy soldier. Suddenly, everyone stops and looks up to the sky to hear the sound of what seems to be a jetpack. A red figure deactivates the pack, lands near the Bonne soldiers, activates his saber and says, "Who dies first?" "ZERO!!!" shouts X. One by one, Bonne soldiers charge and gets sliced by Zero. The battle that was going on before he arrived starts again. While at the entrance to the city, Roll looks in fear for MegaMan's life at the battle. How could it have gone to this? A battle? Will a stupid battle solve everything? Lives will be lost! Those we love dearly will be gone! As these thoughts race through Roll's mind, images of dead bodies and destroyed buildings come to her mind. Roll starts to shed some tears as the next thoughts race through her mind. Why couldn't things be more peaceful? Why can't we live in a world without fighting? What does fighting solve? Nothing......"Why couldn't this be solved peacefully?!"...

"Take this!" shouts X slashing his enemies. Zero says nothing as he slashes his enemies. MegaMan charges after Tron and slashes at her with his Blade Arm but she dodges the attack and cuts MegaMan on his left arm Tron gets ready for her kill strike but before the blade would slice through MegaMan's body, he blocks the swing with his Blade Arm blade. Now Tron's red, pipe-like blade was against MegaMan's Rainbow colored and blunted blade. Zero, fighting two soldiers at once, outnumbered but still holds on and strikes both soldiers. Tron knocks MegaMan to the ground and takes a glance at Zero killing her soldiers. The numbers of soldiers on the Bonnes' side has come to about 50. Tron finally reaches Zero and the two clash sabers. Zero swipes at the head but is blocked. Tron swipes at the chest, but Zero ducks and is cut on the arm as he screams in pain. He then gets up of the ground and swipes at Tron's head twice until he feels a beam blade of heat skewer through his stomach. "ZERO!!!" shouts X as he sees his best friend get stabbed. Tron pulls the blade out and looks at her opponent. X charges at Tron and cuts her in her arm. Finally, at daybreak, Tron orders a retreat, and the Pirate Hunters start to celebrate. Except X, who is at Zero's side. "Zero! Zero! Speak to me! Zero!" says X. "X...I'm...sorry." says Zero, "I...was all." "Zero, I'm sorry!" says X. The Soldiers start to look at X. "Don't be. Yes...I'll die...but...I'll die...with one thing no pirate...can take from me." says Zero, "M-my......honor......and...loyalty........." And with that, Zero, a great Pirate Hunter, dies in X's arms. MegaMan looks around and sees a red figure run towards him. "MegaMan!" It is Roll. "Roll?!" Roll then hugs MegaMan and gives him a long kiss on the lips. She then lets go and looks down on the ground "Sorry MegaMan." All MegaMan could do was force a chuckle. Roll then hugs MegaMan again. "Oh, MegaMan! I thought I would never see you again!" she says. Roll starts to cry a little before MegaMan's reply. "I'm okay, Roll! I'm okay. A little cut, but I'm okay!" said MegaMan. Roll just looks up at him and smiles with teary eyes.

On The Hunter the next day...

"And so, with bravery and valor on the battlefield...I present thee, Xavier Light, Leader of the 17th Unit, with The Medal of Excess Valor." After the presenter awards X the medal, the audience claps for X. X then goes up to the podium for his speech.

"My friends...this day is not for me. I am not happy this day for my best friend is dead and I am here being awarded a medal I do not think I deserve." X pauses for a moment to gather his words. "Zero of the #0 Unit died for the Pirate Hunters, for what he believed in, for me. No my friends, I accept this award for Zero and Zero alone because he is the one who truly deserves this award."

The audience bow their heads in memory of Zero for they knew that he was a great warrior and a skilled hunter, but also, Zero was a good friend, feared swordsman and a great sharpshooter with his buster.

Later, on the Flutter...

MegaMan and Roll are sitting on the Flutter, watching the red sun set on a sad day. "Too bad about Zero, huh MegaMan?" asked Roll. "Yeah. X must be really sad right now, losing his best friend." Replied MegaMan. "...Um...MegaMan?" said Roll. "What is it, Roll?" asks MegaMan. "......Um...uh...nothing. Never mind. It's...not important!" replied Roll. There's got to be an easier way to tell him how I feel about him, Thought Roll. MegaMan and Roll sit watching the sunset on the upper deck of the Flutter. MegaMan has some concerns on his face. What is up with Roll? She's been acting weird lately. The hugs she gives me whenever we see each other. That...kiss she gave me after the battle, and that was no kiss, that was a KISS. An "I love you" kiss. And when she held my hand during the award ceremony. Whatever Roll is feeling, I feel the same way. I think...I think I love her!

A year later...

Diggers start joining the Pirate Hunters and change the name to the United Digger Association (UDA), an organization whose goal is to be the "Global Police" so-to-speak and MegaMan and Roll told each other about their feelings for the other and in case you haven't been keeping track, MegaMan and Roll are now 17 years-old and are dating each other.

The End?

-Any non-MegaMan Legends spin-off has no relation to anything that is of the Original Megaman Series, the X Series, the Zero Series, or the Battle Network Series. I made up the entire fan fiction?

Spoilers for the future-
"Miss Tron, I know you like him but why are we spying on him?" asks the little servbot. "I need to find out something." said Tron.

"Roll, I want you to know that nothing will ever separate us." said MegaMan holding Roll's hands together as they lean towards each other like they're gonna kiss.

Tron turns her back towards MegaMan and looks at the floor. "How could you choose that bitch over me! What do see in her?!" Tron then gets in front of MegaMan's face. "Would you mind telling me that, MegaMan?!"

"Trigger! we need your help!" said Sera. "Please! Help us, Trigger!" pleaded Yuna.
-The future will reveal itself. My next Fan Fiction, The Chronicles of Trigger and Roll.

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