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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by MMFreak
The Chronicles of Trigger and Roll: Chapter 1 - Trigger and Roll's First Date

MegaMan Narration: You think you know me, but you don't know me that well! My name is MegaMan Volnutt, a Digger. I was raised by Barrel Caskett along with his Granddaughter, Roll Caskett my Spotter. 3 years ago, we crash landed on Kattelox Island where we meet the Bonnes a pirate family looking for the legendary treasure on that island. 2 years ago me and Roll discovered the keys to the Mother Lode, which would've ended up being the apocalypse. Last year, we meet X and Zero on Kimké Island. Two Pirate Hunters who ended up fighting in a battle against the Bonnes that never should've happened. Now, Roll and I are just Island Hopping since there is no point in trying to find "The Mother Lode" because it doesn't exist anymore, but we know one thing, there is still a whole world full of adventure out there.

Trigger and Roll's First Date
MegaMan Narration: One of the highest rules of dating is that the first date is the most important date. I'll have to remind myself that, for the first date could also be the last.

"The memories of Kimké Island are still fresh in my mind." said MegaMan. "I know! It...seems like it just happened yesterday!" said Roll. The two are sitting in the living room. "I'm sorry that you two had to get involved in something like that." said Barrell. Suddenly, Matilda (not Yuna in Matilda's body) comes walking in. "At least you two were alright. You know, MegaMan, you remind me an awful lot like Banner......I miss him dad." "So do I, Matilda. So do I." said Barrell. MegaMan then changes the subject. "Lets see what's on the news!" MegaMan then turns of the T.V. "...and in other news today, the manhunt continues for the female air pirate known as Tron Bonne," MegaMan, Roll and Barrell stare at the T.V. with eyes the size of 16 inch softballs, "Bonne is responsible for the bombing of the Loath Weapons Processing Plant as well as the deaths of many clients of the notorious Lex Loath himself. As you may not remember, Glyde, who was associated with the Loath Corperation, was supposedly killed 2 years ago on the outskirts of Yosyonke City with involvement from the Bonnes during the search for the keys to the Mother Lode which brings up another mystery: is there really a great lost treasure? We'll never know! Coming up next, 3 ways for making yourself look younger." The T.V. is turned off and MegaMan, Roll and Barrell are speechless after what they heard. "I-I-I...can't believe it!" said Barrell. "Yeah!" said Roll. "Ways for me to actually look younger-" "No!" shouted Roll. MegaMan and Roll then whisper things to each other. "Tron is now a mass murderer and we're number 1 on her hit list." whispers Roll. "No, if we were we'd be dead right now." said MegaMan.

On Kimké Island...

A group of criminals are gathered at a table in an old abandoned warehouse. "Gentlemen!" said a familiar voice. "I have gathered you all here today for one thing...chaos!" All of the criminals start getting into the speech. A female figure turned around to face them. It was Tron. "So what do you want from us?" someone spoke. " a good question. One for which I have the answer to. I want you to kill MegaMan and his 'girlfriend,' Roll." Another person spoke. "Why not just kill them yourself?" "They're too fast for me to do it alone!" replied Tron. A tough looking guy said, "Ya' know what, forget this. Why should we even listen to a skrawny little girl like you?" "Wrong answer." said Tron and she draws out somewhat of a dart. Razor-sharp blades that look like wings appear on the sides. She throws the dart at the guy. It goes tight through his chest and hits off the wall and with that, he dies right there on the spot. "Anyone else?" says Tron. Everybody just looks at her. "Good! Now let's get off this island."

Later That Night...

MegaMan and Roll are sitting in a fancy restraint on their first date. The both of them were eating. Roll looks up at MegaMan, then at her plate and sighs. MegaMan notices Roll's expression. "What's wrong?" he asks. "I-I-I...I don't know. I feel like something bad is gonna happen." said Roll. "Listen." MegaMan started, "Roll, I want you to know that nothing will ever separate us." said MegaMan holding Roll's hands together as they lean towards each other like they're gonna kiss. Suddenly there is an explosion and the same criminals from the warehouse barge into the restraint. "C'mon!" said MegaMan as he grabs Roll's arm and the two hurry to take cover. MegaMan presses a button on his blue watch and all of a sudden, his armor appears out of nowhere. "Where's MegaMan and Roll?" spoke a criminal. Roll pulls out a pistol, MegaMan draws his pistols from their holsters and they both get up. "Here we are." said MegaMan as both of them had their pistols aimed. Suddenly, Tron emerges from the smoke. "Hello, MegaMan." she says. Already, MegaMan knows that this is not the Tron that he knows because of her voice. It's deeper than when he last saw her during the Battle of Kimké Island a year ago. "Tron?" said MegaMan. Tron gave out a chuckle. "You're half right." said Tron. "I'm Xiao-Tron now." she said. "Tell me somethin' Xiao, was it you committing those crimes or was it Tron?" Before Xiao-Tron could answer, there was gunfire from somewhere but it wasn't from the criminals. It was from the local UDF (United Digger Federation) soldiers. MegaMan and Roll got down to avoid gunfire. Roll reaches for her comm. "Mom! We need the Flutter here ASAP!" "Roger!" said Matilda on the comm. Soon the Flutter arrives and they leave in the ship. Later, they are at the doors to their rooms. "What a crazy night." said Roll. "Yeah." said MegaMan. The two then kissed each other goodnight and went to bed.

...What happened to the real Tron and why does Xiao-Tron want Trigger dead?

To Be Continued...

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