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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by MMFreak
The Chronicles of Trigger and Roll: Chapter 2 - The Return of Glyde Part 1

Roll Narration: "Okay! Let me bring you up to speed. MegaMan and I are remembering the Battle of Kimké Island when a news report comes on about Tron. It seems that Tron is hiring mercenaries and criminals to kill MegaMan, and they barge in on our first date. Rude much? Anyway, it seems that 'Xiao-Tron' wants MegaMan dead. Before that happens the UDF soldiers crash the party, save our butts, and the night ends with a kiss. I think I hear wedding bells.

MegaMan Narration: When people say that the past can come back to haunt you, sometimes it's true, well for the Bonnes that is.

Tron is facing the mirror in her room. "MegaMan, what have I done?" she asks. Suddenly the image of her in the mirror starts talking in the voice of Xiao. "You've made yourself better." said Xiao. " it right?" said Tron. "Who cares? You're nearly complete. There's just one thing left for you to do." said Xiao. "What? Tell me! Tell me now!" demanded Tron. "...Kill MegaMan...and his stupid girlfriend, Roll." said Xiao.

MegaMan and Roll are in the Cardon Forrest on Kattelox Island. They both have Zetsabers active and are staring at each other. Roll with a blue saber while MegaMan has a green saber. Suddenly they both charge at each other and clash sabers. At some points, it seems like Roll is winning but then MegaMan swings with all of his might, knocks the saber out of her hands, twirls the saber around a bit, approaches Roll and swings at her head but stopping the blade before it hits her. There is a pause then MegaMan speaks. "I'm getting better!" he said. "Yeah! You've improved!" said Roll.


MegaMan is sitting in his room thinking about the encounter he had with Tron. That was not Tron over at that restraunt. The Tron I knew would never do that. Suddenly, a Bonne Drach ship lands close to the Flutter. All of a sudden, Teasel Bonne steps out of the ship with a note in his hands. "I have a message for you, MegaMan." Teasel hands MegaMan the message and takes off as MegaMan is reading the message:


Meet me at Kimotoma City on Saul Kada Island. There is something very important that I have to tell you. Be there on time, OR ELSE!


"This could be a trap!" said Roll. MegaMan looked back at Roll. "...But if we have to, we'll go and meet her." MegaMan grinned and headed inside the Flutter when Roll muttered something. "...Even if she is a..." "Roll, hurry up!" said MegaMan.

At the Kimotoma City Docking Bay...

Both, the Gesellshaft and the Flutter docked right next to each other. Tron and Teasel disembarked from the Gesellshaft and MegaMan, Roll, and Data from the Flutter. "So?! What is it you wanted to tell me!" demanded Tron. "Huh?! Wait a minute, you wrote to me!" said MegaMan. "Well if either of you didn't write to the other, then who wrote to both of you?" said Teasel. Suddenly, a familiar voice echoed in the air. "It was me!" Then two plasma shots rang out and MegaMan and Teasel were both on the ground in pain. A figure shaped like Glyde approached the girls. "Roll!" shouts MegaMan. MegaMan tosses his Zetsaber at Roll and She catches the *hilt of the saber. Both Tron and Roll activate their Zetsabers (Roll-blue blade with MegaMan's green blade, Tron-crimson blade) and charge at Glyde. Glyde activates a Double-Bladed Zetsaber with yellow blades, and counters the attacks, cutting the two on their right arm and leg. As the two are on the ground, covering their wounds, Glyde shoots bullet-sized Tranquilizer darts at Tron and Roll, and carries the two off. Before going unconscious, Tron curses Glyde. ",...Glyde!" As Glyde's ship takes off, MegaMan slowly gets up. No! Not again! Who knows what that pretty boy will do to them. "Don't worry Tron and Roll. I'll save you." muttered MegaMan. He then turns to Teasel who finally got up. "We need a plan to rescue Tron and Roll! Good thing I planted a homing device on Roll after the Battle of Kimké." said MegaMan. "How did you do that?" said Teasel. "You don't wanna know!" said MegaMan. "Yes I do." said Teasel. "Okay, I'll tell you on the way, but first, let's go save'em." MegaMan and Teasel both boarded the Gesellshaft and left to follow Glyde and save Tron and Roll.

...Can Teasel and Trigger find a way to rescue Tron and Roll?

To Be Continued...

* the hilt of a sword is the part the user holds on to. In this case, the hilt is the handle of the Zetsaber.

<< Previous Chapter To Be Continued...

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