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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Omega Trigger
Back to Terra: Chapter 1 - Back to Terra

It's been two months since the battle for terra, Megaman, Sera and yuna were still trapped on Elysium. Megaman got tired of waiting for Roll to come and get them so he started on his own ship, he gathered parts from reaverbots he had blown up in the space station to build the rocket he called Terra two. Terra two is built with enough room for three passengers and enough cargo space to fit the Flutter.

Yuna and Sera walked out of the masters house and saw Megaman building this giant ship, " Megaman what is that thing your building!" shouted Sera. Megaman jumps out of the ship and walks over to Yuna and Sera, "this is going to get us back to Terra Sera, I got tired of waiting for Roll, this way we can get there faster, with your help we can finish it in less than tree days." The three of them started to work hard trying to get terra two fully funtional for the trip.

Meanwhile. back on Terra Roll and Tron were resting in their rooms well Teasle, prof.Barrel data and von Muller were still trying to get the ship to work and when it went up it blew up in mid air. Tron and Roll started to head back to the launch pad well rested and of course tron and Roll start arguing about the plans again and don't even hear poor Data trying to tell them something, data sighs and starts to think about Megaman.

Back on the space station Elysium, Megaman and the two mother units Sera and Yuna worked hard on the space ship Megaman started. Terra two was almost finished.

Two days later.

"There done finally", Megaman exclaimed "were ready to head back to Terra ." The three of them got in to the ship and Megaman flicked a few switches, turned a few knobs and pressed a few buttons. Soon flickering lights filled the cockpit of Terra two signaling that the ship was ready for launch. " Everybody ready" shouted Megaman over the loud engine, Sera and Yuna gave him a thumbs up and then Megaman realeased the docking clamps. Once they cleared Elysium they plotted in their course and started to head back to Terra.

While Megaman and the two mother units were soaring in space. The others on Terra were still trying to get their shuttle to work. Roll and Tron were about to try again when they saw a shooting star in broad day light, (what could that be? ), Roll thought as Tron was thinking the same thing but they both just ignored it.

Well on Terra two Megaman and the two mother units Sera and Yuna were entering Terra's atmosphere, ( were almost home) Megaman thought to himself. About an hour later they were about to land on the island where Roll and the others were working. At first they didn't know what it was, but when the ship's door opened everyone's face was gleaming with joy when they saw Megaman. Roll and Tron burst into tears as they started to run towards Megaman. As Megaman watched the two girls come running towards him he thought, (UH OH!) as they ran right in to him knocking him to the ground.

Once everything was said and done Megaman told the group about his adventures on Elysium while they all ate dinner. While Megaman was telling his stories Tron was planning something. That night they all went to sleep relieved that Megaman had come back, Tron wasn't able to sleep so she went and put a disabler device on the torso part of Megaman's armor.

The next morning while Megaman was out walking with Roll and Tron, Tron pushed a button and the disabler device on Megaman became active. Megaman fell to the ground and he and Tron were picked up by two servbots in a drake." Tron stop!" pleaded Roll, " someone help Tron is kidnapping Megaman", but nobody came in time to stop her.

Tron took Megaman back to the Bonne family air ship and tied him to a pole and then started to laugh proud of what she had done. Megaman shouted that she would not get away with it and that Roll would form a search party to find him.

Roll like Megaman said formed a search party in search of him. As prepared the Flutter for take off she was hoping Megaman was alright. Roll took off and caught up to the Bonne's airship in no time after all the thing was big and slow.

Meanwhile on the ship megaman had escaped Tron's grasp and was making way out through an air shaft. It wasn't till a few moments later that Tron realized that he was gone and she immediately sounded the alarm. Megaman heard the alarms and Tron's angry voice and thought ( I don't have much time it is only a matter of time before they find me. )

( man this shaft goes on forever ) he thought to himself until he saw some light ahead of him, it was an open bomb shaft. Megaman jumped through the bomb shaft and fell 100 feet until he landed in the Ocean. When Roll saw him floating in the Ocean she immediately lowered the Flutter and then Lowered a ladder for him to climb in to the Flutter. Once Megaman was in the Flutter they flew back to the island.

On their way back Roll asked Megaman if he was alright and if Tron hurt him at all, Megaman explained to Roll that he was alright and nothing bad had happened, Roll was relieved to hear that he was alright. When they got back Megaman and Roll were greeted by everyone and they were all relieved that the two of them were alright. After all the greetings were said and done everyone returned to their regular daily lives.

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