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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Omega Trigger
Back to Terra: Chapter 2 - The Reunion

It has been six months since the battle for Terra and everything started to calm down. It was close to Christmas and everybody was bright and cheery, everybody that is except Roll who was depressed about her parents who saw her but had no idea who she was. Well Barrel and megaman saw how depressed she was and went to find the ultimate gift. Their gift would be something she would remember all her life, but first they had to find it, there were two parts to this gift and it was going to be hard to track them down. "Ok Megaman if we're going to find my daughter and son in law we're going to have to split up", whispered Barrel " we only have two weeks so we will have to work fast" replied megaman. "I can track down her mother" whispered Megaman, " then Ill look for Banner" replied Barrel "gramps we met him on Calinca island and he doesn't remember much" said Megaman "so it's going to be tuff" replied barrel "yeah" said Megaman.

As the two of them left they were in high hopes. Roll was still in her room depressed, ( I thought Christmas was a time of joy but it's nothing but sadness for me ) she thought to herself. As Megaman tried to contact Yuna with the radio in the shuttle they used to return to Terra, " Yuna.Yuna are you there hurry it's a matter of life and death!" shouted Megaman " what.what's wrong" replied Yuna out of breath " nothing I just wanted to see how fast you could run to the radio" replied Megaman with a giggle in his voice, Yuna sighed and then started to yell at Megaman. " Actually I need to talk to you about Roll's mother" exclaimed Megaman as he explained what he and the professor were planing. While on Calinca island Barrel found Joe (Banner) and tried to help him remember his past, " what do remember about your family" asked Barrel " just their names" replied Joe "this might take a while" said Barrel softly.

"So you want to give Roll her parents for Christmas" said Yuna " yep that's what we want to do, so..have you found a new host yet?" asked Megaman " actually we built one so you can give Roll her mother back" said Yuna "THAT'S GREAT!" shouted Megaman "come by here and you can talk to her" said Yuna. Back on the Flutter data was trying to cheer up Roll "Roll come on cheer up" he shouted as he did a funny dance to try and make her laugh but she just ignored him. Data kept on trying until Roll finally had enough and tossed him out of her room. On Calinca island Barrel finally got Banner to remember who he was "so you want me to be half the gift to Roll" asked Banner "yes" replied Barrel "well I would love to see my family again" exclaimed Banner, "great just let me call the other half first" replied Barrel. While on Forbidden island megaman gave Yuna a visit. "Megaman you're here great were just beginning the extraction process" exclaimed Yuna.

"Great" replied Megaman, as the process started Megaman was excited to actually meet Roll's mother Matilda. The separation process was complete and Matilda was her own master again, "" asked Matilda in a panic, " you're on Forbidden Island" replied Megaman "it's been ten years since you crashed here initially" explained Yuna. As Yuna explained to Matilda what happened Megaman got a call on his radio "Megaman are you there? I've got Banner" said Barrel over the radio " hey gramps I've got Matilda" replied Megaman. As megaman and Barrel agreed on a place to meet up, Yuna just finished with Matilda, "so you must be Megaman" asked Matilda "yeah that's me and you'll soon see your husband and daughter." About three hours later the two of them met up with Barrel and banner on Nino island, Banner and Matilda were reunited and it was a big mushy but happy reunion.

As the four of them got to the Flutter Barrel took banner and Matilda to the living room while Megaman got Roll. Megaman got to Roll's room and said that he and Gramps had a big surprise for her in the living room, so Megaman blindfolded Roll and led her to the living room. When she and Megaman got there megaman whispered "you can take off the blindfold now" in her ear, so Roll took off the blindfold and when she saw her parents standing in front of her she looked like a deer in the headlights. She gawked with her mouth wide open for a moment and then smiled and asked "Mom.Dad, you remember me?" as they both nodded yes Roll started to cry with joy and raced over to hug them both, it was a great reunion for the three of them and with that Roll exclaimed "this is the best Christmas ever!"

<< Previous Chapter To Be Continued...

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