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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Omega Trigger
Trigger Meet Megaman: Chapter 1

It was a bright sunny day where birds were singing and children were playing, on days like these Megaman was glad that the world was safe from Wily at least for a while. Megaman and Roll were playing with Rush and Dr.Light was relaxing in a lawn chair in the sun, suddenly there was a big explosion and as Megaman and the others looked to see what it was, well it was none other than Bass himself looking to cause trouble to get Megaman's attention. Megaman was not about to stand by and let Bass get away with all the destruction he had caused, so Megaman quickly changed into his armor and then hopped on Rush to go battle Bass and Treble. While the two were battling there was another big explosion caused by Megaman and Bass' buster guns, the explosion had caused a rift between dimensions. The rift had sucked up Megaman and Rush and had sent them through to a different dimension leaving Bass wondering what happened.

While in their dimension Megaman Trigger, Roll and Data were having a picnic and none of them ever saw what was about to happen next. When Trigger and the others were eating something strange happened, suddenly the sky went dark and a strong wind came up then all of a sudden a portal opened up in the sky and two figures dropped out. The two figures that had fallen out of the portal were Megaman and Rush well Trigger and Roll could not believe their eyes standing in front of them was another Megaman they both stared in shock as did Megaman and Rush. " Who.who are you" asked Megaman, trigger answered saying " That's what we would like to know." " Well I can tell you how I got here but to get back is a whole other story, oh by the way my name is Megaman and this is Rush!" "Hi I'm Megaman Trigger and this Roll and Data." " So how did you get here?" asked Trigger.

As Megaman told his story Trigger and Roll were surprised that could even happen. " So that's how you got here huh" replied Trigger "yeah that's how it happened weird huh" "yeah I'd say" said Trigger " so how are you going to get home?" asked Roll "well I'm not really sure?" replied Megaman. " Well why don't you and Rush stay with us?" said Roll and Megaman agreed to stay with them. The next day trouble was brewing at city hall on Ktox Island. Megaman and Trigger rushed over to find the Bonne's; the two of them took down the Bonne's machines. Megaman Took care of the little bouldowsers and Trigger took care of the flying Blumbears. Just after they had finished Bon Bonne came and the awesome duo took Bon apart like he was a wet paper bag. The two of them got allot of praise and were well rewarded but this is only the beginning of the end.

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