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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Omega Trigger
Legends Eternity : Chapter 1 - New Beginnings

Yuna: We have to get out of here before Elysium self destructs!
Megaman: We have no way out, Roll's not here yet and we don't have a ship of our own, we're done like dinner.
Sera: *How are we going to get out of this? Trigger's good but not even he can pull off an escape like this*
Computer Voice: Elysium self destruct in 180 seconds.
Megaman: This is it, We're all going to die.
Computer Voice: Detonation in 20 seconds .10 seconds Detonation commencing
(End Flashback)
Megaman: It's been two months since the detonation of Elysium and I'm still amazed that we even made it out but did we make it out?'s all such a blur in my mind I can't remember anything past the detonation.
Roll: Megaman are you alright?
Megaman: huh? Oh yeah I'm fine.
Roll: You look like you ve just seen a ghost is anything the matter?
Megaman: No I'm fine really. *Just rather confused about everything*
Roll: Well alright as long as your ok.

The detonation of Elysium was a catastrophic event wondering how he made it out alive Megaman is still very confused about the entire ordeal. Wondering if Yuna and Sera made it out just as he did, are they still alive? Why haven't they contacted me? Are all questions he asks to himself in the back of his mind.

Megaman: Two months and I'm still too shaken up to go on a simple dig .could I possibly be afraid? But .of what? many unanswered questions I'm so confused. As the day ended in utter confusion like all of the day's that passed since that incident. Would he ever get over it and move on in his life? Would he just leave those questions unanswered? Only time could tell.
Going on his first dig in more than two months Megaman was a little bit nervous and shaky about doing it. Unsure of what might happen he slowly got on his armor and made his way down to Roll so she could brief him on what was going to happen and what might occur.
Roll: So watch out for that as well .Megaman?...Megaman are you even listening to me?
Megaman: Huh? Yeah I'm listening.
Roll: Are you sure your up to this you still seem kind of out of it.
Megaman: Yeah I'm ready.

Making his way over to the ruins still thinking of all those unanswered questions he just shoved them to the back of his mind and started concentrating on the dig ahead of him. Entering the ruins they resembled Elysium so much he started shaking. After a few minutes just standing there he found enough courage to press on in to the ruins. Walking down a dark and damp hallway constantly feeling like he was being watched Megaman became rather skittish constantly looking over his shoulder blasting anything and everything whenever he heard a sound.

Roll: Megaman calm down we don't want the guardian reaverbot to know you're here yet.
Megaman: S-sorry
Roll: What's gotten in to you?
Megaman: Nothing it's nothing really.

Slowly making his way through the ruin Megaman made his way to the refractor chamber. Stopping on a moments hesitation on entering the room he took it slow entering watching his every move so he wouldn t awake the guardian reaverbot. Going up the stairs to reach the refractor consol to deactivate the shield around the refractor Megaman could hear small creaking noises. Quickly grabbing the refractor and racing out of the ruins and back to the Flutter in quite the panic he completed his digging mission not knowing someone followed him.
Roll: Megaman are you alright you look rather pale.
Megaman: I'm .fine Roll don't worry about me
Roll: Maybe you should go rest for a while.
Megaman: Yeah yeah I'll go do that.
Starting the Flutter's lift off sequence Roll couldn't help but feel as if there was something wrong aboard the ship but she just didn t know what it could be. Ignoring the feeling she started to pilot the Flutter off the island not knowing an unknown person was on the Flutter.
Another day that ended quite normal except for Megaman panicking in the ruins almost causing the guardian reaverbot to awaken. Setting the Flutter down on a near by island Roll went to get cleaned up and start dinner still unaware of the shadowed figure that was behind her the whole time. Suddenly getting a cold feeling Roll immediately whipped around to look behind her not seeing anything but a dark hallway. Convinced nothing was there she continued to the kitchen. Half way in to the living room she suddenly hears the door slam behind her startled and afraid she hesitantly turns around to see two eye s glowing in the shadows. Being so frightened that she's not able to scream Roll just stood there as the shadowed figure came closer to her. Dazed by the glowing eye's of the figure Roll had no means to defend herself as the room was slowly swallowed in the shadows.

<< Previous Chapter To Be Continued...

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