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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Pang
Payback For Losing: Chapter 1

Megaman and Tron, in her modified Gustaff, were fighting.They were fighting because Megaman always got in her way, all the time."TAKE THIS!!!!!!!!" screamed Tron, lifting an entire truck, then smashed Megaman with it."Uh!" groaned megaman, before fainting.Tron threw the truck in the air, before screaming"I WON!!!FINALLY!!!" she went back to the Gesellschaft to report to her brother, Teisel."Good work, Tron."praised Teisel" It was time he lost, anyway."sneered Tron.

Megaman awoke from sleep, groaning."where am I?" Roll came in with a mug of coffee consoled him."You did your best, Megaman.Anyway, I had completed a cool project.It's in the shape of a dinosaur.I call it the Genosaur.But, its strongest attack, the charged particle gun, is only 80% complete.This means however, it may be jammed or failed, if you fire it.But the pulse laser guns, machine guns and strech claws are100% guareented to be funtioning." Megaman was excited about this."Say, Roll, can I borrow it when I'm better?"

Roll grined."No you can't borrow it.But you'll have it.When you're fully recovered." "WOW!!!THANKS ROLL!!!!!" "My pleasure" she smiled at him, before leaving.He didn't stop thinking about the Genosaur.Another inspiration, just like she got his name from a TV show.Now, another show inspired her, Zoids."This is so cool!" thought Megaman

Meamwhile aboard the Gesellschaft, Tron made several modifications on the Feldynaught."This time, I'll kill that jerk for sure.With my latest weapon the charged particle gun, he'll die.And his girl, a cheap brat can cry a river for all I care."

Days later, when Megaman had fully recovered from his injuries, Roll told him that the charged particle gun was completed."He's all yours" she grinned."Thanks Roll.By the way, if you're mad at Tron, release a dog at her and she'll run away, screaming like an idiot." "I get it.I'll give her hell." Roll could really give anyone hell when she was mad.Once Megaman walked in when she was bathing and my, she slapped him in the face, until a big mark was on his face.

Just then a news flash told them that the Feldynaught completely demolished Nino Island and it was heading to Kattelox Island."We're going there!" Roll said.

Just then, the feldynaught landed in front of the city hall."DIE!!!!!!!!!" screamed Tron.Suddently, pulse laser shot hit the Feldynaught in the back of the head, causing it to be disoriented."WHAT WAS THAT?!!!!!" Tron yelled furiously.Megaman's Genosaur came into sight."It's payback time!" He opened the hatch and showed himself."Prepare yourself!!!"

Tron charged at him.But Megaman sidesteped and fired his machine guns at her."Not bad" commented Tron"But you haven't won!!"she lifted one of her long legs and swiped him."Urgh!" cried Megaman.The Genosaur fell on its side.Tron immediately stepped on his neck and pinned the Genosaur to the ground."Hee-Hee-Hee-hee!!!" laughed Tron mercilessly as the Genosaur struggled helplessly under her foot."You know, Megaman, I'll spare you if you leave that blonde brat and be my servant, with that combat machine." "Forget it !!!!!!" the Genosaur swiped the Feldynaught with its tail, then it got up and fired its strech claw at Tron.Tron jumped high and spewed bombs at him.The Genosaur flinched.Tron laughed and fired her laser guns.Megaman dodged and fired his pulse laser guns.Tron yelled in pain."DAMN YOU, MEGAMAN!!!!!!!" She swiped her foot at Megaman, causing him to slam into the bank, spilling the millions of zenny there.He shouted" NO MORE MR NICE GUY YOU NASTY PIRATE!!!!!!" He bit the Feldynaught's head, causing it to be damaged.Tron lost her temper and bashed him with her head.

Most of the Genosaur's controls froze."DAMN!!"he cursed.He fired the charged particle gun.The Feldynaught burst, with two legs ripped open, and its cockpit destroyed, Tron partly visable."YOU JERK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Tron screamed"DIE!!!!!!!!!!!" she fired her charged particle gun at him.He dodged it and clawed her.She rolled the Feldynaught backwards, then foward, knocking the Genosaur into the police station, destroying it totally.Megaman was badly injured.But as Tron moved in for the kill, he kicked her, and the kick threw the Feldynaught into the city wall leading to downtown.The Feldynaught exploded, destroying part of the wall with it."Cough-Cough!You beat me-again!Well, I'm outta here!!!" But Roll stopped her."Megaman told me your weakness," she released a mongerel dog at Tron."WOOF-WOOF!!!!!" "ARGGH!!!OUCH!!!!!I'm outta here!!!!!!!!!!!" Tron screamed as the dog chased here."Roll!What are you doing here?" Roll grinned."Well, I came because -" "Ouch!!" Cried Megaman."Megaman, are you okay?" Roll asked."I think I broke my arm" "Aww, you poor thing.Are you all right?" Roll teased."Roll, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


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