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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Quick Cheetah
Illogical: Prologue

Disclaimer: Jiji, Sera, MegaMan Trigger, and all other MegaMan Legends characters are property of Capcom. Lene, Hover, Delta, Geeshej, Geleztz, and the Communication Unit are all my creations (Don't worry. They won't get in the way too much.) MegaMan Trigger's battle form transformation is pure speculation on my part, but its inspiration is based on Ryu's Dragon Warrior form from Breath of Fire 3, also property of Capcom.


"Servitor Unit Lene has been declared an Aberrant after an attack on your person, Mother. Orders?"

I sighed.

This day seemed to have exceeded the twenty-four hour limit. Just as I thought things couldn't possibly be worse, that this cycle had reached its lowest point, this one last disaster sprang up and nearly proved my undoing.

Lene, my own Servitor unit, had tried to terminate me.

As you know, all those with a significant designation-in my case, Mother Unit-are irresistable targets for Aberrant assassins, and, therefore, assigned a Servitor unit to guard and protect them. Usually, such dangers are minimum, but it never hurts to have a little extra protection.

Since Servitor units are at constant risk of being destroyed, it is a common and logical practice to emotionally distance oneself from one's Servitor unit as much as possible. But Lene...he had this charisma, this charm about him. During the fifty years he served under my assignment, I have grown fond of him, and learned to trust him explicitly.

Therefore, it was a total shock when he became an Aberrant, and attacked me. Since a physical assault on a Mother Unit is among the highest offenses in our society, he was tried and brought before me for the final verdict immediately.

Now, I studied my former companion closely, but there was no doubt on what had to be done. I turned to one of the two lower-class Purifier Units who were restraining Lene, ignoring the pleading, desperate look in the Servator's eyes, and said, "Contact the Construction units. Tell them to get started on designing and constructing my new Servitor unit immediately." A solemn silence filled the chamber. Everyone present knew what ordering a new Servitor unit meant: that I would no longer be requiring the services of the old one. Without actually saying it, I had sentenced my once-faithful servant and close friend to termination.

The lead Purifier Unit bowed respectfully, uttered a soft, "As you wish, Mother", then turned and led their captive away. That's the last I ever saw of Lene.

Lene had been the third Servitor Unit assigned to me. The first, Geeschej, was destroyed after a mere five centuries of service, and the second, Geleztz, was reassigned to a high-ranking Bureaucratic Unit after watching over me for eight hundred and eighty-eight years. They were the two finest units I have had the good fortune of encountering, so I planned on designating my fourth (and, hopefully, final) Servitor Unit 'Geeschej-Geleztz' after them both. Only it was such a long, tedious title, that I decided to streamline it to simply, 'Geetz'.

As I walked down the corridors of Elysium a few months later, on my way to the Construction area to view the new blueprints and early construction of my new Servitor, I occupied my thoughts as to just how Geeschej-Geletztz's designation would be spelled, and I had narrowed it down to five different spellings by the time I reached my destination.

The Maintenence/Construction Units showed me the designs for the new Servitor for my approval, which they earned, and the early phase of the actual unit.

At the time, the thing on the table resembled a large cluster of circuitry, metal pieces, sheets of titanium alloy, wiring, and various electronic components all arranged into a vaguely humanoid shape, awaiting neater arrangement, and partially covered with sheets of gold-colored metal plating. Thick cables ran from the main computer to its cranial chamber. Long, serpentine tubes pumped lubricant and other vital fluids into the rubber tubing that lay among the internal components of the unfinished unit. I frowned in revulsion at the sight, wondering if the Master ever felt disgusted by the sight of the blood and exposed internal organs of his fellow biological beings.

"What do you think so far, Mother?", one of the Construction units asked eagerly, drawing my attention, "Does the unit meet your requirements so far? We have analyzed every bit of its programming, and have found no traces of potential corruption. We now require your personal ramifications to allow completion of its program. We should complete the Servitor unit's construction within the next six months, provided there are no errors or accidents."

"Understood", I replied. "The sooner this unit is activated, the better." My voice shook slightly toward the end. Although Elysium is a very safe place to inhabit, I was nonetheless nervous and agitated about walking its corridors alone. The past several months spent doing just that had not eased my paranoia the slightest. "Let's begin!" I ordered.

I entered the data for my preferred ramifications quickly, as there is little about a Servitor Unit that I am choosy about: Appearances and overall personality do not matter. I merely ask that the unit is loyal, trustworthy, obedient to the end, and that is all. Lene had failed miserably in that area.

"Now, all that is left is the designation. Mother Sera, if you have chosen a designation for the Servitor unit, then please state it so we can program it in." the head Construction unit told me.

I answered, "Geeschej-Geleztz".

The reply came back as expected. "Your first two Servator units. Forgive me, but that designation is too long. Please choose a shorter one, and spell it out for clarity."

"Very well, the new unit will be designated..." Here I stopped, realizing that I had not yet chosen a spelling for 'Geetz'. I hastily tried making up my mind, but instead labeled all choices as Unsatisfactory, and, eventually threw up my arms in frustration, sighing, "Perhaps I should just call him by his initails, 'GG'!" I grumbled.

The Construction unit turned back to the computer, inputing the new designation and muttering cheerfully, "'Jiji' it is."

I started to explain that I had not actually approved of the designation 'Jiji', but stopped midsentence, deciding that, yes, 'Jiji' would be just fine.

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