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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Quick Cheetah
Illogical: Chapter 4


I rose up from the ground, fully transformed. I was hovering in the air, suspended by my new wings. The one-spacious room seemed to have shrunk to the size of a closet. There was no room for movement! I needed to get out! But how? All the doorways were too small!

No choice: I would have to *make* an exit. I chose the ceiling, since it was pressing uncomfortably against the top of my head anyway.

[Have I truly grown that much?] I wondered incredulously. A glance downward revealed that yes, I was indeed nearly three stories high. My arms were at least thirty feet long, and ended in enormous hands. My legs were gone; a semi-spherical dome coated with laser guns had appeared where my hips used to be.

[Where in the world did such a bizarre configuration come from?!] I wondered.

I lifted upward, pushing against the ceiling. To my surprise, it gave away with very little resistance. I took a moment to admire this new strength. What other abilities does this new form have? I wanted to access my internal CPU and find out just what I was now capable of, but there was no time. I needed to deal with a certain Aberrant Purifier unit first.

I flew straight up to the sky, the building collapsing into rubble beneath me. MegaMan Trigger leapt clear of the wreckage, and swooped up toward me, weapons fully powered for battle. He fired all of his cannons, lasers, rockets, bombs, and missiles at once toward my midsection. All but a few were dodged, though not without some difficulty. I powered up my own weapons, eager to see what I could do. A cluster of lasers shot out from somewhere beneath me. The ones near the front struck the Aberrant Purifier in the back, knocking him off balance. Encouraged by this small victory, I sent this new power down my arms, and fired a great blast of concentrated energy at my opponent. Trigger dodged it and shot upward. Folding his wings against his back, the Purifier dove straight for my head.

I tilted backward at the last moment, Trigger slammed into my thorax instead, and we both started to fight hand-to-hand. My incredibly long arms snaked over to punch Trigger repeatedly in the back, while he dug his energy claws into my shell. The sky above us darkened with clouds, and lightning flashed; whether our plasma discharges caused these disruptions in the atmosphere or it was mere coincidence, I will never know. Looking over Trigger's shoulder, I could see the rim of another island in the distance, clustered with houses. I wondered briefly about what they were seeing: a sudden storm, and two large figures fighting with lasers and fists in the distance. What would these primitive people think? No time for such musings now, though. I needed to concentrate on the fight.

As the battle wore on, I could feel myself tiring. Without Elysium's energy supply, I could not keep this up for very long, nor could I utilize all the weapons of the new form Geetz gave me. I clawed Trigger from my shell and slammed him into the ground. Before he could recover, I brought my gargantuan hands down, intending to flatten him. Perfect hit! The entire planet seemed to tremble as I struck, and Trigger cried out in agony as the fragmented metal pieces of his "skeleton" burst through his skin. Various electronic components and vital fluids spilled from his wounds and his mouth, staining the snow beneath him.

The ground drifted closer. I could not keep this up much longer. Every breath was an effort. Trigger was doing little better; he could no longer stand up, much less attempt to fly. He crouched on all fours-or all threes, rather, since his right leg had been severed earlier. His wingtips dragged on the ground, and his attempts to fire resulted only in tiny sparks glittering across the barrels of his numerous guns.

I knew I had only one chance left for victory. Summoning all of my remaining energy, I gathered it in my chest area. I knew I did not have sufficient power for it, but it was better to be dead than to live in a world without the wondrous System. My vision clouded and all the noises around me dimmed, yet I continued to power up the weapon embedded in my hands. I felt my underside make contact with the snow-dusted ground.

Trigger, meanwhile, was preparing for this attack as best he could. Closing his eyes, the Purifier willed an energy shield into existence around himself, but it was weak and unstable. Then again, my own energy was too low to do as much damage as I would have liked, so I had not the slightest guess as to the outcome.

I released the energy I had been gathering, hoping it would strike when Trigger's shield was down. By this time, however, an apathy-tinged haze of exhaustion was taking over my mind, and I was simply too tired to care anymore.

The attack energy struck the shield and dissipated, but it was not a total loss. The last of Trigger's strength had been drained, and he fell. His breathing slowed, then stopped, and he lay still.

[I did it!] I thought happily. [I've won!] Unfortunately, I had no time to enjoy my victory. I too, had thoroughly exhausted my energy supply, and was rapidly losing consciousness. The last thing I remember before the black void consumed me, was my huge body collapsing on the ground next to Trigger's....


I slept for hours and managed to regain a little of my energy, but it was only enough to open my eyes and see that I was lying on my back in the emergency shelter area beneath the computer station building. I could not move. My body was almost completely numb. I did not see MegaMan Trigger anywhere.

"Sera," a voice said softly. It took me several seconds to recognize it as Yuna's. "I'm sorry, but the damage to you and Trigger is too great for us to handle at the moment. We need to put you both in stasis until you have recovered enough to be repaired."

I felt a twinge of fear. For all I knew, Yuna could be secretly planning to seal me away forever, and destroy the System while I was out of commission. My chest felt heavy with sheer terror and grief as I helplessly watched Yuna activate a control panel next to the one Trigger had been working with, thus beginning the process that would be my end. Speaking of Trigger, what had become of him?

"What about...Trigger?" a bass voice asked. Was that me? Was my energy level really that low?

"He's even worse off than you," Yuna replied. "I had to reset his parameters."


"Trigger still has it."

I considered Yuna's first statement for a moment. Resetting a unit's parameters meant that he would revert to his most basic and primitive form, much like a human baby, and his memory would be completely erased. Turning my head to the left slightly, I saw Trigger for the first time since the battle. He had regained consciousness, but now he had become a tiny infant. A small, monkeylike robot-a memory storage device-stood next to him, clutching the precious DNA container entrusted to Trigger. As I watched, both Trigger and the monkey deactivated and grew still. An angular stasis field appeared around them both, blocking them from my view.

Now, it was my turn. My terror was renewed, as was my feeling of helplessness. My throat felt as though it were constricting.

"Y...Yuna!" I called. "Geetz...where...?"

"He's here," my counterpart replied. "I want...him...with....." My voice synthesizer gave out completely before I could finish, but Yuna understood. Geetz was brought to where I was, to be sealed in stasis with me. It could be hundreds, maybe thousands of years before I was reactivated, if ever, and I wanted an ally with me at the time.

I felt Geetz's powerful arms wrap protectively around me as the stasis field shimmered into existence around us. For a moment, I relished the peaceful feeling of safety in my Servitor's grasp before the eternal void claimed me....



For countless years, there was nothing. The universe was only an endless darkness.

Then, gradually, I became aware of this darkness, perceiving it for the first time in immeasurable years.

Suddenly, the darkness exploded into a sheer, brilliant light.

Slowly, my memory returned. I remembered that I was Sera, Mother Unit of Elysium. I remembered my past, from activation up until the moment where I was sealed in the stasis device with my Servitor Unit, Geetz. Even now I could feel his arms around me. More than that, I felt new energy flowing through me, and I could move. After all these centuries, I was finally free to move!

I felt my feet touch the snowy earth, and I staggered a bit. I discovered that I was in a snow-encrusted field, on the very island where Geetz and I struggled with MegaMan Trigger so long ago. A few flakes of snow drifted from the leaden sky above. A young boy in blue armor stood nearby, green eyes wide with awe.

Geetz was kneeling behind me, as respectful and faithful as ever. Recovering my bearings, I straightened, and gazed at the carbon in front of us. He seemed familiar....

Yuna's voice floated from somewhere behind us.

"Well, that's done it," she said. "They've woke her up!"

Then, Gatz's voice answered, "The carbons have decided their own fate. This is because they have activated Mistress Sera. You've done enough for them, Mistress Yuna. You are required to relinquish the keys to her."

So Gatz had survived after all.

The two argued briefly about this matter, while I turned slightly to get a look at them. Sure enough, there was Gatz, looking much the same as ever, and Yuna...was no longer Yuna. She had transferred into the body of a carbon woman with short blonde hair and green eyes. I could even see Yuna's old, familiar shell cradled almost lovingly in her Servitor's arms.

As the two departed, Geetz muttered, "Hmm. It appears Mistress Yuna still does not intend to give you the keys, Mistress Sera."

"What is she thinking?" I sighed. "Her logic is as mysterious as was the Master's. You know what you have to do."

"Yes," my Servitor Unit replied. "The directive of this unit is ensuring your safety."

I directed my attention to the young, familiar-looking boy in front of us, trying to remember where I had seen him before. He looked about fifteen years old, if my knowledge of human aging serves me correctly. He had long brown hair and green eyes, the latter of which seemed riveted to me. Or, rather to my nudity, since my clothing had been torn to shreds when I transformed all those centuries back.

With a start, I realized that the "boy" was, in fact, MegaMan Trigger! He had changed so much, I had not even recognized him at first. I couldn't believe it! Of all the irony! I heard Geetz's silent gasp of surprise as he too identified the individual before us.

A low rumbling above interrupted my thoughts. I looked upward to see a huge ship, identified as the "Sulphur-Bottom" by the writing on its hull, lurching through the sky.

"One of the carbons' ships" I mused. "We will aquire the keys to the library first," I told Geetz. "We will acquire and deal with the Master's genetic code afterward."

"Understood", my servant replied.

"Um...uh, hi." Trigger stammered. "I'm Rock Volnutt. It's, er, nice you."

Geetz and I glanced back toward the Purifier, who had apparently forgotten everything that had happened so long ago, as a reset unit usually did. Rock/Trigger stepped forward hesitantly, and continued. "Say, um, do you guys need any help or anything? My grandfather and his friend are on that ship up there, and we can take you in if you like, maybe get you something to eat or...wear." His eyes briefly wandered down my body, quite to my disgust.

"Did you wake us up?" I asked.

"Yeah. I guess I did." the young android said nervously. "How did you guys get in that thing, anyway? Are you two really Ancients?"

"You might say that," I replied vaguely. "And we would greatly appreciate any assistance you can give us."

"Great! They'll be here in a few minutes." Trigger-or Rock, as he now called himself-replied cheerfully.


As soon as we were aboard the ship, a conference between Mistress Sera and I and the leaders of the carbons' expedition was requested. I explained to them that yes, we are Ancients, that we needed the four keys to "save" Mistress Sera (not true, but they would object if I told them the actual reason), that we meant no harm to them, and that we only wanted to live out our lives peacefully.

The leaders-two elderly carbon males named Barrel Casket and Verner von Bluecher-still looked doubtful. I remembered that humans are self-centered and required a reward of sorts in order to get them to do anything.

"Of course", I told them. "You're efforts will not go unrewarded. With the keys, you will have access to technology that has long been lost to you. You will have the ability to make all the Refractors you need."

They seemed to accept this.

"Very well," von Bluecher said. "Leave finding the keys to us. We are not the only ones searching for the Mother Lode. For your safety, I recommend that you stay on this ship."

"Very well." I conceded. The two older carbons turned to leave, then hesitated as a device on a nearby guard's belt glinted in room's lights. Apparently these were the "others" searching for the keys, as von Bluecher had mentioned. From where I was standing, I could only hear bits and pieces of the conversation on the other side of the bugging device.

A rather loud male voice was yelling, "You! Were you two spying on me?" He was answered by a second male, whose smooth voice was too quiet and distant for me to make out distinctly, then a third voice, this one rather rough, as though the speaker had a vocal illness.

The first male, who seemed to enjoy raising his voice, shrieked, "A unified front?! There's only two of you!" The second voice answered him, and I this time I could hear a few words here and there:"...trained veterans...unlike some people...better you are." The first male responded, "Oh? And what about!" He was interrupted by yet a fourth voice, a female this time, saying, "Now now, Teasel! The more the merrier, remember?" before she dropped her voice to a whisper and I could no longer hear what she was saying.

Then the first speaker raised his voice once more, declaring their plans to take the keys for themselves, as von Bluecher had predicted. So they planned on having the Mother Lode for themselves, did they? Actually, it did not really matter who obtained the Keys first; whoever it was would be relieved of them as soon as all four were gathered, and the Carbon Reinitialization Program would be carried out immediately. Personally, I would rather it was Trigger who got the Keys. That way, all four keys would be in one place, which would make things infinitely easier.

Although if one or more of those "pirates" got ahold of the keys after all, I did not mind killing them to get said keys back. After all, Mistress Sera was going to activate the Carbon Reinitialization Program anyway, so what did it matter if a few carbons here and there were terminated prematurely?

After conferring with Casket for a few minutes, he and von Bluecher explained to Mistress Sera and I that they were going to confer with Trigger (whom they referred to as "Rock", naturally) about finding the keys, and departed. [This von Bluecher individual is quite hospitable, something I greatly appreciate,] I thought as I watched them leave. [A shame he must die...]


Mistress Sera and I had been escorted to the most luxurious room on the Sulphur-Bottom when we first arrived. A quick scan of the room revealed that it was bugged, and that our every action would be monitored. Rather rude of them, I thought, but I did admire their foresight.

Trigger came in for a short visit with us after his own meeting with Casket and von Bluecher. He and I talked briefly, I thanked him for his help, then he was off to find the first Key. This was amazing! MegaMan Trigger, the one who had fought so hard to stop us, was now going to help us! Irony at its finest! I smiled at this most bizarre situation.

"Does something amuse you?" Mistress Sera asked from the bed she was lying on. We had both agreed that she would play the part of being helpless and on the verge of death. I would stand guard over her, as always, and deal with any visitors.

"This uni...,er I was just reflecting on the irony of this most unusual situation." I replied.

"They say the Keys will take several weeks to a month to find," Mistress Sera mused. "Personally, I cannot wait to get into the Library and finish this..." She leaned back and sighed.

I, meanwhile, was troubled by this new emotion I was feeling. Not new, exactly, as I have experienced it before, but the System was always there to dilute it to a more manageable level, and I never really got the chance to reflect on it fully. It was the same emotion I had felt whenever Mistress Sera smiled at me during our years on Elysium, and when she expressed her gratitude for my presence after the conference with Trigger. But now, without the System to dampen it, this feeling was allowed to run freely through my mind, demanding my full attention. It took every bit of my willpower to dissipate the disturbing emotion on my own, but it was difficult, and it did not vanish entirely.

It felt like concern, only more intense, and directed solely toward Mistress Sera. That could be explained easily enough: programming, and nothing more. But there was also something else. Affection? Yes, possibly. Perhaps over the years I have grown fond of the Mother Unit whom I had guarded and cared for all these years. Yes, that must be it.

I wandered over to the window, and pulled back the curtain to gaze out at the clouds. The sun was setting, casting beautiful pink, purple, and orange lights across the fluffy, white expanse. I watched as the brilliant colors faded into silver-speckled darkness.

[Just like on Elysium,] I thought. The memory of my old dwelling was accompanied by a pang of what the Master called "homesickness", and I wanted more than anything for the System to do away with these unpleasant emotions.

[What am I doing staring out the window?] I asked myself. [I should be guarding Mistress Sera.] I returned to my post.

"Geetz, I'm going to sleep now." Mistress Sera called. "You should do the same."

"This...I do not require sleep, Mistress Sera." I replied. "Furthermore, someone may attack while you are asleep."

"Nonsense!" my mistress interrupted. "We're perfectly safe here. Besides, you are only human, and you need sleep just like everyone else." She emphasized the words "only human", and I remembered that we were pretending to be humans.

"Well, I suppose I am a little tired," I confessed.

"That's better! Now, turn off the light so we can get a little rest, would you please?"

I did as I was told, and made my way through the dark to the bed and sat down on the side.

The covers rustled softly as Mistress Sera attempted to get comfortable underneath them.

"I know carbons and humans enjoy soft, warm things, "she whispered, "but this is going a little too far. I would prefer a nice, rigid reenergizing pod any time." She finally settled down and entered a Level 2 deactivation, which is our version of sleep.

For a moment, I was undecided as to whether I should feign sleep and stay conscious all night, until all four keys were collected, or do as Mistress Sera suggested and "sleep" for real. The former option would leave me at inadequate energy levels for when the day actually came, and the latter would leave Mistress Sera vulnerable to attack while I am out of commission. I chose a third option: Level 1 deactivation. The human version, I believe, is what is known as "dozing." True, my energy levels would not be at their optimum level, and my thought processes might be compromised as a result, but at least I would be alert.


For the next three weeks, Mistress Sera and I stayed mostly in that room. One one or two occasions--mostly on Mistress Sera's insistence--I did some exploring of the rest of the ship. Right away, I decided that, should the need arise, I would be able to take it over fairly easily.

In one room, I found two small, blue and yellow robots. Upon further inquiry, I learned that they were "Servbots" who worked for a "Miss Tron." Being a servant myself, I could understand their obvious devotion to their mistress, and we had several lengthy conversations. This was how I learned about air pirates, who roamed the skies searching for treasure. It all seemed trivial to me, but the Servbots spoke of it in earnest.

Mostly, however, I stayed my Mistress Sera's bedside, watching over her as I was programmed to do. No threat arose, but I never let my guard down. Even when I looked at the rest of the Sulphur-Bottom, my excursions were brief, and I never went farther than the level we were staying on.

The emotions that had troubled me upon our arrival continued to grow stronger; sometimes it took as long as several minutes to clear them away. Each time I did away with them, I felt an ever-increasing longing to be back on Elysium.

[Only until the keys are collected,] I assured myself. [Then everything will be as it was.] Even so, I was greatly relieved one day, when Trigger returned with the fourth and final key....


The ability to merge with other machines has been a great asset to Servitor units for eons. Usually done for maintenance purposes, this skill enables one to take total control of the entity one merges with, as well as making any changes to its structure as one sees fit. I intended to do both to the Sulphur-Bottom.

As soon as the guard outside told us of Trigger's return and left the room, Sera jumped down from the bed, alert and ready. I promptly knelt before her.

"Geetz!" she declared. "The time has come! You have your orders!"

At Mistress Sera's command, I accessed my internal CPU and initiated the merging process. There were sharp pinpricks as each of my fingertips split open, allowing the conductor rods to push forth into the floor beneath me. I willed my consciousness to migrate down and out into the ship itself, a sensation of expanding outward and collapsing into a singularity all at once. My own body dissipated into pure energy. However, I confined my essence to the room for the time being, and "watched" Mistress Sera, waiting for my next command.

"Geetz, confirm that all four keys are aboard," my Mother Unit instructed. I focused my mind upon the keys, and sure enough, four were present and accounted for; three in the hold, and one still in Trigger's hands. I relayed the information to my mistress.

"Have you made the necessary preparations to take over this ship?" she asked. I was.

Takeover was simple. I pushed my way throughout the remainder of the Sulphur-Bottom, extending my consciousness from bow to stern, inside and out. Anything that resisted was destroyed.

When I was done, I could "see" everyone and everything in every room, including Mistress Sera. I could feel the wind against Sulphur-Bottom's hull, sensed its onboard computer making necessary corrections to such systems navigation and life-support. In essence, I had become the Sulphur-Bottom, and it had become me.

Now, all that remained was to get the keys back to Elysium. A simple task, really, so why did everything have to go so wrong?

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