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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Rikku
Rockman DASH: Chapter 1

“In a world covered by endless water, people are forced to eke out a living on the small patches of land that remain above the sea. The people of this world rely on an ancient technology driven by quantum refractors, a powerful energy source. These refractors lie in ancient ruins underground and in the sea, and are sought out by explorers called Diggers. These brave explorers are the sole source of refractor energy which has become a cornerstone of the emerging civilizations. Originally, this was the Diggers' only purpose; to find refractors so that civilization would endure. However, over the years, the story of an incredible treasure began to be whispered among the Diggers. The Mother Lode, a treasure so great that were if discovered, it would provide so much power that the world will never need to fear of running out of energy.” A strange voice whispered in his head. It was a calm and lonely voice that for some reason made him feel well. The voice said that he should never feel alone. Suddenly, another voice echoed in his mind. Stopping his chain of thoughts, he opened his eyes as the world began to materialize - Wake up, Megaman! - said a girl who was standing next to him. - Roll… Can’t I sleep more? I was having such a good dream… - said a boy, hiding himself at his blankets. - C’mon boy! - said Roll, pulling out the blankets brusquely - It’s almost noon! I know you slept late yesterday, but you have to get up. The boy looked at her. She was a beautiful blonde girl with aqua-green eyes. But in the boy’s thoughts, she was much prettier. Usually using a red beret in set with clothes of the same color, Roll was a genius of the mechanic and was able to build almost everything. She lost her relatives when she was child and then was created by her grandfather, Barrel. That was Roll Casket, his older sister - Ok, I get up… - said the boy, getting out of his bed - First I’ll take a bath… I’m still tired and, I didn’t take one yesterday. Roll looked at him with a cute smile - Most boys don’t want to take baths - she started laughing - Fine, but please be quick. Who knows if we are getting some mission today, uh? - Megaman smiled. Roll was very gentle with him; she was a really nice sister. The boy quickly got in the bathroom, which was on the corridor. He looked at himself in the mirror. His brown hair felled trough his green eyes, which omitted a calm and pureness bright. Still at his pajamas, his look wasn’t the best one - Fine Megaman! You’re looking great today… - he said, slowly undressing himself. He had a childish body, even with his age, fourteen years. Now bare, he entered the bathtub and started to think about his life and the dreams he were having. Abandoned as a child, Megaman was found by Barrel Casket who raised him as part of the family with his granddaughter, Roll, and turned a digger, helping Roll and Barrel, which the age was advanced, on finding more refractors. In terms of battle, Megaman was unbeatable. And to improve the things, Roll was a powerful weapon developer, and developed many weapons with the things he used to bring from the ruins. That was Rock Casket, also called Megaman. - Megaman! You’re already there for some time! The lunch’s ready! Come out or I’ll eat everything! - yelled Roll - Fine, I’m coming! - said Megaman, covering himself with a small towel and getting out of the bathroom. - Megaman... - said Roll, just suddenly pushing his towel and leaving him bare. - Roll! - said Megaman, blushing - Give me back that! Roll was laughing, but she returned it - Don’t be mad at it Megaman! It’s just revenge for that day, remember? - I’m not mad, I’m ashamed! - said Megaman, entering his room and in fact, furious. - Ashamed why? I’m your sister! - she yelled, still laughing. Megaman gave a good look at his room. It was a mess. His bed was still disarranged and there was many things spread. He opened his wardrobe and picked up what seemed to be a bluish armor. They were digger clothes, used to protect the diggers from the dangers of the ruins. After dressing up, he went to the living room, were lunches were held - So, what do we have for lunch today? - he asked, indifferent. He was still mad at Roll - There’s fish, which I, myself built and cooked! that happened, it was an accident. - he said, sticking the fish with the yoke. - In either way, you saw it, so I’m revenging. - said Roll, who were having problems to cut the fish. - But you gave me a slap… And your slaps are strong… - replied Megaman, making a sad face. - Let’s change the subject, ok? Now that I did see you, were ok. - she said, finally giving up on cutting the fish and putting it on her mouth - Besides, were brothers, there’s nothing wrong on that. - If there’s nothing wrong, why you gave me that slap!? - Megaman said, furious. Suddenly, a little monkey-like animal broke trough the door and stepped on the desk Megaman and Roll were eating - Why you didn’t call me!? - he said, looking furious. - I called you Data, but you were to busy ‘doing things’. - answered Roll, almost done with the food. - I was busy! You should have called me again! I was busy! - said Data, mean. Data was found by Barrel along with Megaman, and it was with him since then. Weirdly, he always called Rock ‘Megaman’, even when he does not have that nickname. He was a monkey-like robot who helped Megaman in many things, to giving advices to storing the data of Megaman’s digger missions. Data’s favorite thing to do is playing with Megaman, even if he doesn’t want to - What you were doing after all? - asked Roll, catching her plate and leaving it back to the kitchen - Installing some new technologies on the Flutter! - Data said. Roll suddenly became very frightened - INSTALLING NEW TECHNOLOGIES!? WHAT KIND OF NEW TECHNOLOGIES, DATA? - Data gave a few steps back and then said - Flying systems. It’ll allow the Flutter to fly faster and higher. - Roll forgot her mad face and began to smile - Wow! Data, that’s great! - said Megaman, done with his food - Yeah, there’s just oooone little problem… - Roll turned mad again - WHAT PROBLEM DATA? Data gave more steps back, almost passing trough the corridors’ door - Well… It’s not tested yet so… It may give a error and… BOOM! - he said, smiling, but Roll wasn’t so happy - And ‘BOOM’? Data, what if ‘BOOM’ right now? I don’t have nine lives! - but Data replied - It’ll not BOOM right now… Maybe tomorrow... Er, I mean, you’re the ‘Mechanical Master Roll’, you can fix anything, right? - Yeah… You’re right, I can fix it. - she said, smiling as never. Suddenly, the TV, which was OFF, started to emit some kind of sharp sound, Megaman entered great pain - MAKE IT STOP ROLL! - he begged, starting to cry. Roll could hear the sound too, but nothing was happening to her, either with Data - Roll! Make it stop! Please! - this time he was truly crying. The pain was enormous, and he fall into the ground. He felt like his head were screaming, but suddenly, everything turned black and the sound disappeared. Megaman was in a dark place, his digger clothes had disappeared and he couldn’t see anything - Hello. - said a rough voice coming directly into Megaman’s head. - Who… Who are you? - asked Megaman, still crying. - Stop crying Kid… - said the voice once again. Megaman suddenly, for some reason, became happy and stopped it. - Tell me who are you… I sense… I know you from somewhere… - said Megaman, trying to open his eyes. - Hm… - he said - Very strange… I tough X’s memories about me have been deleted… Strangely enough is why you do remember me… - I… I felt I like you… Who are you… - he asked once again. - Kid, I want my Z-Saber back… And soon enough, I’ll be with you… Remember… - and the disappeared. Megaman could hear a name echoing trough his mind. More and more the name was getting stronger, and then finally he heard it… - Zero? - everything just popped out of nowhere. He could see Roll, Data, and the living room. - Megaman! Are you all right? - asked Roll, with a concerned look. - What happened? - she asked, helping Megaman to sit on the sofa. - Someone… Sent me a message… - he answered, with a distant look. - What? How? Tell… Tell more details! Your eyes just got all black sudden! I was worried! - she said, hugging him. - It… It was nothing… I… I was tired because of yesterday, that’s all… - he lied, going to his room. - Megaman… - Roll whispered to herself - What’s wrong with you? In the next weeks, Megaman didn’t want to talk with anyone. Even Data, who was his trustable partner. He stayed at his room, thinking about Zero - He said ‘X’… I’ve heard this name before… And… I felt so well with him… Zero… - He tried to research on the ancients’ names, but he found nothing. ‘X’ had no historic registry on the Elysium’s database, neither Zero - Who are they? Suddenly, Roll appeared on his room and said - Megaman! Mom’s sending a message! She found a new ruin! - Megaman went to the living room with Roll, which turned on the TV. On the screen he saw a beautiful looking blonde woman. She resembled Roll in some ways. - Mom! - said Roll, smiling of happiness.

- Hello Matilda. - said Megaman, indifferent. He was still thinking about Zero.

Matilda is Roll's mother, who with her husband Banner, disappeared in a attempt of exploring the Forbidden Island. When she came back, she became the Casket’s information gatherer, so she would be close to Roll and find out any new ruins ready for exploring. In appearance, Matilda was a middle-aged woman. She has a blonde hair, and aqua-green eyes, just like Roll’s. Her attitude was really nice too, as she treats Megaman as her own son. - Megaman, please call me mom. Since you were created with Roll, that’s ok for me. - said Matilda, smiling. Megaman said thanks, but he wasn’t to much concerned about that. - So, what’s up after all? - he asked, wanting to get out of there most quickly possible. - I’ll let Sera explain. - then the image suddenly changed to one of a green haired girl - Hello. - she said, totally indifferent.

- Hi Sera! - said Roll, happily smiling. Megaman didn’t said anything.

Sera was one of the Mother Units of Elysium. She once used various diggers to get herself back there. Her function was monitoring Eden, the pre-Elysium system. When the Elysium was to be shut down, Sera got a fight with the one who was closing it, when she lost; she was imprisoned in the Forbidden Island. As for her appearance and personality, Sera was very serious, rather lifeless, before she liberated herself from the system. Now she was still serious, but she had feelings. Sera had a green hair and deep red eyes, which can give a certain fear of her. - I will explain the situation. Me, Matilda and Yuna found out a new part of the Eden. One the Elysium didn’t know that existed. That means it is a hidden chamber. We discovered it two days ago, but your communications were mixed, and we could not contact you. - she said, still indifferent. - Our communications were mixed? - Megaman suddenly asks - Maybe it was Zero… - he whispered to himself.

- Positive. As you know, the Elysium’s Central to observe the carbons was at the Forbidden Island. So this chamber. - Roll interrupted her - You mean it was in the same place and you didn’t notice? - Sera looked a little ashamed, but in seconds she returned with her indifferent side - Exactly. The hidden chamber lies under the Forbidden Island, but it is way bigger than the island itself.- You’re saying that it’s BIGGER than Forbidden Island? Wow, what they keep there? - Roll asked, surprised.

- Yes. And there is a large concentration of Reaverbots, and also, we have traces of something very powerful there, but we could not analyze it. Roll, I will pass the main code, maybe you can discover something. It is: Eight-Four-Nine-Three-Seven-One-Five-Six-Two-Nine-Nine-Nine. Repeating: Eight-Four-Nine-Three-Seven-One-Five-Six-Two-Nine-Nine-Nine. Got it? I hope so. Megaman, your mission is to get there and discover what it is. Yuna will guide you there; pick her at Yosyonke City, in Calinca Island.

- Got it. Thank you Sera. - said Roll, turning the TV off.

Megaman was thinking about the subject. It was too coincidence to be true, but that’s the only think he could imagined - It is Zero.

Now Megaman was in one more adventure. It is really Zero? Find out at the next chapter of Rockman DASH!

<< Previous Chapter To Be Continued...

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