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GetMeOffTheMoonRockman PMTRRL
Fan Fiction by Roll77
Megaman legend, the adventure continues: Chapter 1

Two months has passed thince megaman was trapped on Elysium, he was spending his time with Yuna and Sera, he also stinks since were two months he didn磘 take a shower also he was wondering when they will came and take them back to terra.创What would be roll doing at his time?创 said Trigger. 创Who knows maybe she would be working on a sky ship to came and look for us, also I have to give her mother磗 body创 Yuna said with a smile. Sera thought , 创What would carbons do to pass the time创 Two days later Megaman started to work on a spaceship that would be able to bring them back to Terra, with the help of the two mother unit he finish it in a week.

Meanwhile on Terra, Roll was in the flutter with Data watching his favorite tv show. 创Oh Data!, I can believed he is still traped there, the worst thing of all was that before he left to Elysium I had realized that I really loved him!!创 said Roll sadly. 创Wait a minute创 said Data hapilly. 创You are telling me that you love megaman?创. 创Yes with all my heart创 shouted Roll. 创Don磘 worrie Roll , he will be back soon创 said Data hugging her. 创I can believed that Tron and me have failed building a spaceship, I thought it was too easy but we tried ten times and the rocket yust exploded!!创 cried the blondy girl. 创I really think he will be back soon创 said the mechanical monkey. 创Thanks Data, I love your way of thinking创. 创 Ki Ki!!创 shouted the monkey.

创Ready!! now we can get the hell out of here创 said trigger with a smile on his face. 创That's great!!创 said both mother units. The three of them get in a shaped rocket space ship. The trip to terra took almost ten hours. They crashed on a island near the fordiben island. The three of them were fine. Near the crash site was a place like an abandoned lab they went there. That place has all the tool and equipment tat Yuna need to work on her new shell as she wasn磘 on his own body.

The next morning.. 创Ki ki!! Roll, you better see this创. 创Hey Data its too early, what do you--创 Roll stoped as she saw on the news what its seem to be a crashed spaceship, 创Hey Data, we better go there and figure out what is it maybe it磗 Megaman创 said Roll with enthusiasm. They started the trip to that island. Wile Yuna finished her shell and later she was in his own body, the carbon body was inconcius later it woke up, 创Where am I创 said the carbon a she was seeing Megaman and the mother units, 创Let me handle this创 said Trigger looking at Yuna. 创You see Matilda, don磘 be afraid, I know Roll, your daughter叴 later Megaman told Matilda what happened all this year and why she was alive and that roll was fine. The female carbon seemed a little dazed and confused as it was a long story what she has heard, but now she understood everything.

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